Sunday, November 18, 2007

Rainy Sunday - a typical November day

Picture 1 is courtesy of Bungus and shows two sunset photos over Ollerton taken about 20 mins apart on 2nd/3rd November (from the EXIF data). And, as he says, they demonstrate how much the 'colour temperature' changes when the sodium discharge street lights come on. Thanks for submitting them Bungus.

Picture 2 is courtesy of Gustave Caillibotte and is here as a result of a conversation about the effect of Art on photography.

I was making the point that we should never forget what a profound effect there has been the other way round i.e. the effect of Photography on Art. This picture demonstrates the point admirably. There was no need for old Gustave to paint half a man on the right-hand edge, or for the umbrella on the left to partially obscure the horse buggy. But, as a 'frozen moment' it works beautifully. Henri Cartier-Bresson was to be 'mining' the same Paris streets 30 odd years later for what he and later photographers were to call 'The Decisive Moment'.

When I said the 'scratch and dent' man's estimate was high, I meant that the dent was more serious than I thought and would be more difficult to fix. I actually thought the price he suggested for fixing it, after he had explained what he would need to do, was quite reasonable. It remains a moot point however whether or not it needs to be done at all. When I spoke to David this morning he seemed to think that, provided I can prevent rust it could well be left.

He also told me that, in his garages to which there is no power, he has fitted a solar panel which should provide enough to power the up and over door and also a PIR light? as well. Good thinking David !

Busy evening ahead. The Strictly come Dancing result. And then Cranford, should be good but one never knows. That is the best link I could find. No doubt be better when we've seen the first episode.

No time for a quote, sorry.....

Oh yes I have. I was an hour out re the start of Strictly........ So:-

"Than these November skies
Is no sky lovlier. The clouds are deep
Into their grey the subtle spies
Of colour creep
Changing their high austerity to delight
Till ev'n the leaden interfolds are bright"

We really must award Bungus some sort of crossword prize for managing to get the answer even without the full clue, which was :- "worn out horse endlessly tired" (4) So by knocking the end off 'jaded' we get 'jade' .

Off now to make a snadwich to eat while watching you know what.

Sleep tight. Catch you tomorrow.

Stop press :- John Barnes survives another dance-off. Kate out and it's snowing in NG16'

Cranford next. Having just seen the latest trailer I suspect I might be disappointed.

All comments will be answered tomorrow.

All the best.......


Jill said...

Enjoy your snadwich.....I'm about to do boiled eggs and soldiers, our usual Sunday tea/supper.

There was an interesting bit on tv this morning, in the Andrew Marr programme (it is usually politics but you occasionally get other things too) - an 'artist' called Alison something, she computer-generated/photo shopped pictures of famous people doing things they wouldn't be doing - the Queen walking the corgis and looking in a William Hill window at the betting odds, Mick Jagger looking at £10.00 trainers.....she insisted it was art as she did all the composing of the picture. I'm not convinced, though apparently she is famous for what she does. Doesn't make her an artist though!

I went to a knitting event yesterday and came home with some yarn from New Zealand, made of possum fur blended with a bit of merino. Apparently they count as vermin, though what a job, shaving/skinning them..... And also some Baby Camel from Turkey, blended with silk, and as soft as butter, kept thinking about a poor little bald/shaven camel under the cold desert night sky....but if someone spins it, I'll knit it!

bungus said...

Is it art?
Quicksand, Jill.
Usually better to say 'yes', I think (or at least 'possibly').

Thanks for clearing up the 'scratch and dent' man’s estimate, RG. He is in the clear! And your decision sounds sensible to me.

Since ‘brinded cows’, I am timorous about querying possible quotation errors. But what the heck!
Should it be ‘lovelier’? And ‘spires’ rather than ‘spies’?
Without suggesting an error, am I not right that ‘ev’n’ is more often spelt ‘e’en’ ?

Fact 24 (of 60) revealed about the Royal marriage:
The two Royal kneelers, used during the service, were covered in rose pink silk. They were made from orange boxes, due to war time austerity, and date stamped 1946.