Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jessica's Poem - Weekend off - Lots done

Jessica is Bungus and Sandra's grandaughter and her poem about her Gran certainly deserves publication in this modest outlet. The young certainly "tell it like it is" as Madeline agreed when she read the last one.

So, if you are still a reader Madeline, we would love to hear what you think this time? In any case "Best wishes from all". The portrait of Sandra is pretty good too and the MBE drawing is excellent.

Y is still not 100% even though better and I hope she is well enough to enjoy her birthday. The kids do her good and it is always nice over at TJ's. And yes old eagle-eye, I do accept that Sunday and not Saturday is a day before Monday.

Birthday greetings have been passed on. This morning we ordered books from Amazon, I won't say what, because they are for Xmas presents but the 3 altogether (including p & p) came to less than one of them which Y priced yesterday in Waterstones. I know it's tough on retail booksellers, but I'm afraid I think it is their own problem to deal with.

Picture 2 is from the Magpie Mine day and is an example of the old adage "photograph the light not the land". And briefly, while on matters photographic, for Rob's benefit - nothing I said about his lecture was an exaggeration. And I will send Bungus a copy of the 'reflections snap' the right way up, under a plain cover. And both of you are right - Oh dear! what long memories people have! I did indeed develop the film, print the pictures in my darkroom and then cut the mounts myself - for my LRPS panel. How time flies. but I'm glad the 'cookery pages' are stimulating taste-buds.

If you haven't yet seen the ArtDeco video in ArtDaily I strongly recommend it. As is the Robert Mapplethorpe even though it suffers a little in presentation. There's such a lot in ArtDaily at the moment - such a shame we can't get a full-screen version. In ArtDaily, if you open the link, you can access the videos simply by clicking one of the exhibition titles and the list of videos then opens down the left hand column.

Quote of the Day.......

"In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer"

Albert Camus

So, tomorrow we are off to Sherwood for Y's birthday do. Blogging therefore will be a fairly imprecise matter. May get chance, may not. Strictly come dancing was its usual good fun. Y voted for Gethin and Camilla, and I voted for Alesha and Mathew because I thought they were the best of the night. Alesha is a great little mover and one sexy young lady (I still remember about these things) but I nearly voted for John Barnes because he did so well. I hope enough people ring in for him because he doesn't deserve to go out.

...........This counter is about as confused as I am re how many people read the blog. I had a cumulative one once, which only I could see in my dashboard. But when one day it gave me a figure lower than it had been the day before. I abandoned it as useless and depressing. Sleep tight everybody and have a nice Sunday.



bungus said...

Jessica's poem has reproduced very well and you are right about the likeness to Sandra (to have been more flattering would have been inappropriate!). What amused and impressed us most was the accuracy of the open toed shoes which S wear 90% of the time. Acute observation. I can't wait to read the two 'books' she has written; graphic novellas, I understand, about Stickland, where the Stickpeople live. I dare say some of the characters will resemble certain people living or dead.

A nicely composed picture 2. The bit of red sits just right too.

I hope Yvonne is improved for her birthday celebrations. I presume you mean Sherwood the suburb of Nottingham, not Sherwood Forest which would be a bit cold.

Apology to Jill:
As an Emmerdale fan I seldom watch ‘The One Show’ but I caught it by chance the other day and who should be on it but the extrovert builder and Cockney Dancer Dom! And I thought you had been confusing him with cuddly Brummy Adrian Chiles who presents the programme (much improved, I thought).

I have at last found a critic (Rory Bremner in The Observer) who saw Britz in the same way that I did:
“We talk about the Drama ‘Britz’, which has aroused criticism from some quarters for its negative stereotyping of Muslims.
Which characters did the critics have in mind? The suicide bomber or the one who worked for MI5?
(When I watch it, it seems that writer Peter Kosminsky admirably manages to locate, and tread, the line between understanding the disaffection of Britain’s Muslims on the one hand, and challenging their exploitation by radical jihadists on the other).”

Madeline said...

Of course I'm still a reader, RG!! I just don't write much anywhere these days.
First things first. I hope Yvonne feels much better soon and that she enjoys her birthday on Monday. My very best wishes to her.
I love Jessica's poem and the illustrations. She reminds me very much of my eldest granddaughter (now 15) who started writing stories and poems with appropriate accompanying drawings when she was 5 years old - as soon as she learnt to write in fact! Needless to say, English is one of her best subjects at school along with Art and Music.
Apparently she calls me her "Rock Granny" to her friends because of my taste in music. She likes some of the same bands as I do, as does my grandson. Thank goodness my daughter has brought them up properly!