Sunday, November 25, 2007

Short blog - RPS all day - Strictly - Cranford

A short blog this evening because of the constraints of time. And channel-capacity (my brain's not the blog's). This morning was our Regional RPS day at Ravenshead which featured Russell and Barbie Linday. Please see the above pictures. The one on the right demonstrates an interesting innovation. As the prints went up on the easel they were projected simultaneously on a screen on the left. This helps people who cannot see A4 prints on an easel 20feet away. Personally I always take binoculars, but the practice has never really caught on. Photographers can be strange people - they would prefer to sit and not be able to see what they have paid to have a look at.

It was an interesting day. The photographic quality of both lecturer's pictures was exemplary. Crisp, beautiful colour balance etc., but Russell, for my taste, was too much 'into' photoshoppery. Skies from one place, figures from another, buildings altered etc., etc, and that, of course, is all in the same picture. His website can be found behind Russell Lindsay and Barbie's can be found behind Barbie Lindsay whose photography I can't fault but whose fetishistic choice of subject matter was often distasteful. I'd never even heard of 'suspension-piercing' where people have actual hooks inserted in their skin so they can be literally hung up. And shan't mind at all if I never have to hear of it again ! Diane Arbus would have been shocked. I mentioned this to Barbie at the interval but the name didn't seem to ring a bell.

Much nicer inclusion now. David sent me this short video of the ultimate in domino-effects. They had played it with the Jenga blocks at TJ's but David went up the loft and found loads of dominos and this was the result. I love the real fire burning behined the table. David and family went over to Steve's last night for supper and had a great time apparently.

Strictly come Dancing was true to form, and I won a small bet with Y that the dance-off would be between John Barnes and Kelly Brook. Unfortunately John lost but he has been great to have around and Kelly & Brendan looked duly 'sobered' which can do nothing but good.

In a few minutes I shall have to have a break to pull in Cranford. (just watched it - v.good TV again, in my opinion. There is an important death but I won't spoil it for those who plan to watch the repeat)

Tomorrow I must have a quiet day. Only my blood-test planned. Because Thursday we have a National Trust Regional committee-meeting at Clumber and I'm due to say something about the national website. Then on Wednsday we have our National Trust (Mansfield Centre) annual Xmas outing, this year to Rockingham and my first turkey dinner.

Comments.....Thanks Bungus for the great stuff ablout Mateus Rosé and particularly for the copy of of such a witty and germane piece of writing. If I've missed some comments over the weekend I apologise and I will catch up - I promise. Vis á vis the England footie manager Debra's Andy says Mourinho is too young, even though Andy is a keen Chelsea supporter. He personally would favour 'a mature manager from abroad' or so my Palmers Green contact wife tells me !

Daily Quote :-

" I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do "

Willa Cather

who, unless memory deceives wrote The Pioneers ? or a similar title

.......Catch you tomorrow.

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bungus said...

Is Diane Arbus an eminent campanologist then?

Are you aware that a Live Tour of 'Strictly Come Ponceing' is soon to visit Sheffield?

I was a bit disappointed with Cranford this week. I still enjoyed it but I found the first two thirds very 'bitty' with short unconnected snatches of dialogue, many of which stood out to me as historical 'lectures' and did nothing to advance the plot. That said, the cow episode worked well, for me, and the young lad's 'adoption' by the estate manager. But I thought it only really picked up when the railway was introduced. The dramatic ending got it well back 'on track' though.
There was an interesting use of the words 'make shift', however (a bit like your 'wild fire'), and isn't 'scabious' a most unpleasant name for a pretty flower? It always sounds to me like a dermatological affliction such as 'scurvy' (should be) or 'eczema' or 'ringworm'.

I do not think I have had a turkey dinner for at least five years. The whole Bernard Matthews intensive rearing business puts me off ordering it (or chicken) when out for a meal and I think there are so many more interesting things to have at home (and unless there is a big family dinner it lasts far too long). If goose was not such a price for so little meat, I would go for it every year, I think. Perhaps squirrel? That said, it might be pineapple chunks for me!