Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Return of The Goldfinch - chicken curry

Until just before Strictly...... It Takes Two... I thought there was not going to be a blog at all today. I won't bore you with the technical problems, because eventually, here I am.

As you will see from Picture 1 our wandering Goldfinches have returned. It really pleases me because so few other people have them at all. This morning the Greenfinches were here too, being assertive as is their wont. Really envious of your Goldcrests/Firecrests Jill - please keep us up-to-date. I'm not turning into a 'twitcher' but I love the garden birds and to me, they amply repay the small fortune I spend on their 'refreshments'. As I tell Y, it's better than 'wild wild women, whisky, and song' and I've never been able to sing anyway.

It's been a 'good news/ bad news day'. The good/nay excellent news is that the Dent Man came and the rear panel dent is no more. He also tapped out the front 'white-van man dents and scratches' and gave me the number of a paint-man who will give it a quick spray over. The car looks respectable again - total cost £50 ! I got him to split it with the result that my unexplained dents came to £30 and Roy's came to £20. So, no more sleepless nights for Roy !

The potentially bad news is about the house sale. Aunty Etty did some inspired googling and her results are certainly not blog-able. As barristers say "Further and better particulars will follow".

An example of horrible English - In the Surgery they have a digital display board on which your name appears and which room you are to go to etc., they also have a notice which appears saying:-

"Smoking cessation advice available"

Oh dear ! Oh dear !

Picture 2 is a Delia 'chicken curry' I decided to cook at lunchtime. It was a success ( as always with Delia) and tasted delicious.

Dear Readers ....Could I ask for your support, whichever part of the Country you live in. Next Wednesday evening on the ITV you will have the chance to vote for Sherwood, The Living Legend - all the other contestants have already had lots of help and we really need that £50 million in Sherwood.

A telephone number will be published. But, as you will see from the link you will also be able to vote online.

Glad you like the scarf. It caused much amusement yesterday because some people assumed I had bought it for Y. They immediately accepted though, that it was for me ! I shall be able to wave it as a banner because occasionally something reminds me that the old socialist embers are still glowing. I love this quote for instance:-

"Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well- warmed, and well-fed"

Who, if you've every read it, can forget the first line of his Moby Dick :-

"Call me Ishmael"

I decided to give my Camera Club a miss this evening because I feel a little 'under-exposed and certainly not sharp'. Tomorrow morning I'm going to try to get in to see one of the doctors and if not, certainly early next week.

Different bike. Sleep tight. Catch you tomorrow.


bungus said...

Pleased to hear of the return of the Goldfinches and the arrival of the repair man - very reasonable.
But sorry to hear about the house sale snag whatever it is. It must be very dispiriting.

I never think of Delia when it comes to curries because I like to grind my own spices which I arogantly assume not to be her style. Pretentious, moi? But I am consistent; I would never order curry in a non Sub-Continent restaurant.

Voting on-line for Sherwood has supposedly been possible for several days now but I and others have been unable to eastablish the link.

I've never read it but I still know the first line.

Nice man said...

Our doctor's adjacent to radiogandy'shas a computor reception system the notice which requests you the enter details on the scren BELOW. I have great difficulty, there is no screen below but there is one above the notice!