Saturday, November 03, 2007

Still Mild - Shopping - Trout & Baked Veg

This afternoon I was clearing out pictures, not that I'm short of disc space but I fancied a spring clean. Picture 1 is of The Corner House, Nottingham opposite the Theatre Royal and its where we go to 'the pictures'. It was taken without flash and is blurry - but then I thought that, rotated through 90 degrees it makes a rather futuristic looking one-armed bandit, if photoshopped a bit.

Basically we have had a quiet at-home day because although much recovered Y still tires very easily. We shopped and then for lunch I cooked Rainbow Trout. My google for suitable tracklements suggested baked winter vegetables. So it was back to Delia's old and trusty. I love the way she makes recommendations as to content but then says, as she so often does "use whatever you've got" and Picture 2 will show you what we had. I know my oven needs a good clean but more important things etc..etc....... If any bugs are lurking in there I always think 190C for a couple of hours should sort them out.

The trout were frozen from Lidl and cooked deliciously. The purists wont approve of the heads being cut off but Y doesn't like them staring at her. And a sensible 20 minutes, not like silly Jamie and his 12 minutes for fish. The trout were just right; still moist, and on the plate, the skeletons lifted out in one piece and the skins came off with a gentle knife swipe. It goes without saying that the Delia vegetables worked perfectly.

Comments Bungus. Re Britz. The Telegraph TV critic considered it powerful and persuasive until right at the end when the girl suicide-bomber laid the blame on us all for being anti-muslim and electing the present government. As he astutely pointed out, the innocent children she had killed weren't anti-muslim and they didn't elect this government.

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Jill ...... Y says thanks and she continues to improve but gets so tired. She too is aiming to watch 'Shooting the Past'. Strange thing in Strictly come dancing - we both voted for Camilla ! Although I still like John Barnes I like to vote on merit. Both Letitia and Alesha were excellent and it was to good see the grin wiped off Kelly's face. And I'm warming towards Penny Lancaster.

It will be good to see what sort of a fist they make of 'Room with a View' this time. I didn't like No.1. having read the book, even though the cast was outstanding and I'm such a Maggie Smith fan. Come to think of it I didn't much rate the book either. I simply didn't like any of the people enough and I remember thinking "I don't really mind what happens to you."

Hope you enjoyed your tinned salmon sandwiches......... Great ! Hope you also inserted therein the statutory thinly sliced cucumber with the merest shake of Sarsons vinegar.

On my internet travels I spotted this crazy arrow and want to see if it works. I think I can use it but I want to see if it is suitably animated.
Have a nice Sunday. Catch you tomorrow.



bungus said...

I think the Corner House looks better on its side. It is one of the 'new' buildings in the vcentre that I do not like at all. I think the Concert hall is splendid.

Unlike you, I prefer my fish undercooked (or even raw)and 12 minutes for trout sounds plenty to me. And I have to say that roast winter veg sound most inappropriate.

Re Britz:
I don't know who the Telegraph TV critic is but I didn't think the programme was trying to be persuasive. Of course the Muslim suicide bomber blamed 'us' (for allowing Israelis to kill Palestinian children, etc) just as so many of 'us' regard all Muslims as terrorists. That is the tragedy. And, in the drama, she did appear to have moments of uncertainty which to me seemed to be resolved by the possibly precipitate armed police assault. But nothing was quite clear cut (just like reality) and I have always had a problem with being able to see the other person's point of view, eg, I have always been prety well convinced, on the basis of evidence from a moderate English Protestant who worked in Belfast during the 60s, that had I been a Northern Irish Catholic I would have supported the IRA although perhaps not actively. But I wasn't of course.

I quite enjoyed reading Room with a View and also liked the last TV production (was it Ian Holme who gave his usual excellent performance?)

I seem to have disagreed with almost everything today! (except the salmon and cucumber which is a perfect combination, although I do not think Sarson's at all superior to Blakeley's malt vinegar from Netto at a tenth of the price - and I want more than a sprinkle!). But we did concur on Art Deco and the Sistine Chapel and, as Scarlett said, "Tomorrow is another day."

Jill said...

No, neither of us are cucumber fans I'm afraid. Ro certainly has more than a sprinkle of the Sarsons (no Netto in this part of the world!) and I have Hellman's original mayonnaise.

And potatoes apart, I am not a fan of roasted veg. Prefer steamed/boiled, but I do like my fish cooked thoroughly! Trout isn't very high on the list either, we like sea-trout better, M & S do a very good two fillets in a packet with a good-sized portion of watercress sauce.