Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nat Trst Regional Meeting - Wet and Windy

The picture is not published on grounds of quality but because it is a 'collector's item' - RG in a shirt & tie. Because it was a formal meeting with Chairmen, and Regional Directors, and important people in general.

And please do not read the title as me trying to say that the Regional Meeting was 'Wet and Windy' because it wasn't. It was lively, well-informed and stimulating.

The little bits that I contributed were well received. My point about the need for the Nat Trust to create links with other interest-groups, as with photographers via the Magnum 'Climate Change' Exhibition in Nottingham Castle in the Summer received unanimous support. I won't bore you with the rest. It was nice to see Y back to her ebullient self and engaged in animated conversations. Like me though she is exhausted and a full day is more than enough. I just don't know how people manage to do 5 days, one after the other. Did we really used to do that ?

Tomorrow all we need to do is sit in a Coach and be transported to Rockingham

Although this is a miniblogette, this is from Bungus. Please click for one of his recent experiences. Keep chuckling Bob - it's all you can do. Thanks for the chuckle.

No quotes, no smileys, just need some kip before tomorrow. I've read 'comments' which need ripostes and things. Post Rockingham I will be back.


Jill said...

I hope you have a good day at Rockingham tomorrow. I have trouble going out all day two days running, I need a recovery day inbetween.....Loved the chaffinch photo - I can hear the firecrests in the various pine trees but the little blighters won't keep still so I can see them.

Did enjoy Bungus's description of the waiting room.

Not sure about your roasted veg dinner - we had a Waitrose pack of two sea-trout fillets and a sachet of watercress sauce, which was very tasty, esp. with the addition of some lemon juice. Ten years ago we would have said the portions were not big enough, but now it seems they are.

We watched the prog.about the Queen yesterday - that American lady photographer did annoy me (esp. her hair)and I bet she annoyed her Maj. too. Am reading the Alan Bennet novella about the Queen 'An Uncommon Reader' it is a laugh-out-loud little book, quite delightful.

bungus said...

Great photo; you look years younger.

The talk of posh folk and watching Cranford causes me to paint a mental picture of you in shirt and tie waving in reight royal fashion from the gilded coach pulled by four white horses on the way to Buckingham (sorry, Rockingham) Palace. Which reminds me of a limerick ...

The bit I missed.
When we arrived at the reception desk at the clinic, the girl asked my name, date of birth and address.
"No None, Tuxford Road," said Sandra.
"No None?"
"Yes, we have no fixed abode,"
At this point I said, "She's teasing you,"
"Oh,"said the girl.
Later on Sandra reprimanded me for spoiling her little game.
"I felt sorry for the girl," I said.
"Your not nasty like me," said Sandra.
"That's true," I agreed, "but you do have one redeeming feature."
"What's that?"
"You don't recognise anybody ten minutes after you last saw them so, unlike me, you can't bear a grudge."
I'm not sure it works in writing but we found it amusing.