Thursday, November 22, 2007

Nearly 'back' to normal. Pictures again.

Just happened to be up and around at 3.30am, making a pot of tea on my bedroom tray, and there was the moon, over Brynsmoor Road. So thinking "I can't do another day's blog without fresh pictures" - put my camera on a tripod pointed it out of the window and let it do its best.

Thirteen seconds at f10 (I know, photographers - don't ask) and I've done nothing to the result except crop it. A copper-bottomed 'record shot' because it captures just how it was.

Picture 2 might not be very good but it is, at last, a wren. Such furtive little creatures and I thought that, before I get my camera he/she will be gone. But I was lucky - I've been trying to capture a wren-picture for my collection for ages and here we are. For me it's nearly the equivalent of a Yeti.

I'm also pleased to report that we have sparrows, blue tits, great tits, and the goldfinches paid us a visit this morning. Plus the inevitable blackbirds and a robin - also the woodpieons, and ring-doves. Fortunately we seem light on magpies so far, and I assume the starlings have gone for their winter peregrinations.

Back/legs-wise I am nearly back to normal and we are looking forward to Peter and Joan's visit tomorrow. Then next week we shall be busy - National Trust stuff mostly, including our Mansfield Centre's Christmas trip to Rockingham. I'll provide a link later.

Comments...I've sorted out by e-mail exhange with Bungus, Sandra's position re back attacks. I know how stoical she is but, as Jill also comments, expert 'advice' by non-sufferers is at best useless and can sometimes be counter-productive.

Couldn't agree more about 'un-nice' people who achieve high office or great wealth by trampling on others. And we must put EuroStar to Paris on our TBD list, perhaps in the new year. To see the refurbished St.Pancras, the train trip, those galleries (if we can only do one I prefer the Musée d'Orsay to the Louvre. ) Having said that, if you open the links, The Louvre's website is enchanting.

Thank you Jill for your comments, about my kind remarks, about your comments etc...... Ha Ha!

Nor being a footie-fan AnonymousRob I really can't comment on Shearer. When I told Y what you had said she was surprised and keeps muttering Chelsea and Mourinho. And then she says 'Phwoooor' or something. I am at a loss to explain these obviously expert views.

Quotation for the Day - Courtesy of Bungus

"Doctor, I can't pronounce my F's, T's and H's"
"Well you can't say farer than that then"

Tommy Cooper

Comic genius he may have heen, but from his wiki-page he doesn't sound a very nice man.

Good to be more or less back to normal and I'll catch you tomorrow. After our lunch out. Sleep tight folks.


bungus said...

Glad you are somewaht recovered and that you caught your wren (although I would not have recognised it without its tail sticking up. But having got it once you will probably get many more opportunities.
Dramatic night sky too.

I’d say Sky are talking through the wrong aperture. Shearer has no management experience whatsoever (which I suppose would provide a ggod excuse for any lack of success.
England did not do a good job last night, although I thought Crouch, Beckham and Wright-Phillips performed well enough and missing 5world class players cannot have helped. And Croatia are a decent side who were playing free of pressure. But it was some of the earlier games that created the problem.

I think Jill is making life a bit difficult for male midwives but understand where she is coming from.

I could watch ‘Brief Encounter again too (although not if '3.10 to Yuma' was on another channel). But I did not enjoy last week’s Timothy Spall episode of 'The Street' at all. I thought tonight’s was much better but too compressed and therefore less good than the first series.

More Tommy Cooper:
"I went to buy some camouflage trousers the other day but I
couldn't find any."

I think a lot of comedians are/were gloomy and unpleasant, perhaps because they were/are expected to be funny and good natured all the time.

Anonymous said...

Out of respect for RG's unfootieness I won't go on for too long about the England Manager situation. However, the reason Sky promoted Shearer as a leading contender was because of his lack of experience. They seem to think that as it worked for van Basten and Bilic it would work for Shearer. I think not. Y's choice of Mourinho is much sounder though more for his footie knowledge that his phwoooor-ability I guess.

Clearly Tommy Cooper could not hold a candle to Chairman Reg in the niceness stakes. I know which one I would rather spend time in the pub with, and have done many times. I kept telling him last night he's a very nice man.

Glad you're more or less back to normal, RG. Are we having a blog outing to Paris via Eurostar?

On the subject of films, my all time fave is Casablanca and I've watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest more than once.


Pete said...

Graham, just popped in after a few days away. Sorry to hear that you haven't been too good. Hope that you are on the mend (think maybe that you are after reading a bit further) and that all is now OK with you and all.......just have to say that I think your pic of the moon is great. As is in my mind the best. From your blog I see that you obviously adjusted the timing because of the lack of light. I'd love to be able to do this but I've only a point a shoot and camera though saying that someone has told me I can adjust the settings but I'm not too sure. In need of an expert like you I think to be able to capture Venus in the morning sky as it was / she was looking great this morning when I left work and I wanted to take a pic but it would have been a waste of effort.....Anyway keep up the good work.....