Monday, November 05, 2007

Much cooler - Y over to BJ - Mouse pad idea

A one picture blogette today due to time constraints.

We've been busy; doctors this morning for blood tests and things, and I've got to go back for another tomorrow. Little shopping then, we were going to have a salad but decided that the weather demanded cooked food. So we had a Fray Bentos pie, mashed potatoes and brussels. Karen (cleaning lady treasure) seems to have done a bunk. We knew she was having domestic problems and this morning she texted us saying sorry but she was hundreds of miles away and wasn't coming back. Ho Hum ! I'm sure more information will emerge.

I took Y over to Burton Joyce for the bonfire this evening and she has wrapped up sensibly and I'm collecting her from TJ's in the morning - after my blood test ! Tomorrow evening we have our monthly National Trust meeting at Mansfield. The lecture is to be about National Trust gardens. Should be good.

Let me explain 'good idea 6,327'. Some time ago I had the notion of using a ring-bound sketch pad as a mouse mat because, not only does it provide a good surface for the mouse you can also make notes on it while you are working. The only snag proved to be that, as one worked down the page, the surface the heel of your hand rests on became, due to grease, impossible to write on. Solution - start making the notes from the bottom !

Comments Pleased Bungus that you owned up to refilling the Sarsons bottle from the Blakeleys. And I accept that it is for pragmatic rather than posh reasons. I accept everything you say about 'that programme' but I'm still glad I decided against watching it. Important it no doubt is, but I don't watch much TV anyway and that didn't figure for us. I guess Jill will be of the same mind.

To AnonymousRob. If I come across a buttle-tin for your baked winter veg I shall obtain it for you. Perhaps one of these moisty mornings when I'm on charity-shop patrol.

......I'd better shut up shop. You will be here in 20 minutes or so. No time for a quote. Sleep tight everybody. Looking forward to Hannah's post bonfire blog.


bungus said...

I have never heard of a 'buttle tin'. Is it a colloquial name for either a roasting dish or a baking tray?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, RG, for your kind offer to keep an eye out for a buttle-tin. I'd certainly be very interested in obtaining one. I do feel it's the only thing that can give you properly roasted winter veg. I have experienced moisty veg using other tins.

Hope Y enjoyed her evening as much as we enjoyed ours. Sad to say, though, the chips and peas were on the poor side of good. We should have made our own.


bungus said...

I usually use an other tin because I fing buttle tins are inclined to rust but then, I don't mind my veg moisty (apart from potatoes which do really demand a certain crispiness).

While watching Timothy Spall I realised it wasn't Ian Holme but Denholme Elliot. Silly me.

bungus said...

I should explain the verb 'fing'. It is a hybrid of 'find' and 'fink'.