Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Room with a View - AnonymousRob's tutorial

When I was getting dressed this morning, quite late (my EXIFdata says 10.10am - should be 9.10am, my camera hasn't adjusted from summer-time) I thought why search for autumn colour when I can just look out of my bedroom window ?

I know I am lucky but my view at the new house (god willing) will be even better although different.

First things first though and Picture 2 sums up a most successful tutorial with AnonymousRob. He had asked what in Photoshop I needed particular guidance with. I said "I don't really understand Layers". He replied that he didn't really understand Layers either, and then displayed what to my mind seemed like a post-doctoral grasp of the subject. I learnt so much and perhaps a little has sunk in. He was kind enough to offer further help if I get stuck , which is almost inevitable. I promise him that the first 'buttletin' I find will be purchased, to deal with his 'moisty' vegetables.

We picked a picture and worked on it and Picture 2 is the result. The idea was to transform The Corner House into a futuristic one-armed bandit. I fully accept that this isn't a photograph as such any longer but gosh, it was fun. It would be totally improper to enter it in a competition because it should be attributed to him but I might take it along for discussion on a suitable evening.

The next thing is I am multi-tasking and sitting with Y watching her recording of 'Room with a View' and I must recant. A quite excellent production - great acting, beautifully directed, and stunning pictorially. Now there's a link worth a click, all the pictures are live links and is you use IE7 a super little video, Firefox isn't too keen.

Y had a great bonfire evening at Steve's and Hannah sent me a piece of her ginger cake - lip-smackingly good as we used to say. The girl does seem to have the cake-making knack. This evening we are at Mansfield Centre for our National Trust Gardens lecture. That's a link if anyone fancies a glimpse.

p.s. for Bungus: If you 'fing' a 'buttletin' before I do, grab it. Who needs spell checkers when typos can be such good fun?

The daily Quotation :-

"A truly great book should be read in youth, again in maturity and once more in old age, as a fine building should be seen by morning light, at noon and by moonlight"

Robertson Davies

Quick cup of tea and a sandwich and then over to Mansfield. It will be lovely to see all our chums, AN other not withstanding. Peter is bringing me a bqag of green tomatoes - I wonder if they will all go red like Reg's. I'll out them in exactly the same window-sill spot and will report back.


Jill said...

I wasn't that keen on 'A Room with a View' - I thought the cast over-acted like crazy, and I was annoyed with the ending. Like doing 'Hamlet', attributing it to Shakespeare, then having Hamlet marrying Ophelia. It should have said 'based on characters created by'.I did like the look of it though, esp.the Italian bits. I taped 'Joe's Palace' which went nowhere very slowly, with very un-real dialogue, I didn't make it to the end. I suppose it could be that I am getting hard to please - no, never.

Ro had his annual bonfire (it's illegal in this area to have back-garden bonfires, except around Nov.5th). Ro saved up stuff all year (obviously a pyromaniac in another life) and had a huge bonfire yesterday, mostly trees he had cut down, leylandii.It was at least 40 ft. from any other property, and no-one complained.....

bungus said...

Or even a 'pyromantic'.

Re the quote:
That means
'Catch 22', 'Candide', 'The Sound and the Fury' and 'Comfort Me With Apples' then (for me). Not necessarily in that order.
Of course, there are many books I haven't read, just as there are so many fine buildings that I haven't seen at all and therefore find it impossible to make any judgment.

Anonymous said...

Re TV:
We couldn't 'get into' A Room with a View; we felt it was too slow and I didn't care what happened to or with the characters. I agree with Jill about the Italian bits though. We watched the second half of Joe's Palace and, again, I agree with Jill, this time about the dialogue. I assumed they were all under the influence of drugs.

Last night we watched the second part of Shooting the Past which we had recorded. I do like Timothy Spall; he must be one of our most underrated actors. Maybe if he were slimmer and more handsome....

Re books:
Mine would have to be Catch 22 (I must be in an agreeable mood today); 1984; and Lord of the Flies. No others stand out from my youth though more recently I have enjoyed The Time Travellers Wife (possibly the saddest book I've ever read); The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime; The Five People You Meet in Heaven; Stuart, A Life Lived Backwards and We Must Talk About Kevin. I'd read all of those again.

Re buttle-tins:
Obviously fings ain't what they used to be!