Friday, November 16, 2007

Start Weekend Off - Shopping - Still cold

Another cold misty dawn. Freezing, but no ground frost. Not unpleasant though.

I fixed my laptop AVG firewall problem. It struck me that the original programme might be corrupted so I uninstalled it and tried to upload the most recent upgrade from the AVG website, but in the end had to ring them because it kept saying the web-version of "f... off". The problem was that, with the licence no. I had misread Anita's (at the Computer Shop) 5 as an S. After I had keyed in the correct number it downloaded without further ado. Don't know if the 'corruption' of AVG is the underlying fault with the 'system restore' not working, because, of course, if I was daft enough to try a system restore' to an earlier date, I would unintentionally uninstall the upgrade I had just succeeded with. Tell you better in a couple of days when I'll give it a whirl. I apologise to those readers to whom the foregoing para. is double-dutch.

Comments ........ Got to go to comments straight away because AnonymousRob's extracts from the Judge's remarks on Study for Bullfight No 1 were hilarious and believable enough to make me splutter over my cup of tea. Y thought I was having a fit.

And thanks Bungus for the 'word play' with punk-chew-ation. You are 'dead' right about the power of the placebo too. If you expect it to do you good, it will - and I'm sure that experienced doctors (of all cultures and over countless centuries) use the principle all the time. People simply believe that, if a potion is prescribed, all will be well. I was delighted to learn from the above link that 'Placebo' is Latin for "I shall please".

Also, I have discussed our Karen in a separate e-mail.

The two pictures are side by side because I can't decide if I prefer the monochrome version or the coloured. Your opinions would be valued and, of course, you are perfectly at liberty to dislike both. For my taste the original colour of the flower itself is so sugary and twee. I quite like carnations but they seem to be breeding them these days to look like artificial flowers,

Day's Quotation - it's got to be an Emerson day :-

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

....... Coffee now, finish crossword, read, some radio............It's all go innit? Sleep tight folks. Catch you tomrrow.


Jill said...

I don't like either photo - it doesn't look like a flower in either of them....but I agree with what you say about the present state of carnations, the colours don't ring true at all, look as if they have been dyed.

I could hardly get started on the crossword today, no rapport with the compiler at all.

Heavy frost here this morning, both bird baths frozen solid.

bungus said...

In support of the retirement advice given to Anonymous Rob, I can only add that, having been redundantly retired at 58, all I ever missed about work was the income.
Even that never seemed too much of a problem, me being a man possessed of but simple needs and a thrifty and understanding wife.
As Victor Kayam said (and he was so impressed he bought the company):
”A Book of Verses underneath the Bough,
A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread--and Thou
Beside me singing in the Wilderness--
Oh, Wilderness were Paradise enow!”
(Verse XII of The Rubaiyat)
And as someone else (possibly Tony Hancock) said:
“Hard work has much merit. I have enjoyed watching people do it for years.”

May I also applaud Anonymous Rob’s Judge’s remarks parody.

In spite of being taught Latin for several years (failed School Cert) and having found it useful in respect of roots, I had not realised that 'placebo' is Latin for "I shall please". Henceforth it shall be my motto.

I prefer the colour photo but had not thought it was a flower. Discarded cami-knickers, immediately sprang to my mind.

Memorable quotation:
”No man should die in a hotel hallway.” Perry Mason.