Sunday, September 30, 2007

Long Eaton - Cup Cakes - 57F - 7mph E Wind

A lovely autumn morning and I arrived at Long Eaton promptly at 10.30am, nicely in time for my favourite coffee out of the proper espresso pot which David and Helen know I love.

David spent ages with my new mobile and 'memory card' and in the end couldn't get it to work properly. In a way, it was a relief because I considered that I had read the manual and followed all the necessary steps. We proved that the card was OK because we could write things to it from the PC. The problem is that the camera won't 'write' photos to the card. Definitely a case for a snooty trip to CarPhone Warehouse tomorrow morning. I need to go into Nottingham anyway to deliver some forms to the Solicitor.

The girls had made the cup-cakes and cornflaky things and I was presented with two of each put in a paper bag for my tea. I've just eaten them and what granddad could even feel aches/pains at such a time.? I delivered their goose fair envelopes, one each, and I also put a few pennies in an envelope for 'Mummy and Daddy' because they might like some mushy-peas or one of those disgusting hot-dogs with onions and that unique mustard. Here is a Goose Fair link. I like this one 'cos it's got flashing lights and video bits to click on.

Picture 2 is some Michaelmas Daisies which seem to be out early. But so is everything.

I don't know if Jill's 'Gold Crests' are a augury of a early winter in Scotland or not. No doubt due to global warming - everything else is. Our 'gold finches' have gone AWOL since their feeder wasn't topped up while I was in Norfolk. Probably having a 'strop'.

Matt's cartoon for the start of the Tory Party conference hits the spot again. As he so often does. I'm pretty sure he doesn't mind me very occasionally reproducing one of his drawings. It is meant as a sincere compliment.

Proust is being read on Oneword by Neville Jason and I am enjoying it greatly. I always thought that the translation of "À la recherche du temps perdu" was "Remembrance of Things Past" but now it is translated as "In search of lost time". Ugly in my opinion and conjuring up a picture of a mislaid wrist-watch. Can't they leave anything alone? A favourite Proust bit is "the famous tea-soaked madeline biscuit episode, where the taste prompts the memory of childhood" and there is no doubt at all, that smells and tastes can instantly bring to mind things long forgotten.

This quote appealed :-

"Men live in a fantasy world. I know this because I am one, and I actually receive my mail there."

Scott Adams
The creator of Dilbert no less.

....... Sleep tight everybody and I'll catch you tomorrow..............

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