Saturday, September 01, 2007

Carsington Water - Cold - House-viewer, warm !

Evenin All !

Picture 1 is a Dovedale Picture by Sky. They went on Thursday, as we had been on Wednesday and they had nice weather too. I love her intersecting diagonals and the path leading you into the picture ! And she managed a scale-conferring person in an important place (and wearing a red skirt to boot!)

I know I missed doing the blog yesterday but we returned from Carsington quite late and after a full day with 6 adults and 5 children I was 'done for' and beyond blogging. No bulletin necessary, just leg-achy and tired. Bungus's concerned e-mail however, was much appreciated.

And I'm not complaining about the day because it was absolutely terrific (I think 'brilliant' is in vogue). Some sun would have been welcome to alleviate the March type weather, but it all went so well. No tears and lots of laughs. Apart from being a beautiful nature reserve, even if man-assisted, Carsington is a great place for children. Loads of differently exciting parks and things to climb on and in one bit a thoughtful open-at-the-front wooden structure with picnic tables which were adult-friendly. We picked a table quite early and were able to drag the next one up to it so we had enough room for everyone. Each family brought their own picnic basically but dibbing-in and swaps were the order of the day ! I did a good deal with one of our cheese & pickle sandwich for 2 scotch eggs.

It was great that Steven managed it, crutch notwithstanding, but oh dear! the lad's knee and leg IS in a mess. He was told that when he has a shower he is to sellotape his knee-cap in place to stop it sliding round the back ! I said " it is good to hear of a consultant with a sense of humour, ha ha!" But Steven assured me that that was exactly what was said.

Picture 2 is one of the many play-areas and the children loved them. David is the tall one in the middle ! Hannah is in front and to the right and Steven, Helen and Y are watching somebody do something.

We went to the caravan for tea and a couple of mugs of piping hot tea were most welcome. Games were played, fir cone pictures were made and a good time was had by all.

After a full day and tea at David's caravan at the Blackwater plantation we all went to the nearby Knockerdown Inn for evening meal. It was all that the link claims, really nice meal, and yet more play areas. Plus Ostriches at the back. Even though they were in quite a large field my first impression was that they are exceptionally smelly creatures.

Picture 3 is Lisa and Sky playing swing ball and to my eye they both seem remarkably good at it. I transferred Sky's Dovedale Pictures to my laptop and inadvertently left her Kingston 256 MB SD card plugged in. When we reached home I took it out intending to put it in an envelope. So I slipped it into my shirt pocket and, shock horror - it went through an entire wash/rinse/dry cycle in the washing machine. Y found the card just prior to ironing the shirt. Full of trepidation I put it into the computer and 'glory be' there were the picture files, completely unscathed. Pretty rugged this digital storage ! I couldn't see a film surviving.

After the Knockerdown we drove home. And I needed my lights on - first time this year.

  • I am sure Jill/Bungus that Lillian Hellman had a hand in the mayonnaise. She also lived with 'Dash' Hammet of 'Maltese Falcon' fame. He prolly initiated the 'dash' of tabasco. Incidentally we just bought some Heinz Salad Cream having enjoyed it at TJ's. It hasn't changed a bit and is infinitely preferable to that effete mayo stuff. About a year ago Heinz said they were going to cease production; whereupon everyone dashed out and bought the stuff and apparently the sales figures are now very healthy.
  • Enjoyed Bungus's 'daily diet' column again. To paraphrase Rousseau or was it Voltaire ? -" I dislike what you eat but will defend to the death your right to eat it"
Highlight of the day, apart from Y going 'grannying' to Palmers Green, was a lady house-viewer who was really enthusiastic and asked all the right questions. Fingers crossed but not getting excited 'eh? I delivered Y to the tram and she has just rung to say she arrived safely but sans phone. She wasn't mugged or anything; just lost it. Oh well - she will have to have a new one now. Debra rang that they are just today back from Ireland and have had a great time. Girls in the sea every day in spite of the cold - Debra invited in but apparently said 'No way!'. I've sent her a memory-stick with the Carsington photos on it.

Debra tells me she likes the 'quotes' in the blog. So here is something a little different:-

"I think it is good that books still exist: but they do make me sleepy"

Frank Zappa

......That's it for tonight folks. Sleep tight and I will catch you tomorrow. Rest Day planned but I'm sure I can manage a quick blog.


bungus said...

Too tired for much comment tonight.
I agree that the composition of Sky’s picture is excellent.

I, too, frequently prefer the vinegariness of salad cream to the blandness of mayonnaise (although not with cold fresh salmon) but it doesn’t much bother me whether it is Heinz or, say, Blakeleys (from Netto).
But I do have preferences; I bought some Blakeleys' Brown Sauce many months ago but, after a fair trial and over half a bottle left, gave in yesterday and took a trip into Newark for some of Morrisons' own (which I prefer to HP) to have on my bacon sandwich.

Steve said...

Its been a long time since anyone called me a "lad". Which is ironic because i felt like a centarian that day