Saturday, September 29, 2007

Feet-up day - Warmer - Still Butterley

You are quite right David, the 3rd Class coaches still look comparatively luxurious. As you enjoyed the last pic. I thought I would publish another. And I do accept that you are not an 'anorak' waiting to be free.

Another point about the coach illustrated. No-one could have any objection to the tasteful and discreet NO SMOKING lettering on the window. But that ghastly red & white job that is now stuck up everywhere, often flying in the face of aesthetics. I have even seen one on a cathedral door !

Little short of vandalism. Banksy would have far more scruples.

Aches and painwise:- Thank you all for your good wishes and can report some improvement. I still feel as if I have had a six-inch knife plunged into my back just to the left of my spine below the kidney area. And I haven't got colleagues to blame these days !

But I shall recover - I always do. In addition to my patches I'm munching my way through strips of codeine and my hot-pad is in constant use. Not so bad now it is a bit cooler outside, and it saves on the central heating bill.

Thanks Pete for the comment-on-the-comment, and I know you like to be in the thick of the action. It was that I had somewhere in the recesses, that due to getting older someone wanted to shield you from some lifeboat activities. If I've got it wrong please chip in and put us right. The last thing I want to do is mislead my readers. It was a pleasure to link to your site and for anyone who missed the link here it is again. Always a joy to read, always something new, and super pictures. We stayed with Mr and Mrs Roast at Port Erin and had a great time.

What with her fear of heights Y managed to get stuck halfway up/down the Laxey Wheel but her maternal instinct saved the day when a group of children needed to get past.

You are quite right Jill to mop up good gravy with a round of bread. If I had cooked the meal I would consider it to be the sincerest compliment. Debra unashamedly uses her dessert spoon!

Picture 2 is some fungi at Butterley. Identity unknown to me I'm afraid. Bungus would know but unfortunately he is away. Help please anyone?

My attention was drawn by their similarity to cobs fresh out of a baker's oven. We shall probably now be in for the argument as to whether they are called cobs, rolls, baps or whatever.

By the way, the dark lines around some, are the harsh shadows as a result of using flash - they haven't been photoshopped.

And Yes Reg! I agree about the judge at EPS. A man who can mark a picture as 20 out of 20 and then go-on to suggest ways in which it could be improved, is not a man whose logic or intellect commend him to me. And if he is a 'reader of blogs' good. If someone feels qualified to judge photographs he must be prepared for an assessment of his judging.

"Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes"

Trans.- "Who shall guard the guards themselves?" Juvenal around 100AD

Appropriate quotes seem to present themselves at the moment. Much better than scouring t'internet.

I am determined to go to Long Eaton tomorrow, pains or not. But I shall have another early night. Strangely enough under the circumstances, I am sleeping well. Catch you tomorrow

p.s. How can the Ian Huntley business ber described as an 'attempt suicide' when he told the warders that he had taken an overdose?

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Jill said...

I hope you made it to Long Eaton, pain-free, and have a good day there.

The gold-crests are back - I have seen 3 altogether in a fir tree in next door's garden. Do you think this means Scotland is in for a hard winter?