Saturday, September 22, 2007

A busy Saturday at Burton Joyce / Editor Hannah!

Pic 1: Of our statue Sally!

A busy day to the morning, going to cooking lessons at ten o' clock.
Today we made miniature pizzas and crisp corn-flake cake. The corn-flake was a bit like a pie, with pastry, sweet jam and the sticky corn-flakes.

Just after half twelve I came back home with my friend Anna and we turned on the computer. We played loads of fun games, but all of a sudden I heard the door-bell ring. I looked out of the upstairs window and there was standing Grandma & Grandad -
Graham. I raced down the stairs like a lunatic, I opened the door and shouted " HELLO!" . I think they were happy to see me and I was happy to see them with the look on my face.

Pic 2: Me writing the blog!

I went on back up stairs to see Anna and then carried on playing on the PC. This got boring so I suggested to go outside while it was nice. Thats what we did!

Grandma promised to take little Millicent to the park (with Miles as well) so off they went down the yellow brick road. Me, Grandad-Graham and Anna start the blog, but then the time we managed to set the PC up Anna's dad arrived and Anna sadly had to leave!
So thats what i'm doing it that picture Grandad-Graham's blog!
I chose this smiley!thats it from me goodbye hopefully see you soon! HannnahXX

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Jill said...

Well done, Hannah! Do you have a blog of your own - I think you ought to.

Grandpa Graham will be so pleased to know that his blog is being so well looked after!