Thursday, September 13, 2007

Follow up to Dudmaston - EPS tonight

A brief tidy up from yesterday.

Picture 1 is the lake at Dudmaston where we sat on a pleasant wooden bench and savoured the calm peaceful atmosphere. As I think I hinted in my last blog post, the exterior seemed more attractive than the interior.

Picture 2 is the Jenny Joseph I bought in the Much Wenlock bookshop and I hope the purple transmits satisfactorily. Such a popular poem but that doesn't mean it isn't good.

Our purchaser's surveyor visited this morning and was very thorough on the lady's behalf. I helped him to unearth the drain-cover at the bottom of the garden where, unfortunately, he saw tree roots growing out of the end of the drainpipe. The upside is that I at once rang our buildings insurers and was relieved to find it covered by our policy. The Lloyds TSB lady was most helpful and talked me through the claim. She filled in the form for me over the phone and will send copies today. Apparently a 'loss adjuster' will arrive in around 5 days, confirm that the work will be covered, and tell us how to proceed. They usually use DynoRod and from discussing it with the Surveyor and later with Reg, I didn't pick up that it is an unsurmountable problem. Lets hope not. I also rang our Estate Agent and told Dawn.

I won't 'blog on' too long because it is our weekly EPS meeting tonight, a lecture plus pictures, which just suits my 'a little tired' mood. I don't want anything too demanding. The 'tea-making' falls to me again, in the absence of Mike and I have the 2pts of milk at the ready. That is an enjoyable thing to do though, in my opinion, far from a chore.

Reg visited at lunchtime and sorted me out with Photoshop, so, over the weekend I shall be able to have a good mess-about.

n.b. The blog might be a little uncertain and enigmatic for a few days, for reasons which I shall explain later. But no cause for concern.

Bungus asked me to obtain 4 tins of Ralph's favourite sardines which he has for his tea, from Lidl. They are now, so to speak, in the can and I will deliver them tomorrow when I go over. Debra rang even though she remembered that Y is over at BJ, but it fits in with her schedule and it was nice to talk to her anyway.

I seem to be more or less uptodate so a kip seems like a reasonable idea. Neither of us slept well last night.

Quote for the day:-

"An idealist is one who, noticing that a rose smells better than a cabbage, expects that it will also make better soup"

H. L. Mencken

I have put a jacket potato in the oven on the timer for Y's tea, and I can't make up my m ind what to have myself. Catch you sometime over the weekend.

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bungus said...

I know Jenny Joseph’s purple poem (good but I was surprised when it won a ‘favourite’ award). It has just occurred to me that one hears more often of purple prose.

‘Roots in drains’ is not one of my specialist subjects but it is reassuring to hear that one can expect house inurance to cover it should the problem arise..

You know I like my mysteries solved so I am curious about the uncertain and enigmatic blog.
I shall do my best to solve it before all is revealed. Anyone fancy a bet?

I have to confess that the sardines are for Sandra and myself but I have no doubt Ralph will be allowed to have the bones and lick the tin out (dogs seem to be able to do that without cutting their tongues). I decided it wasn’t worth an extra 10p to have them filleted.

You might as well have put yourself a potato in as well; the chickens would always have eaten it. I too am in a teatime dilemma (or even a trilemma or tetralemma) and I have a feeling the answer is going to be beans on toast. I am hoping to have a weekend’s feasting anyway and will report fully on Monday.