Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wells next the Sea (Failed) - Blackberries

Little more than a 'bloggette' due to busy day and general tiredness. Been great though !

Last night we spotted this shaft of sunlight in the ruined church at Little Cressingham just down the road - but mine were blurry due to camera-shake so we returned this evening 'tripodded up' and succeeded with some sharp snaps.

On the opposite side of the lane were blackberry brambles (see Picture 2) and we could have picked 5lbs without moving the car. We 'grazed' . The picture just shows a 'clutch' - if you can imagine that repeated a hundredfold you will be close.

It has been nice to have messages from Y who seems to have mastered her new mobile, voice and text, and entries in phone book etc., and TJ has found and restored the family photo Y really likes. I'm looking forwad to seeing her tomorrow to learn all about it.

Earlier in the day we had toured Norfolk and tried Wells-next-the-Sea as Y and I have done before but there were so many people, and nowhere at all to park, so we gave up. We went to a pub in Swaffham and had a drink and I had a cheese sandwich but Bungus didn't fancy anything. Then we steadily returned to Grt Cressingham and had brief looks at Houghton Hall, and Holkham Tea Rooms and odd spots in between.

Then, I suppose we must pay attention to drains full of tree roots, and 'loss assessors' etc., I have a Dr's appointment on Tuesday morning and also my routine blood test. Poor Ray is on the 'blood test treadmill' too and doesn't sound to happy. I really hope he soon feels a lot better !

The Vines, where we are staying is absolutely first class. Breakfast this morning was lovely and the rooms are super - in fact we can't fault it. And access to t'internet is the icing on the cake.

Thanks for The Hell's Angels story Jill. Strangely enough, in spite of their fearsome appearance, they can be very nice people.

I wasn't going to do a quote but the Dr. Johnson quote on my igoogle page pushed itself forward :-

"It is better to live rich than to die rich"

All of our family would agree wholeheartedly !

........Sleep tight everybody.


Pete said...

Hi Graham, managed to find a bit of time today to drop back in and I see the standard of piccies is as good as ever. Think the church one with the light is fantastic......Haven't seen blackberries like that for a while. Reminded me of my childhood when every year there would be a family outing to collect blackberries and we would come home with pounds of the things and my nan would make blackberry jam and tarts with apple etc etc....mmmmmm.....Those were the days.........
Bet you that was some sight with the bikers. Here on the island which is of course bike mad I've seen a few. The one for Joey Dunlop was just amazing as was the one for a dear friend of ours who was killed in a biking accident (not her fault) four years ago leaving four children with a father who had only months to live. The bikers may look mean but they've a heart of gold becauses as a group they've raised not far off £100,000 for the poor family and are still doing things now. A case of appearances being deceptive.......Anyway keep up the good work, hope all the tests go fine.........Pete

Anonymous said...

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