Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Sold sign - Laura's Mostar

Being by now an experienced 'blogger' I know how to put two pictures side by side without a gap and these 2 tell of an important development. At breakfast time a white van pulled up outside and changed the For Sale sign to Sold. The driver then delivered the right-depicted 'flier' through the letter-box. We are so impressed by Redfern's nifty business acumen that we are persuaded to use the firm for our removal.

I am nowhere finished with WoW's Butterley pictures but I thought you would like to see the above promptly. Aunty Etty will be pleased ! But we are still trying to control our excitement Until the money is in the bank and you have the keys to your new house actually in your hand things can still go wrong.

Also I wanted to publish a picture from Laura's travels and decided on this one of Mostar. Great picture Laura - it really captures atmosphere. I know how keen you are on your photography and this, and the others, are super.

Your camera may need the time/date setting sorting though, because the EXIF data for this pic shows 3rd Jan 2005. It obviously isn't a January picture because of all the foliage on the trees.

My friend Bungus moans about EXIF data - he says "Does it tell people which hat I had on at the time?"

I did a couple of National Trust jobs this morning and much 'messing-about'. Yesterday evening we enjoyed Michael Palin - he does succeed so well with putting people at their ease and getting interesting stuff. The bit about Cappadocia appealed to me a lot because of the 'Early Roman Empire and the Rise of Christianity' component of my degree. But I readily accept that it is a rather specialised interest. While in the middle of it, I went before a selection-board for a job, still within the Police, and was asked "Tell me Inspector, what is your bedside reading at the moment?" I truthfully replied "Grenstead's Shorter History of the Doctrine of the Atonement - Sir! " . There was an awkward silence ! And I didn't get the job.

Jill you are fitting in to the 'Chief Commenter' role extremely well. The story about the Indians dressed as Cowboys was priceless. And I did read about 'monetary sciatica' but my wallet lives in the rear pocket on the opposite side. Could be the 'redistribution of wealth' I suppose. But, touch wood, these pain-killer patches are the biz. I had the best night's sleep I've had for ages and was amazed when I looked at the time and saw 8.20am. Here's hoping etc...... Also, from your e-mail Y is looking for a Guardian in Burton Joyce because our newsagent round the corner doesn't have many. Mostly The Sun I'm afraid ! Not being critical though - as Auberon Waugh said "Where else would we turn for moral guidance in these troubled times?"

I think that that can fill my quote-spot for today. Must go. Salads to prepare, Y to collect from Phoenix Park and then me off to EPS and see how my pictures fare.

Catch you tomorrow Sleep tight.

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Jill said...

Great picture of Mostar - we were there years ago when it was still Yugoslavia. There's a photo somewhere of us standing on the bridge.....

Horrible day here, cold, and lots of heavy rain - so went to Cafe Rouge for a large comforting old-fashioned soup bowl full of beef bourginone (doesn't look right) served with potatoes dauphinoise. Lovely! Tasted even better because I had a voucher from local paper, and one of us ate for free.....

Having the sign up is definitely a step in the right direction - but not yet time to open the champagne....