Monday, September 24, 2007

Trip to Tip - Booked Richmond Gate - Close ups

A period-piece. Artichoke heads in sepia which I thought suited them. I've only got 4 left now because Maureen has the others for her Art Class students.

I deliberately threw the background fuzzy by using f 4.5. My WoW people agree with me that some indication of the 'setting' is best. Those completely blurred backgrounds (which I admit I have done) are beginning to look somewhat of a cliché and lacking interest.

Picture 2 is completely dfferent and an experiment using my newly acquired Kenko extension rings - for close-up work.

The subject is not 'boulders on the sea-shore' it is 'pea-gravel in a plant tray' from about 6cms. And that was with only the smallest ring on. They fit between the camera and the lens and provide considerable magnification. It is early days for me with the kit and I know I could get it sharper. But one gets hardly any 'depth of field' and it is hard to decide which bit is best sharp !

We went to the Council Tip this morning and disposed of rubbish from the garage and after that we have had a fairly quiet day. The Xword was finished by 10.30am - I always think Monday's is an easy one to gentle one into the working week - which doesn't apply now we've retired. Another job was to book us into The Richmond Gate Hotel for Jill and Ro's Golden Wedding thrash. We are going to stay the night before and the night itself with leisurely drives going and coming back. Rather different from the days when I used to drive down to Surbiton for a 10.30am meeting and be back in Nottingham for 3pm. The Hotel please click is well known to me because the Central Committee of the Police Federation used to use it all the time. Don't know if they still do?

Wew are both still tussling with our new mobiles. Can't send photos, can't download photos onto PC - in fact, can't do lots of things. But we will !

Surprised Jill, that you don't know 'damsons' and please click for some pictures thereof. Having looked at the pictures myself there is nothing to give you an idea of scale. "Not holding a 50p piece in their teeth" to paraphrase Bungus. They are around normal olive size and have a unique flavour. Hard to say bitter, but certainly not sweet, and not really acidic either. Very English, stewed with custard. And No! I never read 'The Little Princess'.

Quote for the day :

"A proverb is a short sentence based on long experience"

As Cervantes pointed out a few years ago

I hope everybody has a good night. Especially those who aren't very well. Catch you tomorrow.

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Jill said...

I love that sepia photo of the artichoke heads - now if I saw that as a postcard I would buy it. Not sure about the stones. though...

I still don't recall ever having damsons. But I do remember the word I couldn't remember yesterday - bullaces - had these once while staying in country some years ago - could they be a wild damson? They tasted a bit you like described, I didn't like the thick skins, I remember. Certainly that family.

Am really chuffed to little mint balls (phrase picked up from Lancashire friend) that you and Y are coming to our 'do'. I seem to remember that years ago you were staying there with Police Federation and I had just learned to drive and I picked up Y from there and drove slowly and carefully to ?Syon House.