Tuesday, September 04, 2007

All commitments done - good news house-sale

This is nothing more than a bloggette to hold today's date.

Congratulations to the cartoonist Gregory who was responsible for Picture 1. The dogs are similar to the dogs in the Jackie Lawson e-cards, maybe he draws them too.

All my Mansfield jobs satisfactorily carried out. Found the folders I wanted in Wilko (where else?). The committee meeting went OK and I introduced Y's stuff about the outings and didn't forget anything. Lovely tea with Peter and Joan and their thoughtfulness, in saving me an additional return journey, was much appreciated. And those tomatoes straight out of the greenhouse...........

The Evening Meeting, a lecture with pictures about The Region, was also a success and thanks to willing helpers I managed to mastermind the raffle. Then I did the 'vote of thanks' to the speaker for an excellent evening. There are some extremely bright and competent young people leading the National Trust at the moment with the result that the organisation is strong and the atmosphere exciting. I felt that the above live-link was mandatory.

And ! When I arrived home there was a message from the Estate Agents saying that the lady had accepted our figure. There is still plenty of things that can go wrong but we are permitting ourselves mild excitement.

Sleep tight everyone. Hope to catch you tomorrow !


bungus said...

Pleased to hear the good news from your Estate Agent. Fingers crossed.

On Monday, I went on a U3A minibus trip to Leeds Armoury.
The day did not start too well when Ralph the dog ate the 'parmesan omelette and spicy chutney' sandwich (another favourite) that I had prepared to take with me. It is no longer safe to leave anything edible within his orbit. He even ate a tennis ball last week.

The 1½ hour journey to Leeds was uneventful. Then an unremitting but fascinating 5 hours viewing weapons of the ages from all around the world – Japanese and Chinese armour, Indian Mutiny, Wild West (most townspeople didn’t carry guns; Billy the Kid probably only killed one man, Wyatt Earp five, Bill Hickock possibly a dozen. One recorded dispute over a card game resulted in a dozen shots being fired at short range and the only damage was to the floor, ceiling, table and one hat)), Zulu Wars, whaling, World Wars, policing, etc.

Towards the end, having had only a ¼ hour sit down for a rather expensive but large cup of coffee, my attention was flagging. I was looking at things without understanding what they were. So, for the last half hour, I sat down again for a pot of tea and a slice of very good (home-made) cake, watched a ¼ hour performance about Boadicea, then worked my way through a monster (home-made) scone (5 butter pats and 1½ pots of raspberry jam) before making the short walk to the bus.

Anyone thinking of visiting may like to know that, apart from the stunning exhibits (and performances which did not appeal to me) most of the food is made on the premises. Until I saw the scones, I had neither felt hungry nor like wasting time on a ‘proper’ meal, but what I saw of the Nelson Bistro food looked very good, all the staff appeared to eat on the premises, and those of our party who did sample it confirmed the quality (and at £6 to £8 for a main course, the price was certainly not unreasonable).
The return journey to Ollerton took only an hour.

Jill said...

Great news from Estate Agent, fingers crossed this time it all goes well. Now all you have to do is to find somewhere else to live....

Good to hear there are some youger people involved in the NT. So often these sort of groups are kept going by retirees (horrid word) and when it gets too much for them there is nobody younger coming along. Our Friends of Chiswick Library went that way.

I find that about an hour and a half in any Museum/art gallery is enough for me, I just can't take any more in, and my feet/back hurt. If I have a sit-down and some food (and it sounds smashing stuff in the Armoury) I can probably do another half an hour.

Next week we are going to 'do' Buckingham Palace and the exhibition of the Queen's wedding presents, I have been warned by a friend that there are no seats anywhere (or refreshments) if I need to sit down I shall sit on the floor. I have done this twice in places and it has always resulted in somebody bringing me a chair.....

bungus said...

My extremely limited experience tells me that there was one place to sit in the palace (just before handing in cameras or before/after visiting the loo).

Dan has provided me with a flat screen monitor to try out. It is a nice size and colour is restored. But no sound and therefore unsuitable as permanent item.

With proper colour I have trawled back through the blog to Princess Margaret Rose's Birthday. The difference in the pictures is pronounced but unsurprising.
I shall comment on a few:
Aug 21:
Some pics appear not! Apparently.
Aug 23:
Wind surfer very different. Nice pic.
Aug 24:
see Aug 21! No pics at all!
Aug 26:
Sky's painting much brighter. Knowing my taste you will appreciate that I tend to prefer the muted version!
Aug 27:
I much like the sunset.
Aug 28:
I am sure Steve's garden will look very impressive when mature (but too formal for me!).
Aug 29 / Sep 1:
What I like about the Carsington photos is that no one is looking at the camera (even some back views!). Steve and David don't appear to have changed since I last saw them (at Derby Road?)
Sep 2:
I am sure the feather must be artificially coloured. So Jill's suggestion of a toy or something is probably right.
Sep 3:
Smashing artichoke (name for a pop group possibly?)