Monday, September 03, 2007

Printing jobs - House-viewer even warmer !

Thought we were due an early September collage of pictures from the garden. Things are just starting to 'go off' a bit but the second flush of roses has been beautiful. They seem so delicate and vulnerable at this time of year, but a joy nevertheless.

You might notice, far right - second row, some raspberries. The blackbirds feel they have had enough and allowed me to pick a bowl this morning; which I thought was sporting of them.

After I'd been for my blood test and a little shopping, the Estate Agents rang to say that the lady who viewed on Saturday wants to buy the bungalow and is making a offer. I consulted Y who is still in London and we decided not just to accept the offer, but to drop the asking price a reasonable amount. The agent has it in hand.

Then I did some prints for EPS on Thursday; everyone is taking something in to be commented on. The last time we did it, it was a successful evening which people enjoyed and found helpful. But before that I have National Trust committee meeting tomorrow at 2pm, normal evening meeting at 7pm, and I have to mastermind the raffle in Y's absence. I shall have helpers though and Peter and Joan have very kindly invited me for tea, so I don't need to drive back here in between the two commitements.

And not forgetting Walking on Wednesay ! We haven't decided on a location yet. And it gives me great pleasure to report much improvement in my walking, and a considerable reduction in leg/back ache. As usual, not attributable to anything in particular, but I shall just enjoy it while it lasts. Not that I feel quite ready for the boots and red-socks bit but I might try to be a little more adventurous than staying within 50 yards of the carpark.

Picture 2 is a Bungus picture from Sunday when they went to Newark Food Fair and in spite of a grey day had a great time. I think that 'Frere Quenelle' is what you say the following morning having over imbibed the stuff. The food sounds delightful.

As did Jill's at the Café Rouge which I have taken the liberty of making a live-link. Just click on those words folks and their very nifty website will open. I love the bubbles rising in the glass - just right, not over-stated. Sounds like our sort of place and I will ferret one out locally.

Re 'the feather' I can only say that the colour when it left here was accurate. Mind you my monitor needs calibrating, and monitors do vary a lot. I haven't tested the colour-fastness yet but when I do I will report back. The 'decoration' from a child's toy is a very astute possibility because the Caravan site during the school holidays does not suffer from a shortage.

Picture 3 is just a less fearsome Artichoke head than the one I used previously. A lady on my Ephotozine forum said it looked like a dragon! She liked it a lot though and I got several ticks and nice comments.

The accountant rang (I know it sounds pretentious because we are far from wealthy, but he sorts everything out) to say that the Inland Revenue had sent a cheque for the amount I had overpaid and it would be in our account by Wednesday. Thanks again Steven for the 'heads up' (that is current computer speak for advice).

As a quote for the day I would like to use this couplet from John Whittier:-

"Up from the meadows rich with corn,
Clear in the cool September morn"
John Whittier

......Thats me for today folks. Relaxing evening, early to bed. Hope everyone sleeps well.

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bungus said...

It has been a tiring day today at Leeds Armoury so I shall leave the full report until tomorrow and, unusually for me, go and get some shuteye before eleven. I didn’t see any outstanding photographic opportunities so just took loads of ‘snaps’. I haven’t seen them myself yet, other than ‘on camera’, but there is always a chance that one or two may have some merit.

The late raspberry you gave us is fruiting well and the birds do not seem at all interested in the large sweet juicy fruit.

What good news about the house (although I do not actually understand what you mean by ‘we decided not just to accept the offer, but to drop the asking price a reasonable amount’ unless it simply means that you are in process of bartering or haggling).

I would love to think that ‘commitements’ was deliberate; it is such a nice hybrid of ‘commitments’ and ‘committee-ments’.