Saturday, September 08, 2007

Exhibition mounted - Somersby Road

Such a busy day ! Firstly I went to help mount the EPS Exhibition in the re-furbished Eastwood Library and that part of it was a great success. There was a good turnout and my contribution (as always) was holding the mounting-clips and passing them to the workers when required. Lesley took the photographs for Picture 1 from upstairs and all I have done is convert it into a Panorama. Sorry about the 'bowed rail' but I'm afraid it is in the nature of my panoramas. No doubt one of our resident photoshop experts can straighten it. But I thought it would give 'a feel'. The pictures are on a wall on the mezzanine floor between downstairs and upstairs. The Library staff were very complimentary and said what a great exhibition it was to coincide with their new opening ! Great credit to the Club !

My only reservation about I didn't really notice any structural changes. The floors, stairs and lift, enquiry and issue desk are exactly the same. Maybe there are more computer terminals but the shelving looked the same and the only real difference is that things have had a coat of grey paint. Perhaps one of the others is more perceptive and can list lots of things which have changed. After the exhibition I went to the butcher's new Farm Shop to collect my order and had to fall out with him.................... I won't bore you with details because there is so much more to tell you all.

Picture 2 is, hopefully, our new home in NG3. On the wrong side of the road to qualify as Y's sought after Woodthorpe. But she has decided that to live at the 'top of the hill' and overlook the Woodthorpe 'peasantry' will be OK. The view is magnificent and overlooks nearly everywhere. On a clear day one can see Crich tower (as we can from Felley) the brickyard chimneys at Watnall and it will take us several years to identify landmarks. A strong and well mounted telescope will be necessary. The boundary goes down the road to the lamp-post and up round the corner till you reach next-door. Romantic that I am, as soon as I saw it I thought "It has a certain castle-feel to it". The lounge windows overlook the view etc.., etc...., there is so much more to tell you and I will, but not all tonight.

Y and I were so thrilled that eventually we went round to Tracy's and she came back with us for another view. She loves it too and thinks it is amazingly right for us. Let's just hope the wheel doesn't come off ! But we have good grounds (which are not blog-material) for being hopeful.

I am not not responding to 'comments' but I am sure you will sympathise with my preoccupations. Fancy Jill having a golden-wedding looming ! We must make sure there is a suitable Jackie Lawson e-card ! Keep telling us about the 'arrangements' though. Asking £300 to use a car-park is unelievable.

Too excited to research a quote this evening. Sorry.

Plenty for family to chat about. Sleep tight. I'll catch you tomorrow.

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bungus said...

How very kind of you to allow me to indulge in a little pedantry, viz: in pointing out the tortology of “the mezzanine floor between downstairs and upstairs”, that being exactly where I would expect to find it.
The library’s grey paint doesn’t sound terribly exciting unless they intend going in for naval warfare.

What sounds the most exciting (well, intriguing anyway) is the fall out with your butcher for whom you have always had such respect.
He didn’t forget to leave his hand resting on the scales pan, did he? Or did he unsettle you, when you had asked for a joint weighing 5lb, by cutting one that weighed 4lb15oz?
Please do tell.

I can see your reason for the fortress reference. In the event that all goes well, I hope you will let me have a key for the portcullis. And put the cauldron on for a bucket of boiling oil.
It looks quite a lot like Woodthorpe and certainly commands the heights. Do you think Clipstone headstocks will be visible? No doubt you “…’ll be pleased to be called / the folk who live on the hill.”
You will have to get a special important bishopy sort of hat, a cape with jewels on, and a long stick like Prospero. And how about a belvedere on the roof to house your telescope?
The garden looks a bit big though. Perhaps the part that is not visible on the photo does not exist?