Monday, July 06, 2009

Quite cool - 55F - thunder & lightning tomorrow

Our solitary yucca spike (in the front garden that is) usually there are three. The purple/blue clematis, just starting to flower on the hedge to the left, is very old and vigorous and we sometimes feel the plant is the progenitor of many.

We made a early start and went over to Bulwell Morrisons. Larger than out nearest branch. we successfully tracked down the Lactofree hard cheese. Not tried it yet but it looks and
feels like a medium cheddar. Looking forward to it - Debra says it's excellent on toast. I will report back.

Also we popped into Matalan and bought various bits & bobs - in my case T shirts which are first class. I have some from there I must have been wearing well over 5 years. Today's were 2 for £5.

Then we drove home via Narrow Lane at Watnall and were lucky enough to see what looked like a Sparrowhawk hunting. Miles would have been a handy companion for positive i.d. and needless to say we were without binoculars. For lunch we had smoked haddock with poached egg and finished off the green beans. Now tea time and Y is busy making a fruit salad - its going to have red-currants in it too - can't wait but it won't be ready till tomorrow. A night in the fridge, marinading, adds magic.

Picture 2 shows the progress of our outdoor tomato plants. Quite a few fruit have set and are growing along steadily.

My responses to your comments

Bob .... Sandra's 'rice and veg' with cheese sauce sounds good. We have a cauli next door, waiting to be harvested - and knowing Derek, it won't be tatty. He continues to keep us in freshly cut lettuce.

Is a Duck-can a similar bird to the Tou-can ?

Jill .... Thanks for the e-mailed photos. Obviously Bob sorted you out with Picasa and Google-mail. They worked well and, as you might have expected, I loved the Banksie. Y persuaded Santa to bring me a hard copy of his recent book.

The tennis was good ! I find it difficult to believe the quality of the 'serves' (130mph plus) and how anyone ever returns one, is an even further mystery to me.

Long may your 'luddite-ism' continue !

Your evening meal sounds promising. We must try more 'cook in the bag' fish. The problem with other methods is that the kitchen smells of fish for hours.

Anonymous Peter G ..... Some misunderstanding ? The 'collage' of bus ride pictures 'Retford to Ollerton' was Bob's not mine. Whatever, he will be delighted you enjoyed them.

A 'Federer' is a perfectly good name for a large black flowerpot - why not?

You will find something to fill the Wimbledon gap. Perhaps a good greenhouse potter, or sit in your summer-house and think worthy thoughts.


Quotation time .........

"When desperate ills demand a speedy cure,
Distrust is cowardice, and prudence folly."

Samuel Johnson

"Sleep tight - hope to catch you tomorrow"



bob said...

No intention on egg-sucking front, but Sparrowhawk more likely a Kestrel.
Just Kestrel’s hover –
others can but don’t bother.
That’s how to tell ‘em.

From one plant of each we have red currants just ripening; also blackcurrants (I’d rather have a Bullfinch).
Only 2 tiny tomatoes set on earliest variety (Red Alert) but looking good.

Delia for Brown Rice & Veg with Cheese Sauce; recommended.

Re Duck-can/Tou-can.
Yes, but unsuitable for pouring Guinness (too black).

What sort of quote’s that? Doesn’t even rhyme!
And (in the early 1930s) my uncle Tom Carlyle’s auntie May gave her husband Porky Jackson (the Mansfield butcher who took pigs in his Rolls Royce – “The buggers bought it, the buggers can ride in it.”) a dose of castor oil for stomach ache and caused his death by ruptured appendix.

Aha! Bus-top? bus-stop?
(The Hollies)
‘The Sapper blown up by his own booby trap!’
(Hamlet; 3, IV, 206)

Had the rice/cabbage/cauli on toast, sprinkle of cheese, under grill; tasty.

Note taking.
Now I’ve no Park Drive packet I need a voice recorder.

Birds Eye cook-in-bag haddock sounds interesting.
Your verdict eagerly awaited.

Grime Reporter?
(Ollerton before smokeless zones).

Yvonne said...

We had the most marvellous smoked haddock yesterday - and don't we know it today ........ windows open, back door open, air spray - FISH SMELL! But I think it is worth it!

God bless Alex today - bought a chest of drawer from IKEA and it is so heavy. When we got back - Alex is doing a fence next door and CARRIED it for us. This is apart fron the six new-laid eggsd he brought us yesterday. God bless him!

Jill said...

No Matalan near here - a large Primark in Hammersmith, but I have to feel strong to tackle it.....

Birds Eye Fish we had last night was good, we shall have it again. Two reasonably-sized boneless. skinless fillets of fresh haddock, butter/chive sauce, in separate bags, in oven for 25 mins. I could have done with more sauce, but I like a pond. I added some butter and a squeeze of lemon juice to mine, R had (always does) HP sauce. New pots and carrots and frozen peas. And no smell of fish..... It was £3.75 on offer, I priced up the fresh haddock in Sainsburys this morning, don't think I could have done it cheaper?

We could do with an Alex, eggs as well as carrying....

July 13th has a knitter (for Peace. I believe) in the morning on the plinth in Trafalgar Square, same day there is an Irish lady with her spinning wheel in the evening.....