Friday, July 24, 2009

67F - 10mph W Wind - Odd Rainfall and squally


Picture 1 is a scrn.prnt to demonstrate that Madeline's solution worked brilliantly, and I now have my Norton 'safeweb symbols' happily in place (the little green ticks - if there are problems with a site you get a red cross etc.). Thanks Madeline ! I feel much more confident opening unknown sites when I know they have been checked over for viruses and other malware. This is definitely an area of computing where 'prevention is better than cure'.

We nipped out to Morrisons this morning to buy some decent wine to take with us tomorrow, and also to Paul's bestbuy shop in Eastwood for some bottle-bags. His are great, and 35p as against 99p or similar elsewhere. And they aren't cheap & nasty either - or perhaps they are but not to our downmarket tastes.

Picture 2 shows my 'successful' attempt to collect Basil seed. I say 'successful' because an earlier attempt ended abruptly when Karen tidied up and washed the plate. My fault entirely because I hadn't explained what I was doing. If you look at the enlargement you will see the little black seeds which will form the basis of next year's basil population. Anyway, it is more satisfying using home-produced seed rather than buying someone else's from a seed-catalogue.

A strange experience with the weather this morning. Y went to the Hayley Centre about 10.15am for a swim. It wasn't a good experience because of the large amount of people milling vigorously about in the pool, to the discomfort of casual gentle swimmers. There is some sort of trial-period offer on for a month and this might be the cause. Also the Jacuzzi was knackered. About half an hour later Y rang to say could I pick her up due to the torrential rain ? ..... There hadn't been a drop here, some 1½ mile away. As I drove down the road towards the Centre there was almost a definite line across the road surface - dry one side and wet the other.

John e-mailed me to say that granddaughter Laura and her fella Joe were back safe and sound from their adventures. They had now gone up to Newcastle, where Joe is doing a PhD, to find somewhere to live, and also jobs. Good to have them back.

We are away at Debra's for the weekend. Chauffeur TJ - picking us up at 7.30am.

My responses to your comments

Jill .... Glad that you too are back to normal and I'm glad you enjoyed your 'knitting workshop' so much.

Glad also that you are enjoying the 'collages'. The flower in the bottom left corner of yesterday's is a 'frond/flower spike?' of the cotinus (smoke bush).

The picture on the right shows it more in context.

Poor Y also suffers when furniture is such that her feet don't reach the floor. I'm sure the things Nicola intends to provide for me will prove a success. In any case I'm not really bad at the moment - the unsteadiness on my feet is a bigger worry. Although I have now lost over 2 stone it would be a major problem if I fell over. This is yet another reason why the present gusty/gale force winds unsettle me.

Madeline .... Please see above re Norton's safeweb symbols. A very sincere 'thank you'. I didn't mention an additional plus - The symbols are operative even when I have the Norton toolbar 'unchecked' and even when I use an alternative Search Engine.

Yvonne .... re outdoors showers. I have at the back of my mind that I once did it, under some leaky guttering. Wherever we were living I know we weren't overlooked. Could have been here ? Or have I imagined all that ?

Bob .... Thank you for your e-mail explaining the pseudonym. Certainly as a 'one off' I don't intend to be picky.

Interesting that your period of watching the PreRaphaelites has now stretched from 15 minutes to half an hour.


Quotation slot .....

"Thou fill’st from the wingèd chalice of the soul
Thy lamp, O Memory, fire-wingèd to its goal."

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Have a nice weekend folks - there won't be a blog-post tomorrow



Yvonne said...

Graham: the outdoor shower you took was here some years ago when we were having a new bathroom fitted and we had no water. It was a torrential rain fall not simply an overflowing gutter. I was too chicken to join you - and I have always regretted it!

Jill: thanks for your long email and I'll respond when we return.

Madeline said...

I'm glad to hear the hotfix sorted things for you. I get the same as you, it just isn't called the same thing. Like you, I get the symbols even when the Norton Toolbar is unticked (most of the time) and regardless of which search engine I use.
Have a good weekend!

bob said...

I stand amazed at your doggedness with Norton 'safeweb symbols', etc. I just couldn’t do it.
To me it is like tennis:
tried once; wasn’t good enough; gave up.

I accept that the answer is probably obvious and that the collapsible cardboard crates I use do the same job with a bit more protection.

Admire seed collection.
I think only downside is possible mutations from hybrids.

You are right to be wary of becoming unbalanced.
Even at 2 stone lighter I wouldn’t want to be the one to catch you if you did fall!

What a pity you do not have a photographic record of the raindrops falling on your head. (alternative names for ‘facebook’ please?)
Nearest I came was skinny–dipping in Temple Lake at Nuthall after a thunderstorm, circa 1949.

Well spotted, that Romantic.
It was 15min but seemed longer…

Talking of food, I put a piece of belly pork in the oven at Mk 7 Friday morning, turned it down to ½ after 30min then went out and left it until 7.00 pm.
The crackling was great and all the fat had run out. Lovely gravy, mash, Steph’s baby carrots and young cabbage.

Jill said...

We have a cotinus, I didn't recognise it in photo. Ours is hidden behind a large syringa with lovely lime-green foliage, next to a eucalyptus, I was doing a bit of colour-grouping some years ago, but the syringa grew much bigger than expected!

I'm like you about unsteadiness, esp. when getting up from a chair, etc, I hang onto anything handy, persons known or unknown.

Madeline, sorry, I have no understanding of what you are talking about, but good to see another woman's name up!

I've been on nudist beach in Yugoslavia years ago, and participated, the swimming was lovely, and we went to the beach cafe and had spag.bol - you didn't have to worry about making a mess with the sauce....

Bob, your belly pork, is it still very fatty when you eat it? that's what puts me off. There seems to be very little lean meat. We like the crackling though, and I bet there is good pork dripping.....

Bob again, I think both first two episodes of New Tricks have been poor.

G, hope both you and Y have a good visit to London, sun is shining this morning.

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