Friday, July 03, 2009

Quick blog - computer problems - is it the heat ?

We are indebted to Rob for today's lead picture. A collage of "the son et lumiere at Blois Chateau" from their recent holiday. Rob wanted to ensure the picture captured the atmosphere and it certainly does, particularly when clicked on and viewed at full screen size. In the centre frame, I do believe, is William Tell - I trust the music was fitting !

It is a relief to have a picture at all. After a stint in the garden, when the day's torrential rain gave way to a lovely sunny evening, I decided on a very brief blog-post due to tired-ness. But I couldn't get on the internet. Loads of peculiar error messages. I feared the problem could be the new Firefox 3.5 but Internet Explorer couldn't get me on the net either. In the end we had to shut the whole system down, TV included, and reboot.

We've been quite busy. Y went swimming. Then we did a little shopping. And of course - not forgetting the Tennis. Murray put up a gallant performance but was deservedly beaten by Roddick who still has that 'class'.

My responses to your comments - I hope I've caught them all

Yvonne ..... Well done again with the swimming. Nice story about Millicent and 'mummy duck'

Re: Grunters - interesting to note the vacant seats in the 'grunter's' Court.

jbw ...... I know your local authority is different from ours. Our 'bin' system sounds comparatively simple. General waste, including food residues, in black lidded bin. Collected fortnighly on a Tuesday. Recycle stuff (handy check list provided) in green lidded bin collected fortnighly on Tuesday when it isn't the black-lidded bin. Garden waste - Wednesdays fortnightly. Glass - monthly.

Bob .... I've decided to settle for brown/yellow moth.

To get an é acute - depress the Alt Gr key on your keyboard whilst typing the e. The Alt Gr is often on the bottom row next to the space bar.

Jill .... I really do sympathise with your waste collections system. Can you read for a Degree in it?

Your torrential rain reached us during the night and this morning. Fine now. I fancy it was dark a little earlier. Remembering the 20 minutes a day dictum.

I will pay attention to your e-mailed problems with 'google' and 'Picasa' tomorrow morning. Also I've acquired packaging for your little yellow duck and she will be en route tomorrow.


No time for quote - sleep tight - and I'll catch you tomorrow



bob said...

Cracking Rob collage.
Not sure whether Tell or Newton?

I’ve had no computer/internet trouble but had to switch TV from Digital to Terrestrial last night because of atmospheric interference.

If there isn’t a Degree, (B*****Good-Riddance) in Refuse Disposal, I’ll bet there’s an NVQ (Not Very Qualitative?).

Yes, the nights are drawing in true enough but it was also too dark here this morning (hours before the downpour, below) to see keyboard without desk light.

Being cooler, I put the oven on and missed most of the excellent Murray/Roddick match making a tasty, if sloppy and over-salty, fish pie. The baby carrots and Steph’s mange tout were lovely. Saw excellent Williams girls Ladies’ Doubles in morning though (acceptably gruntfree by reducing volume and adding subtitles).

I believe our council tax rates may be the highest in the country (but I could be wrong). They are certainly the highest in Nottinghamshire (I think).
We don’t get garden rubbish collected; Sandra takes it to the tip.

We had the torrential rain, for half an hour, in afternoon (Sandra was at Sutton hospital some hours earlier and got soaked).

Yvonne said...

Jill: posted the duck but it won't go until Monday - I shan't reveal what I said as we tried to package it. Has anyone ever tried to send a duck through the post .........

Graham has spent an hour showing me various internet THINGS! I am impressed that he has so much knowledge - he tells me it's the 'male thing' ....... if you don't know, keep trying various alternatives. Women just think - I've got more important things to do than s.. about with the internet!

Rob: even I, as a non-photographer with a little used camera, thought your collage was superb. I did a son-et- lumiere in Prague several years ago - all I can remember is the numbness of my nether regions (it was November).

After my dismissal of women's tennis - shall I watch the final? Haven't made my mind up at lunchtime. But I thought Murray put up a good show yesterday - I never, ever, thought he'd get to the final so wasn't disappointed. Roddick is a long-time favourite of mine so I was well pleased with his victory.

Jill said...

Super collage of son et lumiere. Onlt one I've ever seen as at the Pyramids in Egypt, very impressive. Did you see it, Y?

How on earth are you supposed to know that Alt Gr does an acute accent? Is that all it does? If you press it twice, does it do something else, like make a cup of tea.....

Y, you have internet down to a T - if it won't do what I want to do, I think I would rather be doing something else, haven't got the time or inclination to fanny about with it.

The rat population here is now down by one - we found an expiring rat in the drive, which had somewhow got out of a sprung trap (baited with cheese, which had gone, so he had a good Last Supper). R performed a mercy killing....

I was going to enjoy myself ringing the Rubbish people to ask them which container it should go in - ?food ?garden waste ?Any Other, but R thought he had better bury it. Another pleasure denied!

I'm with you re Roddick, Y, and I did watch the women's finals today, quite a good match, I like the interviews with all the 'old' players.

My duck is going to be a Daddy Duck, called Graham......

jbw said...

Brilliant set of pictures from Rob - but what do you expect to get when he and Elaine are taking the pictures ??

Rob said...

The 'person' centre frame is either a French king or nobleman. The son part was about the Kings and noblemen who have created (French) history in or on the Chateau. The picture centre bottom depicts the murder of the Duc de Guise by 45 of the King's soldiers. Obviously the King didn't want to take any chances. The 'person' centre left is Catherine de Medici, wife of one king and mother of another if I remember rightly. As it was a historical story, and not a lecture, I didn't take any notes.

Sports Desk:
If Michael Owen's fit he could be a bargain.
Good luck to Lachs; I hope he does well.
Federer to win in straight sets tomorrow?