Thursday, July 30, 2009

Better Day - Some rain some Sun - 61F

I think we have a couple of tomatoes 'on the turn'. Please scrutinise carefully the bottom truss of the second plant from the left. It is only the 30th July and I didn't expect them to be ripening till mid August in their outside location - even if it is a sunny spot.

I saw the Doctor this morning and she didn't seem terribly worried about my rate of weight loss. My 'kidney function' is too low on a scale where I can't even remember the acronym let alone what the letters stand for. Normal is 80, they worry if it falls below 60 and they really worry if it gets down to 30. Mine is 49, up from 45 last week, but I am to have it tested again. My 'normal' aches and pains continue, as does my sickness. But she is a sensible lady and is willing to leave things a fortnight before recommending hospital checks. I hate hospitals.

After Doctors we shopped. Lidl and Morrisons and Y didn't have a Lidl back-twinge. The I cooked a chilli for lunch which was a success. For pudding we had a Y speciality Orange jelly and our favourite Greek Yoghurt.

Picture 2 is the view out of my office window, a few minutes ago. We feel honoured by a sunny evening.

I also managed to top up the bird feeders. How awful if the goldfinches went off in a huff ?

Rick Stein appealled to me for this evening, but it's an hour and I decided to watch it another day on iPlayer. Strange to have Y at home today but Burton Joyce people are on holiday. The meet-up between David's lot and Steve's worked, We know because both texted a picture of the children. I've been trying to work out how to download them onto the computer, but I haven't managed it yet. I used to be able to transfer the snaps but I've now forgotten how.

My replies to your comments

Jill .... We don't seem to have had a good drying day for ages. If the clothes dried once the onset of torrential rain has been so sudden they easily got soaked again.

I'm really sorry your Saga holiday has been cancelled. And we sympathise with Ro. He enjoys his Country & Western so. We sympathise with you too, but you know what I mean !

Bob .... Yes. I do realise the record-shot aspect of Paul Sandby's watercolours. Like Turner's water-colour notebooks. And the WoW group people are also well up to appreciating them.

I don't really need to 'confirm' that Wiener Schnitzel is veal in crumb. Yesterday, the link to the Wiener Schnitzel wikipedia page was to the same page and described it perfectly. I guess you omitted to open the link. It isn't a big read and the words about 'veal coated in breadcrumb' are on the third line down.

Perhaps it's just not worth doing links.


Quotation slot ..............

"By far the most dangerous foe we have to fight is apathy - indifference from whatever cause, not from a lack of knowledge, but from carelessness, from absorption in other pursuits, from a contempt bred of self-satisfaction"



bob said...

Yes, I detect yellowing of tomatoes.
Mine seem late this year – Red Alert usually precede neighbour’s greenhouse tomatoes.

Pleased to hear you’re not too subnormal kidneywise.

Letter today from hospital cancelling my September appointment (already amended once). It will be on same day but they’ll phone six weeks before and let me pick what time (oh yeah?).
Apparently all patients are going to be allowed to choose time of appointments.
Won’t 80% to 90% select between 9.00 and noon? *

Sunny evening here too.

New Tricks plot again disappointing (overwrought).

Admonition re not clicking links noted!
Fool me, not realising it was obligatory.
Will there be an exam?
You’re right no-one needs Wiener Schnitzel definition, so I was obviously being profligate.
I hoped you’d confirm Holstein Schnitzel.

I DID click Sandby link, making comment possible.

My dinner (Picasad): Steak/Kidney pie (suet crust), mash, roast parsnips/onion/Jerseys, calabrese.
Fruit scones (bought) with butter, strawberry jam & cream, later.
* Sandra to chippy, as not home till after 7.00 (from 1.30) having taken Bilsthorpe octogenarian Joyce for 3.00pm chemo.

Jill said...

Full disclosure about Hillsborough, Bob? You must be joking, we never get a full disclosure about anything, David Kelly, Princess Diana, Iraq.....cynical? Moi?

They were selling a tomato plant in a pot which was laden with fruit-on-the-turn for £3.00 (reduced from £7.00),in Marks % Spencers this morning. I was tempted even though I don't like tomatoes, but they were the cherry sort, which R doesn't like much either...

I made a Y-type pudding this week - I used a black-currant jelly with a tin of black pitted cherries, I liked it a lot, R said he preferred the orange sort with madarin oranges (which are increasingly hard to find round here).

I enjoyed Rick Stein last night, Bob had it right when he said the plot to New Tricks was over-worked. I have been watching the early ones on some Sky channel, they are much better! I did like the bit about Esther and the corner cupboard though.