Thursday, July 02, 2009

BJ day for Y - Me messing about - Max 90F - little wind

I took this around 4.30am, with flash, and thought that, as it was so distinctive, identification would be simple. Not so. I can't find anything remotely similar in my Collins.

Suggestions will be welcomed.

I'm beginning to think it doesn't really matter very much whether one knows the variety or not. It is a brown moth and I suppose that's good enough.

By 5.30am I was up-and-about and the light was gorgeous for photography. The rambling rose shown below is determined to climb the rowan tree. And why not ! ..... I continued working 'earlies' and went shopping before taking Y to the tram. My theory was that, after I had delivered her, I could just 'slump' and avoid the worst of the heat.

Alex has been here all day and has worked through it - he must have lost pounds - but he has shifted an incredible amount of jobs. The conifer hedge at the rear, clearing out the gutters, rotovating ..... to mention but a few.

During my shopping jaunt I bought a large pair of mole-grips, as being about the only tool which would grab the ring-nut holding the hot-water tap in place - underneath the wash-hand basin in Y's bathroom. My assumption proved correct and I was able to finish off that job.

While I was in B&Q I bought one of the little yellow duck watering cans for Jill.

See picture on the right. Either this evening, or tomorrow, I'll make a parcel of it and send it on its way to Chiswick.

We are having jacket potatoes and salad for our main meal and, while in the kitchen I dealt with the 3lbs of goosberries and have stewed them with some bramley apple. They are cooling now, and they taste good.

My responses to your comments

jbw .... Yours is the only comment so far John. I guess I am publishing a little early.

Couldn't agree more about Longfellow !

Jill ...... Good job I didn't publish then but 'saved' - I knew you would be along.

Re the bruising. Quite funny really considering the blood test was taken by the self-proclaimed expert. Anyway - she is such a nice girl I forgive her. It's worse today, but no picture - I don't want to have to impose a 9pm watershed.

Your waste-collection system, or lack of it, sounds horrendous. We shall all have to become Jack Russell owners.

Bob ..... There are certainly less insects than hithertofore. Last night I sat with the light on and my bedroom window open. In the 40s and 50s my room would have been alive with moths etc., but not so now. Just the solitary visitor photographed.

I'm afraid I don't see the point of humane traps. When you release the critters they simply return to where they wanted to be all along.


Quotation time .......

"By the shores of Gitche Gumee By the shining Big-
Sea- Water Downward through the evening twilight
In the days that are forgotten"


An early blog like this will free up our evening. We both want to watch the Hockney programme on iplayer. That's a link folks. Save you finding it yourself if you want to watch it.

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"


Yvonne said...

Re: yellow duck watering can - Millicent asked me if it was a 'mummy' duck. Yes, I said, whereupon she went to the bathroom and retrieved the 'baby' ducks she plays with in the bath ........ and had a wonderful time with them all in the paddling pool!

Haven't had time for any tennis - but I have run up a flag against the grunters so shan't watch them. (But Laura Robson is showing great promise - a true prospect for the future).

Even I found it a 'bit' hot today - and I love the heat. So, I know both G. and Jill will have suffered.

jbw said...

Jill - How on earth do you cope with such a complicated refuse collection system? We complain about ours but at least it is fairly simple
Blue box for glass, emptied once per month (you can have as many boxes as you need for this), One Green lid wheelie for all paper, cardboard, metal tins of all kinds, plastic bottles. butter and yogurt pots etc. and one black lid wheelie for all non-recyclable waste including food waste etc. If you want one there is a brown lidded wheelie charged at £20 per year for garden rubbish. All 3 wheelies are emptied every two weeks, thus we have a collection every week by our own council collection teams (no contractors)
You have my sympathy.

bob said...

Some might call it a ‘yellow moth’.
Could it be a Large Yellow Underwing (about 1” across)? Or a Barred Sallow (5/8”)?
Probably not.
What it definitely is, is a very nice photo:
“Ceci n’est pas une merth” as Inspector Margaret Clouseau might have said.

Another day for doing nowt much.

Mole-grips should be a weapon of mole-catchers (or ‘molesters’ as they are also known – their young apprentices being ‘child-molesters’, who, in Victorian times, worked underground).

I had 2 teas – a tuna-&-lettuce cob first, then a cheese-&-onion omelette sandwich with Weetabix for ‘afters’.

Plenty of flies around here, plus aphids.

Whenever I’ve been in time I’ve taken the mouse-trap a good half mile away to release the little creatures – they may find their way back but it could be a life-changing experience for them (like National Service).

My sympathy too for Jill’s complicated refuse collection. We have 2 bins; silver for recycleable, green for other - collected alternate weeks. Also ROB (Recycling Ollerton & Boughton) charity collects bottles fortnightly.

Jill said...

Nice moth picture, whatever it is....

I remembered the first line of 'Hiawatha'.....

JBW - how do we deal with rubbish collection ? - with difficulty. They sent us a big calender, all colour coded with what they collect on which day. If we get confused we ask son who lives near-by, same rubbish days, but I do try and get it right. If you put plastic anything in with cardboard, they won't shift any of it, they put a sticker on it saying'you have not sorted rubbish in the correct manner' - there are pages of correspondence about it in local paper and on web-site, and it got a page write-up in Daily Tel a couple of weeks ago. Masses of complaints - their web-site crashed, etc. Is it a surprise our council tax went up? Only benefit to us is we get garden rubbish collected, we were paying gardener to take it to dump previously.

Torrential rain last night - not so humid today - double egg and chips for lunch, blow the fresh veg for once (thought of you, Y) with fruit salad. Excellent fresh Arbroath kippers for supper from M & S, best we've had for ages.

Peacock and Red Admiral on the buddleia, first this year.