Sunday, July 19, 2009

Simply Sunday - 55F - still now but blustery - watched The Open


We have reached the time of dramatic sunsets over the garage. Surprisingly you can see quite a lot of clear sky because most of the day seems to have been heavy squally rain. I had a chat with Helen on the phone this morning - David had taken Sky to the Sailing Club to check out competitive events for her. Brooke had opted for staying at home with Mum to do quietly creative things with the Doll's House. My granddaughters personalities are quite different - but no problem with that, in fact its probably best that way.

I talked to David this evening and they go on holiday this coming weekend to a Wareham Caravan Site and, while they are down south, they are hoping to meet up with Steve and Lisa and group. Can't do a link to the actual site because I'm not sure which one it is. Tracy is taking us to London to see Debra and family because the people they are staying with are to be away and it makes an overnight stay possible for us. More detail later.

The Orchid on the left gives me great pleasure to publish because this a re-flowering from a last year's plant. I know Reg and Maureen have achieved this previously but I haven't.

I followed orchid-culture advice and cut the flowering stems back and put the plant in a cold spot which stimulates the production of new flower spikes. And it has worked. There are two more healthy plants on my toilet window-sill which look equally promising.

We watched The Open together and enjoyed it immensely. The light was favourable for good pictures and our new TV does a tidy job. Apart from the golf itself the scenery and the presentation were delightful. Stewart Cink and Tom Watson tied in first place and a playoff was necessary. For nostalgia, people hoped Tom might pull it off, at 59yrs, but it wasn't to be and Stewart proved a worthy winner. Golf appeals on the telly because everyone, players, crowd, officials etc., are invariably polite and sportsmanlike to each other which reflects so well on the sport.

My responses to your previous replies

Bob .... No apologies needed for incoherence. I didn't notice anyway.

The Iron-rich water had a slightly metallic taste, but way away from being 'foul'. It was quite pleasant in fact. Perhaps the origin of Ironbru ?

'Gunnera' is indeed a plant species. I accept though that it reminds one of the unspeakable diseases one was warned about as a recruit during National Service. The rash is quite different I understand !

I haven't seen the Halford's TV advert, so I can't comment.

Jill ..... Thank you for your praise for The Pantiles picture. The light made all the difference.

Sorry to hear of Ro's continued leg-pain problem. As you memorably said "Getting old isn't for wimps".

Your gran's recipe using left over stale bread sounded great. We never seem to get 'stale' bread these days, it goes mouldy before 'stale'.

Yvonne .... Re Bluewater and similar. I agree in general terms. But you succeeded, on a blisteringly hot afternoon, to track down an ice-cold non-alcoholic lager and a gin & tonic. Even though the bill was a tenner ? I suppose such places have a 'place' in extremis.

Isn't your Lidl sciatica strange ? (Honestly folks - we go into Lidl and 2 minutes later Y has a pain in her back and down her leg - editor)

If anyone else would like to join the 'Reinstate Arlene Phillips' campaign to which you refer, that is a live link to it.

Pete B .... I agree with your view that the RNLI should receive some govt. funding especially when you consider some of the things they do support.

Hope you enjoy your holiday, and the break. I can only wish for you the sort of weather we had. Also hope the Football Academy works well.


No quote tonight - feeling a little tired and queasy.

Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow.


1 comment:

bob said...

Dramatic sky!

Golf I take or leave alone.
Watching final hole I felt sorry for Watson but also for Cink because obviously everyone wanted Watson to make history.
I was a bit teed off that most of the day weather blocked digital TV signal on Radio5Live cricket commentary.

Pleased my incoherence appears normal!

Also recall National Service warning about atom bombs – less likely to be encountered than waterside rhubarb or STDs but harder to combat.
I asked if ‘radiation sickness’ hurt and was comforted ‘one-pip’ thought not. Thereafter my wish was that hypothetical bomb would land smack on my head.

Stale loaf? Try rye bread.

Although I find her irritating I’ve no objection to Arlene Phillips just because she is over 60.
On ‘Buzzcocks’, out-of-touch views and vain attempts to appear ‘with it’ made her flounder but I don’t think her age has any relevance to appearance on ‘Strictly…’ (it’s a fogey’s programme after all, I believe?).
I reckon Harriet Harmann was simply making a political point.

I agree RNLI should receive government financial support – but no strings!
(further delay in Fire & Rescue Service’s 3-counties call centre – but sat-nav should answer one of FUB’s main objections).