Saturday, July 11, 2009

Getting ready for hols - 70F - 2mph SE wind

The weather has been mostly cloudy but with occasional sunny bits. Fortunately no rain.

On the footie-field has been a kids day with everything from a Bouncy Castle to small football matches, roundabouts and performers doing turns. You could tell they were having a good time by the unmistakable noise of kids at play.

Alex has finished Derek & Betty's picket fence and very beautiful it looks too. He is so careful with alignment and design. I asked Derek if it was to be painted because, following on from my flat-pack mastery, I could see myself in a Tom Sawyer role! ..... Go on - open the link - it's a beautiful piece of prose !

But the fence is not to be painted; the wood has been treated and is guaranteed for 25yrs - although it may darken a little with age. The light wasn't good enough to do it justice so a better effort may follow. Such a pity about that awful green Virgin media box spoiling the look of the whole thing.

While I was at the front gate I photographed some more Clematis Vulgaris but again the light didn't allow me to capture the blue 100% accurately. The colour that you see, lacks the necessary richness of hue.

I'm so pleased that my INR level is 2.9 (i.e. almost perfect) and I don't need to be tested again till the 21st July, so we can relax while on holiday. This morning we nipped out for essentials and it is good to know there is a UHT version of Lactofree. I tried the Lactofree cheese, toasted on toast (Debra's recommendation) but it didn't appeal to me.

Joan was supposed to going on her hot-air Balloon flight this evening but it was cancelled. Apparently they only fly in clear, cloudless skies. When it is re-arranged I am looking forward to taking some photographs.

My responses to your comments

Bob .... I don't understand your rather delphic 'Second post?'

Re the Casio photo. No ! There was no false modesty. I thought the snap unsharp, messy and ill-defined. Only thing going for it was that it did the job of showing what the 'viewer' looks like. You are right in a way about its Roleiflex nature and it is also equipped with a x2 diopter. It enables me to get the camera level with a flower without bending down too far or adopting a position of prayer (christian or muslim) and my efforts so far are satisfactory.

I am surprised at your ignorance of Tim Berners-Lee and www - did you think it all just happened then, spontaneously ?

Jill .... We all learn something of value every day. Or should do. Until we atrophy and begin our final decline. Anyway I bet there's hundreds of things you know that I don't. Its the way of the world.

I remember when I erected our Billy that you commented that you had one. Most impressive that Ro will still tackle a flat-pack if necessary. You are quite right that it is things with drawers, especially when they have wheels and runners - I had to enlist the help of my glamourous assistant to pronounce about wheel positions at the opposite end to me. We got there though.

You have without doubt reached the correct decision with your tree stumps. If you wanted to, you can paint them with stuff that rots the wood away, even though I think it takes some time to work. But does it really matter ? As you say you can always stick a tub or a trough on top - or even make them a wildlife feature - don't put on the poison but encourage moss and lichens and even put a few logs thereon and create a haven for creepy crawlies. If you open the link you can read about the RSPB's approach to log-piles.

I am to be allowed my Asus Eee notebook. But mainly for dealing with my photographs. Mind you, with my Vodafone dongle, I could be on the internet in a jiffy ! I don't intend to though - wouldn't be fair to Y.

Anonymous Peter G ..... Thanks for the holiday good wishes.

When we return we shall look forward to hearing about your new Order of Mercy Award. I googled from what you have told me and I just hope against hope that the link I have provided is about the correct thing. If it isn't I shall correct my error as soon as I can.

Sincerest congratulations seem in order. You do such a lot of good work, which so few know anything about.


Quotation time .......

"Come hither from the furrow and be merry:
Make holiday; your rye-straw hats put on
And these fresh nymphs encounter every one
In country footing."

"Sleep tight - enjoy your holiday from reading Radiogandy - I will be back towards the end of next week"



bob said...

I must have missed something.
I didn’t know you were going away.

Don't understand 2nd post?
You published TWO Friday blogs.

x2 diopter sounds like something to do with a baby.
I don’t wish to know more,

Of course I didn’t think www just happened.
I just didn’t know who to blame!
(I inherited from my mother a c80 year old copy of the book ‘Enquire Within Upon Everything’ which reportedly provided the spark of an idea for the WorldWideWeb)

£100 cash sounds very reasonable for reducing trees.
The stumps , as G suggests, could produce all sorts of interesting fungi, etc.

What is Order of Mercy?
Must confess I’ve never heard of that one.

Pidgin English:
“Old man live in my house you hit him white teeth he laugh,
you hit him black teeth he cry.”
(John Sessions, QI)

Alex’ s 19th.
All sorts of people I barely know, eating and drinking.
Luckily the weather held so everyone was outside.
Lots left over.
I drank and ate too much because it was there.

Pete said...

Graham, thanks for the link to Tom Sawyer.....Haven't read it since I was in junior school. In fact thinking about it I never read it then really, just read along with the teacher, a Mrs Myers, who was brilliant....Think I'll have to get myself a copy and read it properly this time........Have a great holiday....Just to let you know....Joint Lifeboat exercise tomorrow (Monday) with a helicopter....can't wait......