Saturday, July 04, 2009

Saturday at home - lotsa jobs - 74F - humid

A picture of the 'smoke bush' (cotinus) doing its thing yesterday evening as the sun went down.

Cotinus is a useful cultivar, without any vices (which we have discovered) - it isn't invasive, isn't prone to diseases or attractive to unpleasant insects etc. and certainly looks good at this time of year.

This morning, as Y notes in her 'comment' we did bits on her laptop but I don't deserve the peons of praise. Mainly how to access my blogger-dashboard so she can do a blog-post for Radiogandy if I'm laid low.

My computer-knowledge has been gained from Ray (Ourstanley) and the others on WebUser forums and occasionally buying a book about a specific subject like 'Blogging'. I also read WU magazine and keep an alphabetically indexed blue note-book in which I jot things I might need to know. I admit that one does need a desire to do these things to start with, and, if you find the whole subject a turn-off it isn't going to be a pursuit for you.

Picture 2 also is specifically for Yvonne. In 2005 we were away on a coach holiday either with one of the commercial firms or with Mansfield National Trust. We stopped at a service-station, I think on one of the motorways and in the central courtyard were these hand-carved, life sized cowboys. They are very attractive bits of art but neither of us has ever been able to remember where they are.

Help please someone ?

This is the trouble with such a lot of gadding about.

As well as helping Y out I have also finally done some photographs for Connie (Mans.Nat.Trst). Last years long weekend and this years long weekend, plus a committee dinner at The Hardwick Inn. Each presented its own problems. All were in over-bright sun at midday and one of the group ones, standing in front of a coach should really be a panorama because I couldn't pose all fifty of them in three rows rather than two.

For lunch I cooked a corned-beef hash. The meal was a success and tasty but I found it a little 'rich'. This diet of mine ! I'm fine with the Goats Milk cheeses, and Roquefort which is sheeps milk. With the cows milk cheeses, I shall stick to Emmental, and just eat the holes.

This evening I managed a little time in the garden and then, suddenly around 6.30pm there was almost a cloud burst. The chap who goes by in a pony & trap with his Jack Russell at his side got drenched. This is the trouble with these open-topped vehicles !

Picture 3 is our courgette plant which had been suffering with fruit damping off. It has responded well to two stiff doses of tomorite, which Bill suggested last Wednesday.

Not having previously encountered problems, I hadn't realised what an appetite they have. The plant had never really got going which I felt bad about because it was a gift from Long Eaton Helen.

My responses to your previous comments

Bob .... I think we all agree about Rob's collage. And his explanation of the event's content was most welcome.

Your 'low volume plus subtitles' approach to the grunters sounds a good idea, but Y doesn't fancy it. Anyway, the ladies final apparently was grunt free and a good match to boot. Could it be that, playing ones sister in the final rules out gamesmanship ?

Yvonne ..... Personally I enjoyed wrapping the duck in bubble-wrap and brown paper. It was kind of you to start it on its journey to Chiswick by taking it to the Post Office.

I anticipate the Mens Final, Roddick v Federer, being a class match. Seeing how strong Roddick was against Murray I wouldn't like to bet on the result. However, knowing you favour Roddick I'll bet you a straight £1 that Federer wins.

Jill ..... Where I learnt that e plus Alt Gr produces é I can't remember. But it is in my little blue book. Personally I knew of no other function for the Alt Gr key. I couldn't resist 'googling' it though and this page gives you a load of other cedillas etc., you can use it for.

As Y says, I suspect its a man thing. Having said that 'Madeline' on WUforums who has occasionally graced these pages, is all lady and her computer knowledge is a match for any fella !

I think your intention of ringing your bin people to enquire which bin you should put a dead rat in is hilarious. Please do it !

Rob ..... Thanks for the 'further and better particulars' of the 'son et lumiere'. Nowt to do wi' William Tell then? ..... Shame !

Thanks for the update to The Sport Desk. Any more snippets about Lachs will be duly published.

Peter G ..... I know you haven't asctually left a comment but this is just to re-assure you that your comment about 'bed-gardening' was read and enjoyed by everyone. I think Jill responded specifically and asked, if you devised a method, she would like details of it.

Things should be better now I'm doing my blog-post at a more reasonable time. People's comments were all over the place weren't they. And the fault was the blog-meister's.


Quotation time .......

"Punctuality is the politeness of Kings"


bob said...

Like cowboys.
But are there 2 sets of 3 identical models?
Rather odd if so.

Also like idea of Emmental diet; but hash sounds wintry.
Richness can be countered with traditional pickled red-cabbage (I dislike it intensely so have beetroot instead).

No rain here.
Bargain Shopping (individual custards/rice-puds, sauces, biscuits) followed by best ever veggie burger & chips (+ 2 pints) all for <£6.
Hurrah Retford and Wetherspoons.

In Tuxford, 2 well-equipped playgrounds almost adjacent; solitary child!

Courgettes very greedy. We’ve a potted one not doing terribly well – initially only male flowers but now 3 small fruit.

Did Swiss William communicate by yodelling on Tellephone?

Google also tells how to do accents, eg:
à, è, ì, ò, ù
CTRL + ` (accent grave, below Esc), + the relevant letter.
Similar with apostrophe gives acute.
Being a pianist helps!.

Rat resurrection?

I understand child wanting ducklike watering can;
I want mine to look like a watering can.
Is that a man thing?
Or architect thing?

Sports Desk:
Michael Owen's a gamble.
Hull may be lucky!

Stags manager/squad almost struck by lightning Friday
(there’ll come a time next season when it’ll be suggested it would’ve done ‘em good).

Jill said...

When I first looked at your photo of cotinus, it looked like an under-the-sea scene.....We have one too, it got planted slightly behind a sort of syringa with vivid lime-green leaves, the idea being to provide a contrast. But the syringa grew enrmously, completely blocking any view of the cotinus. I did talk to gardener about moving the cotinus, but that is not a good idea....pity!

So what I need now is a little blue book what amazes me is that you carefully write all this info down, copying it from computer, you don't keep the info on the computer? Thank you for the link about the alt. gr. key, it seems to do lots of things (though nothing as useful as making tea...)

OK, Bob, I'm in my second childhood, wanting a duck watering can....I grew up in WW2, was a deprived child. That's what I tell my lot, when I buy things in Paperchase, the same stuff that 11 yr. old grand-daughter loves....

Just seen that there is a case of swine fever at local school, where three grand-children go, just down road from us. School will remain open, though only another couple of weeks to go.

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