Monday, July 20, 2009

Joan's for Coffee - Sainsbury's - 65F - Cold Wind

We got going early - 7am ish - when Jason (Y's Lib Dem person) arrived to erect a sign in the front garden. I was just opening the curtains in the big room and felt I ought to speak. He seems a very nice and competent young person.

It made sense to continue with the early theme and we called in at Joan's for Coffee prior to Arnold Sainsburys. We needed Vegemite and know we can get it there. Then home for Scampi and Chips with Mushy Peas, followed by a Y-made Fruit Salad with Greek Yogurt. Delicious meal.

This afternoon Karen arrived to mow because rain is forecast again tomorrow, and immediately the garden looked so much better. She does a tidy job, bless her!

I've spent hours tussling with a computer problem. On the Dell laptop I have Norton 360 Security programme and a feature is 'safeweb' symbols when you google for something. Like MacAfee Siteadvisor it checks out sites, for malware before you open them. Well, mine has gone wrong. I shall fix it however, it just needs the correct buttons to be clicked.

Tomorrow we have 'Blood test', Y's hair, and then over to Sherwood for Y's Nails service. But she wants me just to drop her there after which she intends to bus it into town. I shall drive home and mess-about trying to fix mi' Norton. Additionally there are a couple of garden jobs I would like to pull in.

This evening we aim to watch the Jimmy McGovern play "The Street" at 9pm on BBC 1. We watched the first episode of this series while we were away in Kent and I considered it v.good. Well written, directed, and acted.

My responses to your valued comments

Bob ..... All on your own this evening ! Blog-wise, I mean. I have no idea of your domestic arrangements.

You are never really incoherent. Obscure maybe but not incoherent.

Interesting about 'atom bombs' . We used to have to do 'Civil Defence Training'. Once I asked a senior bod, "As a Police Inspector, what should my attitude be to the Russian Soldier with the rifle when I emerge from my bomb-proof bunker?"

It seemed there was no clear-cut policy on this !

You make a fair point about Rye Bread going stale. But I don't have a need of Rye bread-crumbs very often.

Y says, re Arlene Phillips, that, as a Cabinet Minister she would expect Harriet Harman to have more onerous duties to attend to.

Maybe Jill will be along later --- if not, that's it I guess.


Quotation slot .....

"Barring that natural expression of villainy which we all have, the man looked honest enough"

Mark Twain

Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow - God willing



Yvonne said...

Did well on University Challenge with the questions I could understand like George III, Roahl Dahl, buttercup and dormouse. But couldn't even guess at most of the rest!

Weather best we've had since we got back from holiday so have done dead-heading and cutting back - and the garden looks better for it. In fact, I think it looks rather nice in G.'s photos.

Very interesting reading the obituary of Henry Allingham in The Telegraph and to realise that his life spanned three centuries.

And, of course, we can all remember sitting up all night exactly 40 years ago to watch the moon landing. I'll never accept the 'conspiracy theory', i.e. that it never happened. I was there!

Jill said...

Sorry I missed commenting today - it has been very hectic, hair for me (and I don't like it!) beard trimming and hair for R, food shopping, because we only knew this a.m. that we were having unexpected visitors this afternoon, three plus baby, relations over from Australia (I'll e-mail you Y, eventually...) plus one from Chippenham. Some of my lot came over too, time they had gone we were both collapsed, though it was lovely seeing them.

I was going to say yesterday how well you had done with your orchid, G. And it was a great sky picture.

Your garden looks very good, almost circular.

We are off to Sussex tomorrow for the day, hope to leave early-ish - going to friends for lunch (Barbara, Y) so you may have to do without me tomorrow too.....and we have no hot water again......

Did manage to watch U.Challenge, I could do same ones as you and identified two of the authors. And I watched The Street, thought it very good.

Not sure about the moon, you ought to hear Carrie on the subject, though she has conspiracy theories about all sorts of things I would never have thought of.

bob said...

Don’t think the poster does your garden any favours!

To reopened ‘Snooty Fox’ for tea.
Warm beef/horseradish baguette (prawn for Sandra) & chips/salad, plus a pint.
Substantial, tasty, and only a quid more than Wetherspoons!

I too managed desperately needed mow-lawning (Simon as child).
Photography ‘blows-up’ your garden.

Your skill at encountering computer problems amazes me.
I’ll settle for half!

Like Jill, I enjoyed ‘The Street’ and am beginning to wish I’d been watching rerun of McGovern’s ‘The Lakes’ instead of ‘The Wire’ which, despite great moments, I’ve simply been unable to follow.

Cue for song, ‘All by myself (without you…)’

P’raps I’m meant to be seen ‘as through a glass, darkly.’ (I’d always thought that was Shakespeare until someone pointed out biblical source).

Police greeting for Russian soldier post-Armageddon,
‘привет, привет, привет. Что мы получили здесь тогда?’

Stale bread was for savoury b&b pud (“Had you taken the trouble to…”)

Similar University Challenge success rate (but different questions).

re 3C Henry Allingham:
My mother was smugly pleased to have ‘seen’ Hayley’s Comet twice.

I reckon evidential likelihood is that all conspiracy theories are wrong.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Интересно написано....но многое остается непонятнымb

Anonymous said...

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