Saturday, July 18, 2009

Normal sort of Saturday - Chilly - 63F - 8mph Westerly

Picture 1 is another of The Pantiles at Royal Tunbridge Wells - now there's posh for you.

Isn't it where 'disgusted' who used to write letters to The Telegraph lived? It is a nice place though, but again, we were lucky with the weather. I didn't mention it yesterday but I tried a glass of the famous iron-rich spa water served by the lady shown in the link, or a lookalike. I thought the iron would be good for my back - Y couldn't be tempted though. Although some similar snaps have featured in the collages, I wanted you to see these a little bigger.

Since we returned Y has been so busy washing and ironing, I think her back will undoubtedly suffer. I managed a little gardening - tomatoes, weeding herb-bed, feeding and watering our courgette from which we enjoyed the first 'crop' today. Although small, picking them will allow the others room to expand. Very tasty they were too.

Some computer jobs and dealing with pictures have occupied my afternoon. I have deleted maybe seven in every ten - such is the joy of digital. It isn't good policy to delete any while in the camera - you can't see them well enough. But on a big screen - well !!

Picture 2 is the carp pond at Chartwell. I liked the swirls of fish and water, and those enormous guneras on the left. Very photogenic but best not handled too much - a rash ensues.

At one stage today the weather seemed promising, a little sun - but now the strong gusty wind is back and I have donned my smoking jacket for warmth.

My responses to your previous comments

Yvonne ..... I think we are in agreement about the holiday. Great ! And I'm glad your 'Battle of Britain' simulation was so good. I guessed it would be your sort of thing.

I can't see the attraction of Shopping Malls like Bluewater. You might just as well go down Nottingham, all the shops are there. And those 'milling-about' crowds of people.

Jill ..... The big shopping place near here is Meadow Hall, nr Sheffield and, although much smaller, but nearer is McArthy Glen. I suppose they have their place. In fact I must confess to a soft-spot for McCarthy Glen which, as such places go, is pleasant enough.

The swimming pool at the Hilton was well up to R's requirements and was deep enough at the deep-end for me at 5'10½" to be out of my depth. And, as you saw from the snap, quite comfortably large. And at the side of it a full equipped gym, with those apparent instruments of torture. He would probably have enjoyed the gym too? Certainly the Jacuzi.

Re collages - in the first one, top right corner, the pretty bridge was at Bluewater ! Sorry !

In the second one, your guess is correct = The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells.

Bob ..... I think Kitchen Shops always have a certain attraction, for we culinary dabblers.

My digestion is iffy at the moment, and I do suffer from bile. Y suggests I discuss 'gallstones' with the GP.

I didn't intend a double admonition re the Order of Mercy. I spoke to Peter earlier today. He has a photograph of his medal, and as soon as I have it to hand, publication will follow.

Glad you sorted your 'cargo trousers'. I never did find the receipt anyway.

Sandra is so lucky to have a wren as tame as that. Our wren is extremely timid and camera-shy.


Quotation time ...............

While away I bought a selection of Thomas Hardy. I prefer him as a poet rather than as a novellist. This little extract sums up my feelings when I start to feel tired.

"Only a man harrowing clods
In a slow silent walk
With an old horse that stumbles and nods
Half asleep as they stalk."

Thomas Hardy

Sleep tight - hope to catch you tomorrow.



bob said...

Apology first for somewhat incoherent blog comment.
Out of practice!

Did iron rich water taste foul as one might expect?
Is that why resident was ‘disgusted’?

Agree absolutely about not deleting photos in-camera (apart from obvious ones of own feet etc).

I presume gunera is plant not fish (or disease), right?

Good fine Saturday in Retford. Usual at Wetherspoons and especialy good goats’ cheese from Farmers’ Market.
A speeling error led to wonder if they have Framers’ Meerket for photogropers/printers?

While strongly preferring traditional shopping, Sandra does like Macarthur Glen (level, easy walking, reasonably compact) and I enjoy occasional visit too.
We both hate Meadowhall.

My comment about eating was aimed at the ‘lady of a certain age’ who needed a bigger plate – there’s always one (at least).

Order of Mercy sounds like a sort of Republican MBE?

Sandra’s Wren was a misdirected chick that has not reappeared.

Puzzled by Halford’s TV advert until I realised they are selling ‘tent packs’.

Tasty supper of invented savoury bread & butter pudding (recipe available).
Realised too late that Steph’s fresh beetroot (in vinegar) - or pickled red cabbage for those who like it - would have been ideal accompaniment.

Jill said...

That's a great photo of Tunbridge Wells - they could use that in their promotional material - it looks like a cafe street scene in France....and the fish in the pool.

I think the only occasion I would fancy gong into Bluewater or the like is if I am in a strange place, it's pouring with rain, no museum or stately home available, or I have bored children with me.

R would like jaccuzzi, but not gym. He is still having trouble with pain in legs, esp. one of them - is now going to acupuncturist (he's been there several times before) who says it is a form of sciatica, only down the front of the leg on a different nerve. All comes from a collapsed disc damaged many years ago in a fall.

Bob, I had trouble with the Halfords ad. too - had to look up from my knitting.....

Savoury bread and butter pudding, my granny used to do something with bread (stale) cooked in grated cheese/eggy mixture, possibly with some chopped up bacon or ham in it. I loved it....Not for you at the moment, though, G.

Yvonne said...

Jill: I wouldn't even take on Blue Water if it was raining, etc. - rather curl up with a good book (or any book!). Jacuzzi at The Hilton - only came on in 5 minute intervals so one had to time one's visit!

I get sciatica in Lidl - I'm still trying to work out why!

Have done today's most important task - making my feelings about Arlene Philips' demotion from 'Strictly Come Dancing' known on the Daily Telegraph's campaign. Join us!