Thursday, July 23, 2009

Routine Thursday - Y at BJ - Me messing-about - 67F and 5mph W Wind


Having done a collage of flowers out in the front garden yesterday it seemed to naturally follow that I turn my attention to the rear garden today. And there they are. I suppose we could have a 'name that flower' competition, but then again .......

I took Y to the 9.38am tram and then went to the doctor's for 10.10am - she had had a cancellation and saw me at 10am. Dr Chamberlain, another young lady doctor who I hadn't seen before. I was quite happy with her and she put my mind at rest about certain things. She took yet another blood test and I am to see her a week today for the result.

After the doctor's I went shopping to Lidl and Morrisons - it takes the pressure off tomorrow. I know we are going to Debra's and don't want to leave a fridge full of commodities we shan't use.

Picture 2 is a photoshop drawing of The Pantiles.

For those of us who can't draw these sort of programmes create for oneself the illusion that one can - if you see what I mean.

I shall probably print it as a 10 x 8 print, just to see what it looks like.

The weather is really weird isn't it ? Here today there's been sunny spells, but all the time that niggly wind - and now it is raining again, quite heavily. So much for the bit of gardening I had promised myself this evening. And I don't know if there is anything we can watch together on the telly.

My responses to your comments

Madeline ..... Thank you very much indeed for your input. The Norton Safeweb symbols are simply Norton's equivalent to McAfee's siteadvisor symbols. Green tick for 'site clear' etc ...... Allegedly updated more often than McAfee though.

I haven't yet got round to working through your suggested 'workaround' but it all seems to make sense and I'll have a go either this evening, or in the dead of the night. By the way, I don't think one can do 'links' in the comments box.

During today there has been a 'Firefox update' to build 3.0.12 so. if that goes onto the laptop too (I'm on the PC at the moment) it may have solved the problem anyway.

I shall report back.

Thanks for the kind comments about the blog !

Bob ...... I thought Epoisses would appeal to you. It really is worth making a special trip to Sainsburys - although I don't know where your nearest is. Perhaps on one of your Newark or Retford sorties !

No problem with flies - I feel the aroma would knock-em out rather than attract them.

The bed-height isn't really a Karen type problem. There are these special cuplike devices braced across for safety. I already have some on an easy chair, and they work well.


Quotation slot ......

"There is nothing more dreadful than imagination without taste"

Johan Wolfgang von Goethe

"Sleep tight everybody - I'll try and catch you tomorrow - prior to a break over the weekend"



Jill said...

Evening all. I am now back to 'normal', no more long days out for the next week or so! I went out this morning at 8.30, got back at 6.00, a knitting workshop at Caterham, much enjoyed, and I come back inspired to do all sorts of things, but liable to fall asleep on my feet. And we have had no hot water for 48 hours, fixed today.

I don't fancy the smelly cheese....

But really lovely garden collages. The last one, bottom row left, pink and delicate, what's that? (could be me or you!)

Hope the amendments prove helpful, I had to be hauled off sofa today several times (one of those ones you sink right back in, my feet barely touched floor).

Didn't see the Raphaelites - haven't seen much tv last few days, I fell asleep duing most of Midsomer Murders - the bits I did see were very boring, all about golf. I want to see Rick Stein tonight, I enjoyed last week's, it was more history/travel prog than cookery! And New Tricks....and a cuppa first.

Barbara very well, Y, will e-mail you tomorrow with photo.

Madeline said...

Hello RG,
Your description of of the Safeweb symbols is the same thing that I get from the Norton Toolbar on NIS 2009 when I do a search. I find it both amusing and slightly confusing when Norton and McAfee disagree!
It's up to you which version of Firefox that you use, but I wouldn't advise using FF 3.0xx instead of v3.5.1. FF3.0xx won't be supported for much longer now as it's an old version. FF 3.0.12 is an update to the old version and not a later version than v3.5.1. Personally, I'd rather go without the Norton Toolbar than use an old version of Firefox.
The hotfix isn't exactly a workaround; it's Symantec's solution to a shortcoming in some versions of their security software.
Good luck with getting the hotfix. Let me know if you have any trouble with it.
I loved the collage on today's Blog. You do some beautiful collages!

Yvonne said...

Madeline: Wow! These things worry Graham and it's so nice when his blog readers can help.

Jill: Glad your hot-water is back though, with the weather we've had here, you could stand in the garden with a bar of soap and have a perfectly adequate shower.

Rob: 'Lachs' is doing a blog whilst in Canada ......... but only for his family and close friends. He's due back in Manchester for 1st September.

bungus said...

Name that flower: Rosie, Bill, Pinky...

Despite reservations I like the Pantiles picture.
Perhaps try reduced print as well as enlargement?

Only a few miles away, we had grand weather for Workshop AGM and barbecue.
Sandra (tongue-in-cheek) says ‘Sun shines on righteous. K?”

Nearest Sainsburys? Mansfield/Worksop I think?
Newark Waitrose perhaps?

Thought Karen’s abilities limitless!

“A critic is a bundle of biases held loosely together by a sense of taste”
(Whitney Balliett)

New Tricks disappointed – trying too hard to be different?

Raphaelites likewise.
My sweeping judgement: poorly imitated ‘romp’ style (but not period of) Tom Jones (Albert Finney). But I only watched half hour...

I am awestruck!
(but it might as well be written in hieroglyphics for me!)

Britain for the British? From someone who prefers Vegemite to Marmite?
Was it Enoch or Norman who said something similar to Theodore?
But Scots in England support Scotland; Welsh, Irish, Aussies, Windies similar and son Matt would likewise have US/England World Cup dilemma.