Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Typical Tuesday - 61F - 10mph SSE wind - Jobs

I'm not obsessed with the front garden but, a comment alleged that my photography 'blew it up'.

Had I wished to make it look bigger I would have photographed it thus. Had I wished to 'blow it up' I would have used a well known horticultural explosive like Nitro-glycerine.

Y managed yesterday, as she notes in her comment, in the sun, to dead-head the roses and other things and you can certainly see an immediate improvement. From tatty to dapper at once. I think she has the 'twinges' to show for it though. Y now understands my Magwitch analogy - the pain does hit you that suddenly.

Our day has been fairly typical for Tuesday, which is a Karen day. My first appointment was with my blood-lady Sheila and she was delighted with the holiday postcards I took in. Her surgery doesn't have an outside window and she brightens it by encouraging her patients to send or take postcards. It is also nice for people, whilst sitting there wincing, to look how widely travelled are one's fellow patients.

Then we had several calls in Eastwood, Y's 'hair', The Library, and the Bank. We called in at Paul's for some large rubber bands but to no avail. However, later in the day, Y obtained some just-right ones from W.H.Smith's. I need broad ones to hold my collapsible sticks together - thin ones don't last five minutes. After that I took Y over to Sherwood for her Nails service.

Picture 2 features 'Dragon fruit' which we hadn't previously sampled. I can't recommend it. Not a trace of redeeming sweetness - at best bland and tasteless, for all it's exciting looks.

I still haven't fixed my Norton problem. Another go tomorrow.

This evening we aim to watch a drama/documentary 'Desperate Romantics' based on The PreRaphaelite Brotherhood. How true to history it will be ? and how much just an excuse for another costume drama is anyone's guess. The trouble is that, unlike Cranford for instance, there wasn't a well-written novel to hang it on. The programme well need plenty of 'water on its wheel' to pass muster because I know a fair bit about the PRB and Y knows even more.

My responses to your comments

Yvonne .... Well done with University Challenge ! My only recollection, from passing through the room, was the lady team captain with the male voice. Not a tenor either, more a baritone. Not that these things matter but they do draw attention rather.....

You are right about the moon-landing conspiracy theory ! Load of ....... ! Mike H has sent me this recently published photo that shows the lower half of the lunar module in situ. The bit which was left behind when Armstrong and Aldrin blasted back up off the surface.

Jill .......... You certainly were busy and anyway, you don't have to comment. It isn't like handing in homework. It is just that we all enjoy your comments so much.

In the garden I only manage to do the fiddly bits. Y does the real graft. But she does enjoy 'cutting-back' and moving things about. With these twinges though I try to persuade her to only do tiny little stints - if it gets too much for us we can always have Alex for a day or two !

The garage-door frame badly needs painting but, I mentioned it to Karen yesterday and she said "I'll do that for you - I love painting & decorating" .... So there you go.

Hope you have a good time in Sussex - and I hope that soon your hot water becomes more reliable.

Re Carrie's conspiracy theories and The Moon. Please see my note above to Y. I know it isn't conclusive evidence but ......

Bob ..... Glad The Snooty Fox has re-opened. I always enjoyed our visits to it but as you will see ( if you open the link that is) the 'reviewers' had a wide range of opinions.

"Through a glass darkly" is indeed 1 Corinthians 13. Perhaps you are getting confused with "The dark lady" of Shakespeare's sonnets ?

Thanks for the advice to address the Russian Soldier in the terms ‘привет, привет, привет. Что мы получили здесь тогда?’. That is what I was going to say to him anyway.


Quotation time ......

"Cabbage: A familiar kitchen-garden vegetable about as large and as wise as a man's head."

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"



bob said...

I wasn’t implying a doctored photo of garden – it just exceeded my recollection!

I was tempted in Tesco by appearance of Dragon Fruit.
Glad I resisted now. Thanks!
Inside looks rather cheese-like.

You cannot mention Norton without me smiling ‘motorbike’.

Couldn’t ascertain whether University Challenge captain was unfortunate female gruff bass or transvestite? Decided probably latter; and why not?

Good for your Karen.

Should have mentioned that ‘Snooty Fox’ chips were ‘real’
12 Jun 2007 comment VERY anti – obviously struck it on a bad day for either pub or reviewer.
Never haute cuisine but almost always enjoyable and excellent value.
One recurring complaint is receiving attention – toilets currently being renovated; presently excellent portaloos in carpark – but why ‘gents’ sign on INSIDE of door.
Still no proper beer though – but I was informed it’s coming.

"Through a glass darkly" always sounds very Macbethian to me (even though I know the Scottish play almost ‘specialist subject’ well!)

I didn’t really believe you’d be lost for shell-torn words.

Tuna pasta bake for tea.
Not my favourite but this one, but made by Stephanie from a mix, best I’ve tasted.

Decided to forgo pre-Raphaelites for QI.

Yvonne said...

As a pre-Raphaelite fan, I thought the tv programme was a good romp. Don't think it was intended to be accurate - and The Telegraph critic hated it - but I certainly felt it conveyed the outrageousness of the P.R.B. movement.

Jill: Lovely photos of R.'s great-nephew and the yellow duck watering can - what a handsome child.

Saw a chap on the bus yesterday who appeared to suffer from what Michael Jackson professed to have - a whitening of the skin. He had very white hands and lower forearm, and very white feet and lower leg (sandals), It was very strange.

Well done, Tom Daley!