Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday - Karen - Fat Clinic - Blood Test

We started the day by 'getting from under Karen's feet' i.e. we went to Ikea for breakfast. I had a child's portion of two hash-browns and baked beans. Y had a more normal 'middle' breakfast - plus free coffee. One of the reasons for going (to collect Peter G's Ikea card) proved unnecessary because it had already been sent to him via snail-mail.

After that, and a couple of jobs in Eastwood, I went to my Obesity Clinic (I used fat-clinic in the title line for space reasons) and the practice-nurse told me that the 5 kgms I had lost in the month was perhaps a little too much. She made a note for the Doctor who I am due to see on Thursday anyway for the result of my kidney-function blood test. It's all getting too complicated.

I told her I was wearing my lightweight underpants, but she wasn't really impressed.

Picture 1 is of Derek & Betty's new five-barred gate, fitted this morning by Alex. Sepia seemed to suit the subject. Alex had Reuben with him, fast asleep in the passenger seat. Y nipped out to see him and was surprised to see a sturdy 4yr old. It doesn't seem 5 minutes since he was born. Alex had taken him to the scrapyard with him and the cranes had impressed him. I bet 'going to the scrapyard with Daddy' will be a treasured moment.

I couldn't resist 'googling' to discover the history of the five-barred gate but it is going to need more time and effort than I have available this evening. What we really need is for 'nifty-googler Rob' to have a go at it.

Picture 2 is of the recently blooming Echinacea, or purple cone-flower. I know they have medicinal properties but I don't know if you are supposed to brew them, chew them, or grind them up ? And is it the flowers or the roots which are efficacious ? I suppose you could 'suck it and see'.

The sharpness of the front flower and the gradual blurring-away of the rest is deliberate - with my 50mm lens at f2.

We bought Y a new Fujifilm compact, also to serve as a replacement family compact for the old Casio which has become almost impossible to hold together long enough to take a snap.

But I really can't function without a viewfinder ! Even on a dull day, the LCD screen isn't bright enough for me to compose a picture. I'll have another 'go' with the old Casio - perhaps stronger rubber bands round it ?

We both enjoyed The Street last night, by Jimmy McGovern. As before, a well written play, well cast, well directed and well acted. The clumsy stitch-straps across the soldier's horrendous facial injury were probably over-done for effect. They just wouldn't have sent him out looking like that.

Nevertheless - a powerful, thought-provoking story which went some way to making more possible to comprehend what 'our boys' are undergoing in Afghanistan. I hope some politicians watched it. I am indebted to Y for drawing the series to my attention in the first place.

This afternoon on Radio 4 I heard an excellent episode of A Good Read, introduced as always by Kate Mosse. The programme featured poet John Hegley and singer Imelda May. A high spot for me was a piece about 'The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Matsuo Basho' which would have pleased Rob, with its emphasis on Haiku. Written in the 17th Century of course - but what's wrong with that ?

My responses to your comments

Jill ...... I agree with you about the noise in these 'hell-holes'. It is unique. The noise of happy children playing in an outdoor playground is also unique - but pleasant !

I think you should watch The Street Episode 3 on iPlayer - and we will do likewise with Byron - so a critique would be valuable.

The Bramleys do sound early. But Bob will know - they have a tree.

Bob .... My taking the 'p' out of Pompidou was quite unintentional I assure you. Mind you, I spotted the error during my editing preview - and decided to leave it uncorrected, just for fun !

I hope your fall down the stairs hasn't left you with any serious problems. You sound perky enough ! However, at our sort of age (and I know you are a few years older) these falls are a major problem. You could have easily broken a large limb and finished up in hospital again.

Yvonne ..... As you know, my admiration for your AquaSplash activities is second to none. Volunteering to be the 'nominated adult' in the first place was a major undertaking. But I know from your telling me about it, that you enjoyed it all immensely.

All those slides and chutes and splashes !

You are right about the LibDem sign. Neither of us expected it to survive the first night. But it did, and 5/6 more too ?

I'm looking forward to 'Desperate Romantics' again this evening. The link is to the programme's actual website - and good fun it looks too.


Quotation time .......

"Like a god going thro' his world there stands One mountain, for a moment in the dusk, Whole brotherhoods of cedars on its brow "

Personally I rate his wife Elizabeth Barrett Browning the better poet. especially the sonnets.



bob said...

Perhaps a rasher/sausage with Ikea breakfast to slow down weight loss?
2lb a week doesn’t sound all THAT rapid to me though.
Perhaps a bit of lead...?
If too complicated for YOU, think what it would do to me!

Re 'hell-hole' noises:
Recall son Matthew, aged 4, covering ears to eliminate unbelievable rattle of Butlin’s dining room cutlery.
New ‘FunP(a)lace’ (google ‘WheelGate’) opened White Post roundabout.
Easily avoided!
But, if doorman short-sighted, Snow White plus 7 admitted for £4.95.

Bramleys normally usable late August, ripen September (no doubt earlier down south).

Still sore head from stairsfall. I’m waiting for lump/bruise on leg to develop full colour before sending photo - a less honest person would ‘make it up’ (get ‘double meaning’?)

I just feel New Tricks now wasting excellent company on poor plots.

Cooked what I consider best curry ever tasted a couple of nights ago.
‘Popped’ cumin & mustard seed, chopped onion, turmeric, ground coriander, pinch of cayenne, tinned tomatoes, tinned chickpeas (inc brine), parboiled potato chunks, Jamaican pepper shrimps (if available *). Eaten with naan.
(* possibly substitute Chinese dried shrimps plus more cayenne?)

Jill said...

Great five-barred gate - all it needs is a smock-wearing yokel chewing a straw leaning over it - part-time job for you. G?

'Byron' was rubbish - Rupert Everett such a big girl's blouse (possibly making him suitable to be Byron?) - the prog. seemed to concentrate entirely on his sex life. I nearly switched over after 15 mins to the Street, but thought I might have missed something meaningful, would be better watching it from beginning on iplayer.

I think The Romantics is hilarious, I laughed more at that than I have over some so-called comedy programmes. The anachronistic dialogue has started to amuse rather than irritate.

Bob, I agree with you over New Tricks, they must get a decent script writer.

Lunch at pub where daughter works - I had English veal escalope Milanese, with pasta and tomato/basil sauce and afterwards summer pudding, R had oven-baked salmon with veg and a pear/almond tart with ice-cream and custard. Haven't had veal for many years, it was delicious, as was the summer pud. Must go there more often.....