Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy Wednesday - OT - PC - Garden - 61F - Southerly Wind

We bought this cheese on our Monday visit to Sainsburys. All I can say is WoW ! and nothing to do with walking. Unless the delightful smell is too much for ladies of a sensitive disposition and causes them to walk briskly away from the box.

The cheese is Epoisses an apellation controlé etc., and will appeal to lovers of strong attractive cheeses. On the box it says it is runny and it is. First day I kept it at room temperature and I could have poured it on my breakfast toast. Second night I kept it in the fridge which maintained the cheese in a more manageable state i.e. spreadable. The flavour did not seem to have been impaired. The best 'new' cheese I've sampled for many years.

About 25 years ago I was at a conference in Bruges, in a good hotel, and after dinner I had an excellent cheese of a similar stamp. Y was with me, and the following morning bless her ! she went into town and bought me a box to bring home. Subsequently we had no difficulty locating our luggage on the carousel !

Our day started with a visit from the Occupation Therapist, Nicola, who is going to sort out my problems with rising from bed. She agrees that 'hooking my stick round the toilet door-handle and pulling myself upright' is not the best strategy. I am to have some things fitted under the bed legs to raise it 4½ inches exactly. She measured me, and the bed precisely.

She also wants me to have a new frame to fit round the loo because she didn't like the rusty state of the existing one. Nicola was the sort of person who inspires confidence - and attractive with it !

Then the MegaTech computer lad arrived to do the annual health check, to which I am entitled under my warranty. No problems with my PC and he also explained my Norton 'safeweb symbol' problem on the laptop. Simple really - Norton 360 and Firefox 3.5.1 are not compatible.

So - either uninstall Firefox latest version in favour of an earlier build - or live without the 'safeweb symbols'. I favour the latter. However, if Madeline, or Ray, or some other WebUser forum person knows of a workaround and is reading this - please e-mail me, or add a 'comment'.

This afternoon I managed a few minutes in the front garden. I hadn't got my watch - so I was amazed when I came back in the house and Y told me I had been 'at it' from 5pm to 6.40pm. I only tidied the 'ringaround' under the tree and then hoed it smart.

Picture 2 is a collage of some of flowers in the front garden which I took when I had finished. Just a record-shot to show what's out - nothing purports to be arty.

I spoke to Helen on the phone to find out which Caravan Site they are actually booked in it from this weekend on. It is The Wareham Forest Touring Camp and from the website it looks superb. Two swimming pools no less ! Here's hoping they are lucky weatherwise.

Tomorrow I'm due to see the Doctor at 10.10am prior to which I shall have dropped Y at Phoenix Park for the 9.38am Tram, the start of her Burton Joyce day. Then there are things I need from Aldi and Lidl, after which my day is free.

My responses to your comments

Bob .... I agree that 'transvestite' doesn't matter either way - ha ha! But the voice can be a distraction.

I agree about The Snooty Fox food. Whenever I've been with you the standard has always pleased me and I can remember some very good meals. I think I once had 'liver and onions' and jolly good it was too. All that fuss about the loos - we all remember outside ones where the urinal was just a wall with a gulley at the bottom of it.

Congrats on your level of knowledge about Macbeth. If I had to select a Shakespeare 'specialist subject' it would be The Sonnets. Although I did neither for GSE.

Hope Jill's trip went well and, when she next comments, she will perhaps give us an update on Barbara.

Yvonne ..... I agree with your 'romp' assessment of the Desperate Romantics. The Telegraph didn't like it at all did they ? Mind you, as we both know, for us that can be a plus point.

If you aren't looking for historical accuracy I thought the programme was good. The hour passed quickly and that is as good a measure as anything.

I particularly liked their use of the David Bowie 'Heroes' track as a background for their joyous marches down the street.

I agree with you about Ro's great nephew being a handsome little chap. He certainly loved the yellow duck.

Interesting info about the 'whitening of the skin' chap and Michael Jackson. Google tells me the condition is called hypopigmentation and the site I have linked you to explains.


I've decided to end tonight with a photograph sent me by JBW

Perhaps we need something similar for Britain - It isn't racist, in fact the precise opposite


Madeline said...

I don't know if I can help as I've never used Norton 360, I use NIS 2009. What are the 'Safe Web' symbols? Is it something to do with your Norton Toolbar?
I get notifications from Norton, similar to those from McAfee SiteAdvisor, when I do a search and I think this comes from the Norton Toolbar.
I take it you're running version 3 of Norton 360. The Toolbar isn't compatible with Firefox 3.5x, but Symantec have issued a hotfix to rectify this situation. See: which has a link to the hotfix.
If all else fails, have a look at and, if necessary, register and pose your question at

Sorry, I don't know how to do links on here, so you'll have to copy and paste!

I hope this will be of some help. Excellent and interesting Blog as usual!

bob said...

Like sound of Epoisses.
Are you surrounded by flies?
I once complained at being refused dark rum on a plane (smell) and received strong support from Beryl Reid who had herself the drink taken.

I’m a bit surprised versatile/capable Karen couldn’t sort out your bed etc!
Hope amendments help.

Should’ve known really –
Norton motorbike, Firefox fighter plane.
Imagine the meeting.

Very colourful collage.
Garden MUST be big to accommodate so much!

Snooty Fox: recall once you were disappointed (smoked haddock).
Did I ever tell you about my cap and the Saltergate urinal…?

I ‘did’ Macbeth at both School Cert and A Level.

I’d never heard of hypopigmentation.
Vitiligo was word I was seeking.

Like many things, Roosevelt speech may be taken and used different ways.
My son’s lived in Florida since 1980ish (now 41), had dual nationality (may still have) and clings to his ‘roots’.
And the Americans reputedly LOVE Englishness.

"He who laughs last probably doesn't understand the joke."

Watched 15 minutes of PRB on iplayer.
Couldn’t get on with it but enjoyed 30 seconds of images behind credits.

“Hold up your head, Tom Daley…”
Well done indeed, after Olympics and other vicissitudes.