Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WoW at Nottingham Castle - weather awful - no let-up from the rain

It was simply good to be out with my WoW chums again. It seemed ages and ages. Five of us met at Reg's and decided to visit Nottingham Castle.

Our luck was in, because there's the Bicentenary Paul Sandby exhibition on until October.

Nottingham is indeed fortunate for the curator to have put together such an exhibition. HM The Queen has lent works, as have Yale, The British Museum et al ranging from etchings, line-drawings, water-colour sketch books and the odd full scale oil.

Although not photography as such, the chaps loved it and were taken with the detail and the overall range of the bloke's achievements. In some works he really came alive. Y knows the Exhibition is on and it won't pain me at all to pay a sceond visit. As a watercolourist herself Reg's Maureen will love it - so I think Reg will be visiting again.

As always with the Castle, the staff were superb, and by prior arrangement (thanks to Y and Helen) I was allowed to drive right up to the castle itself and park in a disabled bay. Picture 1 is of the middle gate, on the way back down the drive and I hope it suggests the sort of weather we enjoyed throughout !

After the exhibition we chip-cobbed at The Nelson and Railway at Kimberley. Excellent as always, and reasonably priced.

If you open the link you will see a similar snap in the middle of the second row. However, the one on the left is an original, courtesy of Helen who was closer to the hatch illustrated. For the blog I'm not at all precious as to who actually clicks the shutter.

For our evening meal I cooked some Ikea meat balls, and mixed veg and for pudding Y had done an orange jelly and ice-cream. Gorgeous ! While we ate we watched the Scandalous Adventures of Lord Byron and different from Jill, we thought it was OK. Not a brilliant piece of work but watchable and the scenery was good. Personally I preferred it to the Desperate Romantics about the PRB which really is flailing about abit and apparently losing 500,000 viewers a week. Rafe Spall who plays Holman Hunt seems only to have one facial expression. And the Dante Gabriel Rosetti character is beginning to irritate me a lot.

My responses to your previous comments

Bob ..... Re weight-loss. I don't like the sound of ..."Perhaps a bit of lead...?" it seems rather too final to me.

You seem to be making a steady 'stairfall' recovery. We are looking forward to the 'full colour' leg bump.

The curry sounds great !

Jill .... As above - I think you are perhaps a little excessive in your criticism of Everett's job on Lord Byron and, as I say above, the scenery was nice.

Your lunch at daughter's pub sounds good too. I know people are agin veal, but whilst serving Queen and Country in Germany I did enjoy Wiener Schnitzel. I've tried to cook it over here and failed miserably. The proper job has a certain 'crispness'.


Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow



Jill said...

We had a better day down here than you did yesterday - lots of sunshine, it didn't start to rain until about 4.00, then it went on all evening. Today it is bright and sunny too, but very breezy - a good drying day.....

Pleased you liked Lord Byron - we can't all like the same thing..... I thought Midsomer Murders was better than usual - and it had more well-known people in it too.

What a shame it rained on your WOW-ing day. But at least you went and had the chip cob? We can't have you fading away too much....

The veal I had in the pub had a crisp covering of breadcrumbs, cheese and herbs. I used to make something with veal escalopes like a Chicken Kiev, with ham and cheese?

Just had a phone call, we were going on a Saga 5-day break music holiday, first time they have done a Country Music one, it has been cancelled owing to insufficient bookings.....more than 28 days notice (actually 30) so no compensation, we just get our money back. Luckily we hadn't booked train tickets! R very disappointed though.

bob said...

Does it appeal to you that, apart from their artistic merit, the Sandby pictures serve as ‘record photographs’ of their time?

From photo, ‘enjoying the weather’ resembles ‘enjoying ill-health’ (of which you’ve had your share).
We experienced similar wetness.

‘Romantics’, 500,000/week.
I did well to last 15 minutes!
(using creative arithmetic; 1/15 minutes = 4/hour = 96/day = 672/week).

It depends where the lead is...

I’m sure you were right NOT to switch over to ‘The Street’.
Beginning was essential to MY understanding.

Anachronisms annoy me intensely (if I’m smart enough to spot ‘em; I thought ‘Butch Cassidy...’ reference to bifocals was, but t’weren’t).

’New Tricks’: not so much script writer as plot.

Pub lunch sounds great.
Graham’ll confirm/deny but I believe Wiener Schnitzel’s Veal Escalope in crumb, Holstein Schnitzel has fried egg added?

To me, Midsomer’s just sub-Agatha.

Sorry about your hol.

We’re being flocked by sparrows; no less than a dozen in back garden and when I walked down drive yesterday over a score ascended from front lawn.
They’re eating a loaf a day! Plus birdseed & peanuts.

Pleased to see there’s to be ‘full disclosure’ about Hillsborough.

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