Sunday, July 05, 2009

Great Wimbledon final - 65F - Sunny but some rain.

David sent me some very happy pictures of them sailing at Swarkestone Sailing Club.

The snap on the left shows David and the girls . The photographer therefore (from the other boat) must have been Helen. Hope with sailing and taking photographs at the same time no-one drops a camera in the water !

I've deliberately smudged the girls faces for 'security reasons'.

Apparently they have both the big boat (shown) and the Topper on the water at the same time.

This evening Sky e-mailed me some more pictures of her sailing the 'Topper' single-handed. The website 'linked' tells you all about it. It really sounds fun.

The small picture on the right shows her in action. I love the Westie terrier in the foreground.

I had a nice Sunday morning chat with David this morning and he told me that, during the heat-wave, the 'no swimming' rule at the Sailing Club has been sensibly interpreted and 'water confidence' measures have been permitted. i.e falling in for a few minutes is permissible.

Whilst in Morrisons this morning I noted they were selling off the black plastic buckets used for displaying flowers. This year they are in packs of 8 for 99p which is most reasonable for 'sturdier than normal plant pots'. I simply drill a few holes in the base of each. I bought a pack of 8 for Helen and when I rang to tell her she was pleased, not having noticed them for sale. She is keen on her garden.

Third picture today is a collage of pictures from the top-deck of Bob's bus from Retford to Ollerton yesterday.

I was in some confusion as to whether the pictures were taken at bustops or from the top of the bus. (pedants of the world unite!)

Extremely useful though, and so information laden. Collages are an excellent medium for conveying a maximum amount of information in the smallest space. I now much prefer them to panoramas.

For lunch I did a stir-fry, followed by the end of the gooseberries and apple, with some of our recently picked raspberries stirred in. July is such a fruitful month.

After lunch, the afternoon was mainly given over to the Men's Final at Wimbledon. Federer was a worthy winner and although Roddick played hard and was clearly dissappointed to lose, the result was, in our opinion, a just one. It was great to see there, as spectators, some of the old greats - Bjorn Borg, Nastasé, Pete Sampras, Rod Laver to mention but a few.

So - Federer won for me a £1. Must have a good think tonight what to spend it on ?

My responses to your previous comments

Bob .... The cowboys are good. From our recollection each seemed a unique piece. Although similar, there was something different about each one.

The question remains though. Where are they ??

I must remember your 'counter richness' tip. The trouble is I find most red cabbage too chewy. Beetroot will be preferable.

William's method of communication was the 'telling-bone'. Any fule know that.

Jill ..... Maybe the 'cotinus' snap was over-done. The setting sun illuminating the foliage looked more attractive in reality than comes across in the picture.

I'm afraid computers/little blue books find me in a state of transition. Physically writing things down is better for me than notes on computers - mostly. I knew a Social Psycholgist once who told me it was known as the Tsigane? effect. i.e. once you've written something down you tend to remember it better anyway. I think when you get older its also a matter of channel-capacity. A hand-written note frees up space in your brain for more important things, like crossword clues.

Re swine-flu. Apparently we have a case in Eastwood. Our gardener Alex was due to go to the house to do some gardening but the sufferer very responsibly warned him not to go.

Re Alt Gr key. You can make tea anytime but you never know when you might need a 'c' cedilla, or an umlaut in a hurry.


Quotation time ..... (I saw an electrician's van recently which invited one to make contact with the driver and ask for a free quotation. I thought of stopping him and asking something about 'trees'. But, on balance, I decided against it).

"My favourite thing about the internet is that you get to go into the private world of real creeps without having to smell them"

Penn Jilette

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow - god willing"



bob said...

Retford/Ollerton photos taken through dirty windows of moving bus on winding bumpy roads.

Main meal today: Sandra version of Delia’s ‘Rice-&-Vegetables with (Lactofree) Cheese Sauce’, using tatty cauli and freshcut pointy cabbage.
Better with brown rice, I think, but pleasant change.
Enough left for sandwich.

Obviously you’d think Federer deserved it!
Even though he only once broke service!
Cracking match; great credit to both.

Any fule?
Aren’t you thinking of Czech Wenceslas?

I agree about writing things down to fix in memory.
But didn’t Tsigane captain French football team in 80s?

Your quote ‘comment’ reminds me:
Walking down Forman Street 55 years ago.
Projecting from wall above a doorway, a 3’ x 2’ rectangular sheet of plywood and written thereon;
‘East Midlands Electricity Board’.
Fellow student Alan (still visited in Radcliffe) said,
“I always thought it was bigger than that.”

That’s right; blame the Blitz!
But you’re absolutely entitled to like your duck-can.
It would be a poorer world if we all shared a common opinion.

I sneezed on Retford market yesterday.
‘... a lady standing by was heard to say’,
“Thank-you,” I responded,
“Oink, oink.”

Jill said...

I like my boats a bit bigger than those...

Lovely rolling countryside, Bob, with great clouds. Views from our bus most mundane in comparison!

Tennis, I was exhausted at the end, felt so sorry for Roddick, I thought he should have won, as Bob says his service only broken the once. R said Federer looked like a steward on the posh bit of the Queen Elizabeth, all that white and gold (I wouldn't have said no to his sports bag, though).

I'm a great one for writing everything down, always carry a notebook with me, but then I'm a Luddite....

Bob, I don't think I fancy a cold rice and cabbage sandwich - perhaps with some bacon in it?

We are trying Birds Eye new cook-in-bag in oven haddock (unsmoked) in butter and chive white sauce tonight (on offer in Sainsburys). Will report back.....

Anonymous said...

Peter G
What will the world do this week? No Wimbledon, Ascot, the French Open - I suppose we will just have look through the window at rain!
Will you black containers from Morrisons be called 'Federers' as you won a £1 and still have a penny profit?
So glad you enjoyed your visit to the Ollerton area - it was one of my areas when I was in journalism.
Take care
Peter G