Friday, July 10, 2009

Tardy blog-post - definitely cooler - 53F - No wind

At last I've got round to doing my blog.

I publish the picture of my Ikea chest-of-drawers almost as the mug-shot of an offender, because that is where my time has gone and leading to my being flat-packered.

Y's praise, whilst welcome, was a little premature. The outer shell was no problem. But the drawers had wheels running in runners and were hard (for me that is) to assemble. Anyway the task is now completed.

I managed to make it to The Widow Frost in Mansfield to meet Bob for lunch. We both opted for the 'veggie-burger/salad/chips - plus drink' option which seemed reasonable at £4.69p. Mine came with a Becks Alcoholfree and Bob had a pint of bitter. We had a good chat and some laughs although I had to leave fairly early, to return to my chest-of-drawers.

Y did her usual Burton Joyce run but it tires her a little these days. It is a 3½ hr round trip, and she has her routine tasks whilst there. When Millicent starts proper School in September Y thinks she will make alternative BJ visiting arrangements. She has been going since Hannah was born - 12yrs ago and she has loved it.

Millicent was kind enough to ask Y to bring me the picture on the left. As you can see, it is a portrait. Millicent says she 'can't do bodies' hence my long legs leading straight down from the neck. Its all there - the sun (with rays) a blue sky above my head, some grass to stand on, and a tree with a very narrow trunk but with plenty of red berries. It is some time since I had a new grand-child picture for my wall and I shall treasure it.

Our National Trust trip to Thaymar IceCream was a success and it is good to support and find out about local environmentally friendly enterprises. The lady proprietor who founded the firm 20 yrs ago was good to listen to. Minor problems were due to her being under-staffed and over-stretched. The buffet was of excellent quality but a pot of tea with it would have been nice. At our table for instance, as with the others, Joan G had to ask for water.

Another good thing happened today.

I searched the car thoroughly for a 'pin' which Bill S has lost. Something under a rear seat gleamed and I thought he was in luck.

The lucky person however was me. The item was my 'lost' Police College cuff-link which I can't remember if I told you about or not.

A difficult subject to photograph. On camera flash made a right pig's ear of it. The best result was on 800ISO and photographed under-exposed under my desk light. I then corrected the 'white-balance' in photoshop.

My responses to your comments

Bob .... It is a Witch-Hazel and the nut-shaped things are quite hard like cobnuts. Just that it hasn't had them before.

Glad we were able to semi-sort out your phone's abilities. 'Text' reminders should be just what you need.

Yvonne ..... Please see above re chest-of-drawers.

We shall just have to disagree about the 4th Plinth.

Jill ..... TK-Maxx sounds well worth a visit. I've just googled to find that we have 2 in Nottingham and 1 in Mansfield so I shall have to go and see for myself.


Quotation time .....................

"I detest life-insurance agents; they always argue that I shall some day die, which is not so."


"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow (really will)"



bob said...

Nice meeting in Wetherspoons.
Although far from skeletal, dietary benefits evident.

I’ve always considered learning by mistakes of others a useful skill.
I’ll avoid flatpack furniture.
A mistake of my own was asking Graham buy me some 40”w cargo trousers from Lidl.
In-store assurance received that ‘50’ on packet indicates 40” UK. Label inside trousers confirmed this.
But waistband actually 34” and they wouldn’t go over my backside.
I expect Sutton Lidl will exchange or refund.

Grandchildren don’t disappear. Sandra’s shopping today for Alex’s 19th birthday party (tomorrow - here).
Alex’s 1994/45 tea towel indicates that 30% nursery school pupils ‘can’t do bodies’ (at least 10% cannot draw heads either).
But Millicent’s ‘scene setting’ is impressive.

How long before Sparrowhawk appears on Witch-Hazel?

I appreciate revelation of ‘reminder’ phone facility - useful without greatly helping poetry composition (something I used to do driving to work – but memory was better then!)

“An Englishman who takes no interest in the Ashes is like an Englishman with manicured fingernails: deeply suspicious.” (Radio 4)

Don’t hold back; say what you REALLY think!
(knitters, and others ‘on plinth’ can ignore the unappreciative).

"Corkscrew hazel" (Corylus avellana 'Contorta') is nut-bearing sub species(?)

Yvonne said...

Jill: my first thought for a permanent statue on the vacant plinth was Isambard Kingdom Brunel who is a great favourite of mine (possibly because he was short ...) but I guess it should be Tim Berners-Lee. A truly remarkable man.

Local Election: yet another leaflet drop - my Lib.Dems. are really working hard though I have been disappointed in the support being shown to the BNP. Immigration is a much bigger issue than I thought.

Graham: your chest-of-drawers is magnificent (perhaps you could earn a few bob setting yourself up as a maker-up-of-flat-packs for other people.

Both the primary and senior schools of my grandchildren now have swine flu cases. It does seem to be creeping across the country.

Jill said...

Y, I feel very ignorant, I have never heard of Tim Berners Lee. Will google and see who this chap is....Brunel would be one I would definitely consider....

Well done G with the IKEA stuff. The last time we went we bought a wardrobe with two drawers underneath, which (temporarily) defeated R, son and son-in-law (these last two have lots of IKEA expeience). There is a company that advertise in the IKEA we go to who will put things together for you.

Millicent's drawing is charming, so much detail. Perhaps she can't draw your 'body' because you have lost so much weight.....

Score so far is 3 rats, one magpie and sadly one blackbird. Never thought that birds might be caught? I e-mailed our rubbish department to find out which receptacle we were to use - I had an answer saying they were 'taking advice' then another one involving plastic bags, a black sack and clearly labelled, and the bin men have been informed....I think the irony in my e-mail was lost.....

Anonymous said...

Peter G
Glad that you have found your Police College cuffling (it could have been handcuffs!) Very sad when you lose a treasured possession but what was it doing under the BACK seat?
Congratulations on your mastery of flat pack building. It looks great at the side of a bed - just right for your mug of green tea, or even an alcohol-free Becks. Are you taking up flat pack assignments and will it be on your CV?
By the way, I think cups of tea or coffee were available at Thaymar. I noticed some empty cups and teapots as I was leaving. Perhaps we were having such a good time together we missed that opportunity.
Peter G

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