Monday, July 27, 2009

Return to bad weather - 67F - 6mph West Wind

The purpose of our visit to Palmers Green was to attend Ruby's AquaSplash birthday party which was held in the Leisure World complex shown. For grownups, Tracy warned me, inside was like hell on earth. Unbearably hot - enough to make one feel queasy and noisy enough to do damage to your ear drums.

But the kids loved it and Y was designated as the adult to go in the pool - there had to be at least one apparently. She went down slides and chutes etc., - some of the blue coloured external tubes shown in the snap are water chutes leading down to the pool. Pictorially, I love the garishness and the feeling of vigorous life, and those external tubes make you think of The Pomidou Centre.

Tracy thought it would not be a good idea for me to actually go in to the AquaSplash bit. so the closest I came was to walk into the building and peep through a large window. I managed to wave to people.

Then she took me just over the road to the MacDonalds where I installed myself with my laptop and my Vodafone dongle came into play yet again. Excellent 3MB broadband signal - later a nice MacDonalds lady told me that they are a WiFi hotspot which is available to customers free.

I listened to my radio and, in fact, quite happily did the sort of thing I usually do. At intervals I saw people. Elli and Ruby came separately to see me. and check if I was OK !

We eventually returned to Palmers Green and I took them out for evening meal to the Rimini Italian Restaurant and everyone enjoyed their food. Although the menu was very small print Andy found 'calves liver and onions' for me which wasn't too rich. Only the girls could find room for pudding. Elli chose ice-cream which people had a spoonful of here and there.

I was very comfortable in my room and managed to install myself satisfactorily. Just next door to the bathroom, which was good. In the morning Tracy brought me a muf of tea which was most welcome. She certainly looked after me extremely well.

Andy cooked two gorgeous meals. Bubble & Squeek for Breakfast, with a poached egg and some bacon. Then for lunch he did an equally sumptious Fish Pie. And everyone was happy for me to only have very small portions.

Tracy drove us home, and although there were lots of 50mph areas on the Motorway, we made good time and arrived around 6pm. We both slept well and when I weighed-in prior to my shower this morning I was delighted to find that I hadn't gained anything. We have had a quiet day today and although Y was a bit off-colour first thing she relied by mid-morning. I managed to do a few gardening jobs too.

We really have been lucky with weather this year. Each time it has been fine at the place we have visited and awful back here in Nottingham/Mansfield. Since we returned we have had the torrential squalls again.

My responses to your comments

Yvonne ..... I bow to your accurate memory of the outdoor-shower incident. I know you regretted not joining me - perhaps a chance will occur this autumn !

Madeline ..... Thanks for your good wishes ! As you will see above - we did indeed have a good weekend.

Bob ..... The bottle-bags are designed in pleasant cheerful designs and have draw-strings at the top. They are intended for use when you give someone a bottle of wine rather than to transport it around in.

Jill ..... Your spag/bol at a nudist beach café incident raised a smile. Where do you carry a tissue to wipe it off with ?

I haven't been watching New Tricks so I can't comment. But I think Y still enjoys it.

This evening we intend to watch the third episode of The Street. Having read the link I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to it or not.


Quotation slot ......

"Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity."

And if I hear anyone mutter "physician heal thyself'" I shall be down the line to them - ed



Jill said...

Good to have you both back, safe and sound, and you (at least!) no bigger..... Good for Y, all that whizzing down tubes, etc, not for me.

I used to take various children to a hell-hole called Snakes and ladders - like a hangar, a vast sort of climbing frame edifice with tunnels, tubes, swings, ropes, all inside a net - lots of helpers inside, so I didn't have to participate. No water, but the noise was unbelievable, it all echoed round this metal hangar, plus with loud music. You couldn't take your own food, and what they supplied was poor nd expensive. But the children loved it.....

I have decided to give The Street a miss tonight - it sounds like that recent three-part one, 'Occupation'? Bob will know. I'm going to give Byron on Channel 4 a whirl. But if you say it is good, I'll see it on iplayer.....

We saved all the money off vouchers in the Daily and Sunday Mails over the week-end, and went to Tescos, managed to get £16 odd off final bill, not buying for the sake of it, but stocking up on dishwasher tabs. (half-price anyway) and detergent. We also got a cheap late breakfast, I had egg and fried bread, R had egg, sausage and baked beans, we had two large lattes and the lot came to £3.42. But I think IKEA is better?

Son arrived with 6 large Bramley apples from their tree, seems early to me?

bob said...

Pleased you enjoyed.

I too like appropriate AquaSplash gaudiness. Recall something similar (smaller/duller) at Skeggy Butlins dozen years ago.
Surprised you taking ‘p’ out of Pompidou.
Can imagine you waving through glass.

Thanks for explaining bottlebags.

The Street well done; as hard and gripping as ever.
There must be numerous similar stories without the happy ending.

“Doctor, doctor… !”

Re unsteadiness – I fell downstairs on Sunday.
Could have done with a dose of Leahy’s egotism, but I’ve bounced back.
One person considered it partly my fault. We’ve open staircase with wooden treads, so I greased my feet with Aqueous Cream BP and didn’t put on slippers…
Bruises and scrapes to hands, legs and head but no cuts or breaks.
Heigh Ho!

I hope you let the spagbol cool a bit!

I too hate fat but…
Belly pork much less fatty (25%?) than formerly; and long slow cooking (on a rack) means that over 90% disappears.
Mine was considerably overcooked but I’d say the method works.
Crackling and dripping good.
I (essentially) used Jamie Oliver recipe.

Occupation and The Street did have something in common but latter much more concentrated.

Our Bramleys not yet ready, but do seem early.

Yvonne said...

I was brave with Aquasplash! All those slides and tubes ........ but it was great fun really and the girls enjoyed it so much.

Gorgeous meal on the Saturday at the Italiam Restaurant - I had monkfish (or monkey-fish as the Italian young waitress said) and it was truly delicious. Ditto Andy's Bubble and Squeak and the Fish Pie - we were very well looked after, and, of course, Tracy did all the driving.

Our Lib/Dem signpost lasted longer than I thought - knocked down last night - but I think it was a genuine (!) yob incient rather than a plot by the opposing parties. It's already back up.

I thought 'The Street' was excellent again and I was able to take 'Robin Hood' as the hero quite seriously. It was a very uncomfortable hour but one I was glad I watched. (I'm OK with 'New Tricks' - I think the inter-action between the four main characters makes up for any weakness of the story line).