Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 dawns - What can I say ? - All the best !

A misty morning but at least I could see over the football field and beyond. And all those lovely tonal recessions. My D80's clock is still reading summer-time so my EXIF data is always an hour out. But it's hardly worth changing it is it? Bungus's has been showing 2009 for all of 2008, so I guess he is now on 2010. Picasa 3 is still, shall we say 'tardy' that a good word, but if you leave it to its own devices the pictures arrive eventually. I don't worry because from my camera, they go into My Pictures instanter, so I know they are safe.

Probably Roy would say, with regard to most of my pictures, does it really matter anyway ? Ha Ha ! I'm only joking Roy - you are not a cruel man.

TJ came to take Y to BJ for the day. I think speaking in code is catching. It also occured to me that, now that 'case' matters so little that the american poet e. e. cummings has finally been justified.

I opted out of the Burton Joyce trip knowing they would all have a good time anyway - and they did. Hannah's IT pseudonym is Tilly Balloon Juice. What fun. Y told me on her return that Hannah had made a movie, probably using the Microsoft Office we asked Santa to send her. Next time I see her she must show us how.

Picture 2 has just arrived, from our Old Market Square correspondent, and it's a 'cracker' isn't it. It looks as if Rob might have caught a couple of incoming meteorites too. I think NASA should be told.

They obviously had a good time although, from Rob's comment, neither our Notts residents nor the hostelries did much by way of welcoming in the New Year. Never mind, when you are young and in love, who cares about the cold and being alone?

Before I cover the 'comments' individually, let me say to all contributors - "Great. Absolutely Right, Just how I've envisaged them".


zorro ..... Do you realise that 'zorro said' is a close anagram for 'dozi sore arse' ?

bungus ..... I think your basic 'soup recipe' from your pro cook book is as good as any. Homemade soups are always unique anyway, however closely one foillows a recipe. Part of the charm.

I accept your superior knowledge re Sports Desk matters.

Re fights. Nothing new here. The old Idelwells/Outram Street junction at Sutton, and Mansfield Market Place were the regular scenes of fights at the weekend. The young 'bloods' considered it part of proving their manhood. And, shock/horror, the media are determined to show that gangs and knife crime are something new - they aren't.

Roy ..... Many thanks for the seasonal greetings. And, very witty, re bungus's hieroglyphs. Apparently 'Roy' as a hieroglyph comes out as the picture on the right. Not being a fluent hieroglypholigiserspeaker I must take Google's word for it.

I must say that the mouéed lips at the top, and the bird plus feathers are rather fetching but I haven't a clue ........

It would make a good watermark copyright sign for your pictures though ....

I will be delighted to save you an artichoke. Tomorrow I am taking Y to the tram to start her journey to London. She is going for a few days. I shall be here from around 11am onwards, and have no commitments till Monday morning. If you call to suit yourself you can select your artichoke/artichokes. We could also pull in a few computer bits. Obviously Anne is welcome, but Yvonne wont be here for her to chat to.

Jill ... As you say - welcome to TJ. You go back a long way don't you. And I remember Noreen finding her a little 'apartment'in her house when she got her first theatre-job. Seems a lifetime ago.

I know what you mean about the blackbirds unnerving clink, clink noise. There is a lovely Wallace Stevens poem about "Amongst 24 snowy mountains the only thing that moved was the eye of the blackbird". The quote might be inaccurate but that was the sentiment.

My googling for the Noel Coward lyric found several pages in whuch the song was referred to .... but now anonymousJBW below has found it for you.

Many thanks JBW.....

anonymousKevin .... I yield to your careful research about 'the foot of our stairs.' Like Rob, until I came to the Nottingham/Mansfield area, I hadn't heard it.

anonymousRob ..... Please see e-mail re my 'comments' on 'comments'. I feel now, as I have said above, that I am delighted with the present position, and little more need be said.

Re Sports desk and Steven Gerrard's bit of trouble. My first reaction was of sympathy for the chap. With his fame, and celebrity, I would doubt if he can go out at all, especially to a club without some lout trying to provoke him. He would need to be a saint, with nerves of steel to remain calm under all cirumstances.

anonymousJBW ...... Thanks for the New Year greetings. And thank you for the Noel Coward research. although I am sure Jill will thank you herself.


Quotation time ....... I can't decide whether this quote is true, or completely false .....

"There is nothing more demoralizing than a small but adequate income"

Ted old lad, far from 'demoralizing' I consider the state sublime. I shan't be adding him to my list of people to spend an hour in the pub with.

I hope David is feeling a little better. But those three lovely ladies he's got to look after him ..... even though 2 of them are quite young...............

That train be due to put in an appearasnce. I haven't used it for at least a month.



Jill said...

I like your photo - back to Hammer House of Horror again! Actually it looks as if it is going to snow? And the fireworks one, with the comets......

JBW, thank you very much for the words, I have printed them out. I couldn't find them anywhere, though it was often referred to. I can just about sort of remember the tune, and have been having a sing-along. It seems very appropriate for nowadays!

'Jonathan Creek' was too long, and I still don't know why Elodie was killed and where was the body and what had Hitler got to do with it. You brainy ones out there, don't bother to explain it to me!

Your quote. 'demoralizing' - it depends what he thinks of as adequate. Poverty is not what it used to be.

I remember TJ going to Henley Regatta with Noreen and Evan all poshed up and with a smashing hat.....I went the following day.

Anonymous said...

For Jill

Your Noel Coward problem. If you look at you will find listed the music/sound track sung by Coward himself and you can download the track in MP4 format for 0.79p.
Hope this helps refresh your memory!

Reg said...

Improving slowly with more penicillin and various concoctions.Confined myself to Barracks for a couple of days.

bungus said...

Al Murray says:
“We have to have rules. If we didn’t have rules, where would we be? FRANCE. If we had too many rules, where would we be? GERMANY. etc, etc…”

So, final word (probably). If I’ve been saying too much, why encourage inclusion such trivia as veg price and my state of health? As Groucho doubtless said, “I rest my case…”

Think case (not Groucho’s) still matters with email addresses.

Well spotted apt anagram.

Like hieroglyph. Please where?.

For me Edmund Wilson hopelessly wrong.
Enough to get by, plus something to fallback on, has always done me.

Great while it lasted.

At Warner&Dean, Architects & Surveyors, S-in-A, abbreviated to “Well, ah’ll gutta…”

Welcome. Sorry I’ve bored you.
Rough check indicates average something under 500 words/day past 6 months.

Think blackbird noise not dissimilar moorhen’s.

Favourite Coward song “Alice (is at it again)”.

Wasn’t denouement Jonathan Creek awful? No more. Wasted Alan Davies, although I liked feisty girl from ‘Available Cars’ advert. I’d have been better with Christie.


NYE Nottm sounds very disappointing.
I like your photo though.

Stevie G? It seems
That on present evidence
We three agree, yes?


199 words

Helen C. said...

Happy New Year everyone.

I agree that Jonathan Creek was too long but it was an ingenious plot wasn't it!

I like your misty morning pic. I've had several attempts at such shots in recent days but so far with not much success.

Anonymous said...

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