Friday, January 02, 2009

Much better day - 35F - plus the Sun !

Picture 1 is the same view which I used yesterday but, obviously, a dramatic change in the weather.

Yesterday's was with my 70-300mm Nikkor and the foreshortening, as against the image on my Nokia mobile, is clear to see. Its what long lenses do.

Picture 2 is a Lidl Orchid (they have them in stock again albeit a different variety). Last year Reg and Maureen had an excellent performer which I seem to remember produced 24 flowers and flowered for months and months.

As requested by Bungus here is one of the Hieroglyphics sites (there are several) - please click here and you can do your own name, similar to Roy's yesterday.

After delivering Y to the tram, to begin her long journey to Palmers Green, I did a little shopping and then Roy came round for an hour. We were trying to sort out ClickSmilies with regard to his system. Success seemed to elude us. But we were luckier with Picasa 3. There are a couple of functions he hasn't fully explored yet.

One of which is the delightful, non-invasive text tool as demonstrated in Picture 2.

When Y booked her ticket, some time ago, at least a week or ten days is recommended, she was offered First Class return for £23 which seemed too good to miss.

During her journey though she had to venture into the parts occupied by 'the working class' and reported their carriages as 'heaving' while her carriage was an oasis of peace.

I have spoken to her this evening and she arrived on time and in good spirits. You can't beat a bit of pampering, what ?

David said he felt a little better but nowhere near good enough for School. An hour's activity tires him to such an extent he needs to go to bed. Spells of feverishness overcome him. He has booked himself in to see his Doctor at 9.30am on Monday morning, and I'm relieved that he has.


Jill ..... The consensus seemed to be that Jonathon Creek trickled on slightly too long. The link takes you to a homepage for the show, if anyone is interested.

We saw Alan Davies the other day on QI and he was very good. A bright lad.

I'm glad you have your Noel Coward lyric. I would love to hear you all singing it. Do you sell tickets ? Or could someone YouTube it ?

Reg ..... Please to hear of improvement, albeit it slow. Barracks has much to recommend it in this weather. Another shovelful of coke in the stove and umpteen pots of tea. Perhaps even another coat on the bed ? Or is that going too far ?

Bungus ....... I think we have arrived at a satisfactory compromise in the matter of comment-size. I'm happy with you present output and hope you stick to it.

Your estimate of 500 words a day is no doubt right. AND THEY WERE FAR TOO LONG. It wasn't just TJ you were boring, it was most readers. But people are too polite to tell you. So they tell me. As I keep repeating - it is a family blog, not a vehicle for your life-story. For that YOU NEED YOUR OWN BLOG - not mine.

Helen C ..... A good idea with the misty morning shots is to set your camera to underexpose by around a 'stop'. Otherwise the camera overcompensates and you lose the sought after effect.

We will discuss it on Wednesday, if you are WoW-ing. With my WebUser magazine, last but one issue, came a free copy of Amateur Photographer. In it is a five-page article about 'Icelandic Landscapes' which you might enjoy.

I have saved the magazine for you.


Quotation time ......

"I shut my eyes in order to see"

Paul Gauguin

Sleep tight and I'll catch you tomorrow

Banksy's Flower Chucker must need an airing



bungus said...

Sandra has been bought 2 more orchids like yours. The ones she had last year survive and rebloom.
I presume the ‘non-invasive’ was ironic?

Thanks for Hieroglyphics.

Sorry you are prolonging things but I shall adopt Stephanie’s technique.
My comments WERE NOT TOO LONG, although most people may believe they were.

For a moment I thought the quote was Paul GASCOIGNE.

Re Rob’s comment on closed pubs in Nottingham:
Granddaughter Alex achieved the near impossible on the night by getting thrown out of a Bilsthorpe pub at 10.30.
Not as bad as it sounds; everyone ordered to leave after the DJ refused a request because he did not have the record, after which hell broke loose.

‘Around the World in 80 Faiths’ was interesting. Strange how groups very different in their beliefs and practices can get along together while others, eg, Protestants/Catholics/Muslims/Jews who essentially worship the same god(s) fight amongst themselves. And sometimes they cannot even get along with Buddhists who don’t wish to fall out with anybody.
Anyone may disagree with that analysis but, as a Rab Nesbitt character put it, ”I respect your beliefs even though to me they’re a pile of ..…”

195 words

Reg said...

Last years Lidl orchid is in bloom again, two stems with at present 7flowers and four buds. The more expensive ikea one,single stem, has produced a new stem with buds not yet in flower.

Jill said...

I looked at the orchids in Tescos, if we had not been going away I would have bought a couple. If they are still there when we come back I shall definitely do so.....

We've had a very cold 48 hours, central heating packed up (although we have hot water). Son and son-on-law have been and applied all their knowledge to no avail - in another life son in law was a heating and ventilating engineer, he reckons something is broken on the circuit board, beyond his capabilities. The engineers we have used for years and who are very good are closed until Monday. As we are going away tomorrow we are loth to call out some unknown and expensive chap from Yellow Pages, son will arrange to have it looked at next week. We have a good gas fire in sitting room, a couple of fan heaters and an oil-fired radiator in the bedroom (and our lovely electric blanket) so we are managing.......

Bungus, I wished I had watched Miss Marple too...though I don't like Geraldine McEwan's interpretation of Miss Marple, I think Joan Hickson was perfect. I see the part is going to be played by Julia Mackenzie in the next series.

The first photograph looks almost warm!