Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WoW-ing at Kings Mill Res - 31F - Drifting mist !


Almost in embarrassment, I publish yet another 'misty morning' picture. over the football field just after dawn. But I like them and it is my blog. Although I was staggering about on the road in dressing-gown, slippers and Nikon I was about 20 seconds too late for a better shot. Photographers and anglers have similarities and "you should have seen the one that got away" must be common to both tribes.

At the moment I'm sitting in the car-park at Kings Mill Reservoir. A nice website BTW. I've already had a little walk to the Strawberry Cafe which Brian H recommended and it seemed nice enough. But as I have brought my own flask, after a few bird pics I have returned to the car. Roger had travelled with me but Brian, Mike and Reg came a slightly different route and encountered road-closures and all sorts of hassle before arriving.

The fog between Eastwood and here was changeable and visibility varied from 100yds max there to clear blue sky here.

The chaps walked all the way round the Reservoir but I was perfectly happy, messing about. My Vodafone device is working perfectly and providing a strong signal and speedy broadband.

I thought that the best way with the bird pictures from the Reservoir was to do a 'collage' to give you a pictorial summary. There were lots of birds but my recognition isn't good and Roy wasn't with us. As you can see there were Swans and Coots, and the Mallard deserved a place on the grounds of beauty. They are common but that green/turqoise sheen on the neck is so attractive. Perhaps someone can help with the little black and white bird with the bright yellow eye (bottom left corner).?

Y and I had both slept well and are feeling, as David put it, quite 'chipper'.

For the statutory chip cob we went to the Bird-in-Hand at Blidworth. A long standing Inn and the chip-cobs were well up to standard, in my opinion. We sat at the window table which we like. If you open the link, the table is in the top right hand corner of the fourth picture down, in the right-hand column.

Today, even if one couldn't see far, the sun trying hard through the mist was pretty.

The picture on the right was on my Nokia mobile because I left my big camera in the car. It did a tidy job though.

I think there's a danger of my OD-ing on these misty pics though !

Yesterday evening Rob and I had a successful pre-battle strategy meeting for our joint Lecture on Thursday evening. Pictures copied to a memory-stick, some of Andy's on a CD (Andy is an old friend who now lives in Spain). As Rob was leaving he speculated as to how big an attendance we might pull. I said "Well Rob, there's a few who don't like you and there's a few who don't like me, so we shall just have to wait and see". It should be a laugh anyway.

My responses to your Comments

David .... It was a pleasure to dig out the stuff about your Pathfinder. As you know I can mess around on the net for hours. If you or Helen or the girls ever want something researching it I would love to do it. I've got more time than you.

Anonymous .... I'm afraid I have had to reject your interesting comment about the Panthers because it is in breach of the blog's house-rules for 'comments'. It is OK to use the 'Anonymous' button provided that you identify yourself at the bottom of the comment by your name or your initials or something. These words appear at the top of the 'comments' window.

Please restrict your comment to 200 words. Real names will be preferred. Using the 'anonymous' button is OK provided you later identify yourself. Comments from people using pseudonyms will not be published.

Yvonne ..... I now realise the above anonymous was you and you had just clicked the wrong button. So easy to do. It is quite good fun having insider info on such a rising star as 'Lachs'. As you have rejigged the 'comment' to show yourself as author I was delighted to click 'publish'. I intend to enforce these house-rules strictly and if anyway offends, wordcount-wise or whatever I shall simply click 'reject'.

Bob the fogeyman ..... I think your memory is failing you about the Arboretum Pond. It is just on the left when you go in through that bottom gate. Little fountain in the middle.

Jessica's 'Bramley Apple & Raspberry, Fromage Frais Brulee, with Caramel Shards’sounds great to me. Did she 'create it' or was it a recipe ? These young people are so talented..

I will leave you and Rob totally in charge of the Sports Desk, although it now seems that Yvonne will offer privileged snippets about the Panthers. BTW Nathan Arnold sounds as if he should be a poet rather than a footballer.


Quotation time ............... This is spot-on relevant for tomorrow evening. I hope I remember it-

"I'm not trying to make paintings look like photos. I want to make paintings using photos as a reference, the way painters did when photography was first invented"

Peter Doig

The link isn't a video as such this evening but a link to one of his exhibtions at The Tate. And there is a video to open if you so chose. I know 'static' doesn't suit people who 'like to see their lips move'.

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"

As I said to David and Helen, it won't be long before you've got your caravan hooked up to your new Pathfinder. And Rob too. And Roy will be off and about. The one depicted in the smiley is a camper-van more relevant to John but the thought is there.



Anonymous said...

Just a quickie regarding reading your blog and any comments. As you state you can access the comments by clicking on the "comments ?" at the end of the blog. Possibly even quicker is to double-click on your underlined heading "WoW-ing at Kings Mill....". This will expand the blog and include all and any comments. Double clicking on the header again will close the blog down to its original arrangement.


Rob said...

Yvonne is quite right in commenting on the exploits of Rob Lachowicz (hope the spelling's right). He's doing really well with GB's Under-20's squad in a tournament in Spain. As well as a hat-trick and man of the match against the hosts he got 2 goals in a 7-1 win over Mexico. A bit more info can be found on the this is nottingham website; click on Sport then Panthers and the reports appear.

New football managers make changes when they can to fashion their own team. But maybe Nathan will fetch a few bob for a cash strapped club?

Do we know where in the world Jill is?


Roy said...

Your mystery bird is a tufted duck. It’s head has quite a pronounced black tuft which sometimes tends to stick when wet. If you zoom in on your pic you can just see a darker patch on the back of it’s neck. It is quite common.

When you discover how to download a quicksmilie in Vista please let me know. I couldn’t do it even with G's assistance.


bob the fogeyman said...

Pub lunch today with 2 former colleagues at Caunton’s Plough Inn.
Limited menu, excellent food and remarkable value - all cooked on the premises, 2 courses (smoked haddock in a cream sauce for them, roast beef in mustard sauce for me plus a very nice selection of veg followed by individual steamed ginger and sultana sponge puds with ‘basic ingredients’ custard, ie, NOT custard powder) 3 coffees, a pint of beer for me and soft drinks for them, all for £28.

On way home I saw several potential ‘sun-in-the-fog’ views… but I wasn’t driving.

I’m sure Arboretum pond is there; just cannot remember it!

Sandra found Jessica's exam recipe.

Watched repeat of QI tonight but missed the bit with which I empathised, viz, Rob Brydon being barred from completing a lengthy but fascinating story about a littoral episode.

After 40 minutes I wondered why nobody was chanting “What a load of Ballacks.” But then…

Thanks for tip re ‘comments’

"Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd."

mannanan said...

Think the first misty morning shot is just great. You can keep them coming as there is always something new to see.Cheers Pete