Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blog at last - trouble with Picasa 3

I have had big trouble with Picasa 3 ! I know I could use some other programme for messing-about with my pictures but Google, Picasa, Picasa WebAlbums and are intertwined and it is so convenient to use the whole toolbox.

My problem basically was that Picasa wasn't accepting today's snaps.

Anyway, the problem yielded eventually and here we are. Y and I have also spent a little time putting more music onto Y's laptop for onward transmission to her Zen MP4 player.

Other than that - a quiet day.

Picture 1 is my tried and trusted Carrot and Coriander Soup recipe as requested. I must admit though that I cut several corners and make it simpler than shown. And, as per handwritten note, I add a diced potato to thicken it slightly.

However, it is delicious and reliable.

Picture 2 is to show how 27F looked here this morning. The blackbird glared at me because his water was frozen. But blackbirds glare at you anyway don't they, whether or not their water is frozen.

David felt a little better today and has decided he is far from well enough to start back at School on Monday. He didn't go to the doctor this morning but is going to ring on Friday for a Monday appointment. In consequence the Long Eaton branch have decided to have an early night rather than 'see in' the new year. I think they are sensible and I think we will do the same.

Not wishing to be a kill-joy though, because Rob and Elaine have booked into a hotel in the Lace Market the better to nip down to Old Market Square to wave a sparkler and sing Auld Lang Syne. It will be the firework photos that they are after - I know !


bungus ....... Re Bruce. Such a shame he has been ignored again. It make one wonder if there is some 'skeleton in the cupboard'. Never seems to stand in other people's way though does it?

If you insist in going through these gymnastic hoops re your comments, rather than simply writing less in normal English, I suppose it is a matter for you. However, I would ask you again to consider the position of other readers. The blog wasn't designed to be a vehicle for your daily journal and yet you insist on using it thus.

I think it irresponsible of Rob to suggest means to you whereby you can get round the suggested restriction. I suppose that eventually I shall have to apply a system of 'comment' moderation where I approve the comment before it is published. Many bloggers do this as a matter of course but I had hoped it wouldn't be necessary.

anonymousrob ..... please see above re your first sentence. The blog is, as its header announces 'a family and friends journal..........' It is not some publicly funded newspaper with rules which clever people should seek to undermine.

Having said that - thanks for The Sports Desk piece. And also the Waterstones info.

Incidentally, your comment was 206 words - Not too onerous a restriction ?

Jill ....... See above re David. He didn't actually go to the doctors. And thanks for asking.

I think it would be lovely for you to have a dog again. As you will see from Bungus's comment, he misses Ralph.

mannanan ..... Your daughter will enjoy her Banksy book. Please click here to get some idea of his work.

That is very interesting about the Hairy Bikers' visits to your Island. They are good practical cooks, and a lot of fun to watch.

p.s. for all readers. Please click here for mannanan's own website.

reg ...... Thank you for that. Where indeed could such a house be ?

Hope your visit to the doctor was satisfactory. I think if we had WoW-ed in this biting cold we should have suffered for it. I'm certainly not anti-photography in wintry conditions but there are limits ......


Quotation time ......

"I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me"

The link is to him singing Mad Dogs and Englishmen - still worth a laugh.


zorro said...

Happy New Year everyone.
4 words

bungus said...

Thanks for recipe. Similar to the one I ‘invented’. Sandra said it was unlike any C&C she had ever tasted - but nicer!

I like frost pic.

Your Noel Coward quote rang a bell (my blog comment Oct 24).

Hope you enjoyed New Year celebrations.

Sorry you are in trouble for mischievous suggestion ‘supporting’ my anarchic tendencies. I had also thought of adopting several aliases but wouldn’t want to appear sneaky.

No doubting Ronaldo’s talent. It is his personality and attitude that offend (not just me). Cloughie would have sorted him or moved him on.
Stevie G? Storm in a teacup?
I recall, from 1960s, some ‘lads’ I drank with in Mansfield’s Old Eclipse would go to the Hippo Nightclub on Nottingham’s Clumber Street specifically for a fight with Forest players.
131 words.

Roy said...

Happy New Year folks.

I like the new game “Guess what Bungus is trying to tell us”.

Can you save me an artichoke please. I missed out last year (my fault). My “out of the hat” project next year is “Indoors” so it might come in useful. Incidentally you were missing when we chose them so if you send me a number between one and forty I will let you know your project title.

In a discussion with friends last night the expression “I’ll go to the foot of our stairs” cropped up. Does anyone out there know how it originated?


Anonymous said...

TJ here - your wicked stepdaughter!

Thought I would leave my first ever comment on your blog having read it many times. Must say I agree with your sentiments about people leaving long messages about their own lives rather than using the blog as it should be..this does somehow spoil the blog for me and I know you have not enjoyed creating it as much.

I hope in 2009 your blog can operate in the way you would wish it to.

Happy new year. x

Jill said...

A Happy New Year to all our readers! And Hi TJ, nice to 'see' you.

As well as glaring at you blackbirds also make than 'clink, clink' noise that sounds as if they are telling you off.

Noel Coward - there is a song of his I've not been able to find on internet, called 'Bad Times are just around the corner' - it is not a well-known one, it dates from some other recession and I know got a bad press at the time, for promoting doom and gloom, possibly banned by the BBC? He has a way with words.....

I watched a repeat last night of a drama about Barbara Cartland, I thought it was very good. We were going to go to bed early, but three fireworks parties very near us (pub, health club and tennis club) so we thought we may as well stay up...). I think it will be 'Jonathan Creek' tonight.....

Anonymous said...

I'll go to the foot of our stairs

This originated in the North of England. It did travel to others parts of the UK during the 20th century, but not much further, and is little known in other parts of the English-speaking world. It is now less used than previously, although it is still staple fare for any writer wishing to write a part for a stage northerner.

The foot of the stairs was en route to the lavatory, as was, in the days of the outside privy, the less well-known alternatives, 'the back of our house' and 'the bottom of our garden'. The implication of the speaker's destination suggests that the real meaning was 'I was so surprised that I soiled myself and need to visit the lavatory to clean up'.

An excelent site here that lists phrases;


anonymousrob said...

My apologies to the blogmeister for my irresponsible suggestion.

We had a good time in Nottingham last night but the centre was not very busy. After our enjoyable meal we went to the Bell. Last year there was a band playing but not this year. They also had a notice saying the bar would close at 11.50pm. Wetherspoons on the Market Square was closed when we walked past at 11.20pm. There were a number of people, probably about 100, standing at the edge of the Square to see the fireworks. Not much of an atmosphere at all really. Next New Year's Eve we will go somewhere else.

Bungus, I remember reading in Roy Keane's autobiography that, when at Forest, he used to go back to Cork every Saturday after the game. He always ended up in a fight there. I don't know the circumstances with Steven Gerrard's altercation but I'm surprised I've not yet heard any mention of the words 'role model'.

I'd never heard of 'I'll go to the foot of our stairs' until I moved to Nottingham.


Anonymous said...

To try to help Jill - if she looks at she will find the complete lyric for the Noel Coward song she wants.

Happy New Year to All


Anonymous said...


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