Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunny Saturday - 41F - South-westerly at 6mph

A pleasant restful day and we did lots of little jobs. National Trust Minutes, sorting and working on some pictures - that sort of thing. Yvonne down to the river with the inevitable basket of washing,

And for lunch I cooked some Rainbow Trout from Lidl which were delicious, together with those 'Jamie Oliver recipe' baked potato discs which always work well, The variety was King Edward and they looked nice and brown and a little puffy but crisp. Accompanied by petit-pois and followed by treacle sponge pudding and custard. Well, it is mid-winter, and we need to maintain our stodge-levels.

Picture 1 is the solitary Aconite of which I spoke. But its relatives are springing up all over the place. Or "all ower't shant" in Derbyshire vernacular.

Picture 2 is a solitary snowdrop, but these are in more plentiful supply.

John rang and we had a pleasant chat. The date of his retirement is a state secret but suffice it to say that it doesn't seem far away. Good luck to them - they will both enjoy being retired and they deserve it. They have both worked hard as well as rearing 3 super children, all now grown up.

This evening, in a few minutes actually we plan to watch Michael Portillo's TV programme about Christianity. Please click here if you are interested. It was very interesting and, again, our new telly came into its own with the pictures, and Michael Portillo is an excellent presenter.

I also spoke to David this morning and his improvement continues. We are going over to Long Eaton to see them in the morning after my blood-test. But we won't stay too long and risk over-tiring him.

My responses to your previous comments

Tilly (Hannah) ...... We are all looking forward very much to the Tilly Computer School. Grandma really does want to understand about Smilies in Vista. And, if there are any spare handouts we will pick up a copy for Roy !

And I shall enjoy learning about background music. (The 'GG' folks stands for Grandad Graham). And you are indeed a caring and loving person. And your scones are supposed to be pretty good too.

David ..... Thanks for your supportive words about 'blog comments'. But I think I will leave the word-count at 200 for the time being.

Looking forward to seeing you in the morning.

Pete (Mannanan) ....... It is always a pleasure to publish 'guest pictures' especially when as dramatic and newsworthy as that one.

I think that 'guest pictures' add zest and new interest to the blog.

Our thoughts are with you if you have to venture out in a Force 10 gale. (for the info of readers who don't know Pete is a lifeboat man at Ramsey, Isle of Man). You and your colleagues are very brave men.

Yvonne ..... No problem with the duplicated comment. It wasn't deliberate, and computers are fickle things. You didn't mention in your multi-tasking list that you were also on Google Chat to Tilly at the same time.

Brian S will be pleased that you are looking forward to the Nottingham books. One of the authors Michael Payne, who you will no doubt remember, used to come to our house when I used to host the writers-group meetings there.


Quotation time ..............

"Four ducks on a pond.
A grass bank beyond.
A blue-sky of spring.
White clouds on the wing"

William Allingham

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"

.........A welcome home for Jill.........


Jill said...

I'm back! Really, I thought I told you all to play nicely while I was away.....

We are back to wonderful central heating, with a new timer which is so much easier to work than the old one.

Mostly the cruise worked very well - none of these things are perfect - we had a great large cabin, with bedroom, bathroom with tub and shower (unusual, a separate sitting room with french windows leading onto a large balcony with sunloungers, chairs and a table and the sitting room came with sofa, armchairs, coffee table, flat-screen tv, dvd player, and complimentary champagne in the fridge, fruit basket, and orchids...

R loved all the music and entertainment, lots of choices, I really enjoyed all the food and the company and the quizzes and the lecturers.

Could have been sunnier, though it was always in upper 60s, lower 70s, two hot days in Madeira.

Pleased to read that David is now getting medical attention, pneumonia takes a long time to fully recover from.

Tilly said...

Hello. I made scones at school today! (Monday 19th) and I deceied to put ham and cheese in. I thought I would be the only one, but no! Loads of people did ham and cheese! They taste SO nice. If I manage not to eat them all I might take a photo of them, but that's if I stop eating them!

I'll try!
x x