Friday, January 16, 2009

Weekend Off starts here - 46F - 6mph Southerly wind

And a lovely day was had by all !

We nipped down Eastwood for Y's 'hair' appointment this morning but other that have remained sedentary and warm indoors. Fish, chips and mushy peas for lunch and then this afternoon I had a happy hour in the kitchen making Leek and Potato Soup from my own recipe book. The recipe is the one which always amuses Debra because of the sentence which says "If it forms a skin be glad - stir it in and the soup will taste super".

Being flexible I used fresh basil because I still have a glut. In the recipe I say Thyme, Tarragon, or Rosemary etc., but no matter, it just needs a little herbal lift as against loads of salt.

Picture 2 is of 'a picture in progress'. I have the idea of the hyacinth in its glass illuminated from beneath. But I haven't got it 100% yet. Perhaps Mk 2 will follow.

As you will see from Rob's comment, last night at EPS was a success. Several people made a point of walking over to say how much they had enjoyed it, and Elaine's sentiments are most rewarding.

In the old days, if I had an important lecture to deliver I never had pre-match nerves but afterwards my stomach muscles went like knotted rubber bands. And so it was last night. But it was reassuring to learn I could still do it even though my brain isn't what it was. I much valued Rob's support. He literally sat by my side and once gently pointed out, as I was happily attributing The Mona Lisa to Michaelangelo, that I meant Leonardo. In the second half he exhibited a selection of his cyanotypes, and pinhole work. Previously we had copied them onto a memory stick, so effectively he was showing prints as projected images. And it worked brilliantly. It is an unfortunate truism at Camera Clubs that most of the audience can't see prints well enough to enjoy the details. And projecting them got over the difficulty. They were great pictures and were very well received.

My responses to your previous comments

Tilly/Hannah ..... You were indeed the first person to write a 'comment'. Good for you. The scones using ham and cheese instead of bacon and cheese sounds like a good alternative. You have to be flexible.

If you want to send pictures of some of your cooking, I'm sure I could find room for one on the blog.

Yvonne ...... Pleased to hear the Arboretum Pond news ! All we need now is for the 'bronze lady' to be returned to Theatre Square.

n.b. Although you were too modest to comment on Stephen's success, it is newsworthy. Stephen has been elected to the Parish Council for Burton Joyce. Quite right too. He does a lot for the village.

bob the fogeyman ..... I admit my guilt about winding you up a bit about taking snaps while you are driving. It would probably get you 6 months anyway.

I am sorry you are uncomfortable with the current house-rules for the blog, but I would be uncomfortable about changing them again. Rob, Reg, Roy, Jill, Helen C, for instance are quite happy to be so named and people who click anonymous arer signing off as JBW or Kevin etc. I honestly can't see why you have a problem with it.

Pete got over the problem be styling himself Pete (Mannanan). I would be happy for you to be Bob (Bungus) but certainly not just straight Bungus. Although many readers know who Bungus is I don't think you have actually grasped how wide the readership is. measure it in 'hundred's rather than 'tens' and they all certainly have no idea of your identity. This is why I wont publish a comment by Anonymous without any ID following the text.

A new reader might feel, on reading the blog and some comments "Oh well, I can post as 'anonymous' or use some stupid pseudonym" and I want to avoid that.

Also, please don't repeat yesterdays misdemeanor of posting two 'comments' on the same blog-post. In future the longest one will simply be 'rejected'

I feel if I start making an exception to the rules in your particular case we shall soon be back to where we were before.


Quotation time ...........

"If nobody spoke unless he had something to say, the human race would very soon lose the use of speech."


Anonymous said...

First class session at the EPS last night. Just goes to show that it is possible to have an educational and instructive evening from our own members that is better than many of the visiting speakers who are not as good as they think they are.
I hope that we can look forward to another night next season.


KevinB said...

Reference the Compact Question, I also have been looking for a high mp compact, Curry s are selling 13mp at 99 pounds for example.
The only Advice I have been given is to a good look at controls as many of them have no control at all, The better ones have exposure controls much like a Dslr.

Rob said...

This happened for real at EPS on Thursday night:
Roy (holding up an umbrella): "Someone left this behind last week. Does anyone recognise it?"
RG (quick as a flash): "Yes, it's an umbrella."
You don't need to worry about your brain not being what it once was.

This, written by Cliff Smith, is what I found on
"Much has been said on the subject of the ever-increasing megapixel resolution of digital compact cameras, most of it not terribly flattering. The general consensus of opinion is that cramming ever more photocells onto already overcrowded sensor chips results in increased image noise, reduced dynamic range and poor low-light performance. While there have been a number of very good super-powerful compact cameras, in general the overall increase in sensor resolution across the market has not produced a corresponding increase in picture quality. There's very little advantage in image quality from a 10 or 12 megapixel camera over an 8 or 9 megapixel camera."
Part of the reason I'm attracted to the camera is that it has a 28mm lens (35mm equivalent of course.)

Apologies for boring non-photographers.


Yvonne said...

Rob: Thank you for the apology to non-photographers. But you could never be described as boring.

Reg said...

13Mp Compact! Quarts and Pint pots come to mind. Brian (commercial) will tell you of customers coming in the shop and demanding the highest Mp camera available. When ask what size print they were going to want saying Oh! probably 7 x 5 I can get very aceptable A3's from Mo's (4 ticks) 3Mp Fugi. Theres more to it then Megapixels.
Thanks to Rob and RG for last Thursday Evening, one of the best, a great night.

mannanan said...

Graham many thanks for posting my photo. I was very pleased with the way the photos turned out and as you say like real water, as I'm still getting used to the settings on my new camera. these were taken on a sports setting with a very quick shutter speed. Looks as if we're in for another battering tonight with storm force ten predicted for the north Irish Sea. Just hope our services aren't needed but if they are we will be there, ready, willing and able.
Take care, regards to Y.......Pete