Thursday, January 29, 2009

Camera Club - Magic Lantern Slides


Our 'present' of tickets to Strictly come Dancing, The Live Tour was a resounding success. Talk about 'glitzy' woweeee ! The atmosphere was great. Everything contributed, the ligthing, the quality of the seats and even, towards the end when they let off a few fireworks, the smell. The link is to the review in The Stage and I chose it because the illustration is of Vincent and Rachel who were the winners on the night.

The Judges were as on the telly - Craig, Arlene, Len, and Bruno and everyone took it seriously. The host was Kate Thornton who Y and I didn't know but apparently used to be on the X Factor, a rival show. She had recently been in trouble when hosting 'Strictly' in Newcastle and thinking she was in Liverpool. Here in Nottingham however she did an exemplary job. The write-ups on Radio Nottingham have apparently been very good.

The collage at the top is from my Nokia mobile because Y thought taking my Nikon with a long lens might have been a problem.

A final point we learnt is that Trent Arena is apart from the Ice Rink. They are part of the same complex but separate. Often in the old days it was the practice to cover over the ice and use the same area for concerts etc.

The picture on the right shows the ice-rink and the Arena is just to the right of it. Interesting with probably 10,000 people there we bumped into Joan and Chris, and also Lisa and her Mum and family.

The new arrangement is much much better and we were so pleased we are keen to go again. I had no trouble with the seating which was a surprise.

Our Lecturer at EPS this evening is Brian Davis with his Magic Lantern Slides. I feel sure I have seen him before but I coudn't find a suitable website to link you to. He has been to other clubs in the area but no site with actual details. I shall report back.

My responses to your previous comments

Rob...... I think your duplicated comment (nearly the same but not quite) was probably a result of your feeling that the first one hadn't registered. Possibly, under the new 'moderated' system it could be that I hadn't got round to clicking 'publish' which means the comment won't appear until I do.

If I had not felt the need 'not to overdo it' prior to our Strictly date I too would have been harumphing with those reprobates and could have even contributed the occasional additional harumph. They probably covered a full enough harrumphing spectrum without my twopennorth though.

Thanks for the Sports Desk coverage.

Jill ..... Baited or Bated Breath. Click here for a link which takes us absolutely nowhere, Except that Shakespeare used it. I'd have a small bet Chaucer had something to do with it. One day when ............

Best of luck with your difficult student, That is I hope you don't get landed with her.

Y is over at Burton Joyce today. I might see her at 7pm, as she walks in and I walk out on my way to the Camera Club.


"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"



Yvonne said...

Lisa tells me that the Strictly Come Dancing show was performed on a floor laid over the ice rink that the Panthers play on. I can't believe that they get audiences of 10,000 so I think that compere was having us on - yet, when I think of the diverse people I know who are Panthers supporters, it could be true.

A truly magnificent evening and I'm glad I took you - it was actually MY birthday present .......

Rob said...

Lisa is quite right, Strictly took place on a floor laid over the Panther's ice. The capacity for Panthers games is 6,500 and they average around 4,000 per game. They often get a full house when they play Sheffield and close to a full house when they play Coventry. I believe Panthers are the best supported ice hockey team in Britain. Sadly, that doesn't seem to help them win too many trophies.

JBW; thanks for your kind comments about my judging abilities.

RG; can you look up the origin of harumphing as well as bated breath? Isn't it a nice word?