Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Karen Day - Nails Day - 40F - 5 mph Southerly wind

Picture 1 is just a 'straight' photograph of our Hyacinth, and I think I prefer it to the 'good ideas' version. As is so often the case it looks more natural. In anycase, in my pictures I am usually trying for a straightforward record shot anyway.

This morning I took Y over to Carlton for her 'nails service' and left her there because she then went into Nottingham to meet Joan for lunch and to do some other bits like Bromley House and M & S.

Also this morning was a Karen day and she brought back my Victorian Mirror. This has always been around and I remember it from childhood. Some months ago, in the middle of the night I opened my bedroom window and unfortunately knocked it out where it fell onto the patio, broken into pieces.

I was lucky the glass had not broken, neither had any of the constituent parts.

I had discussed it with Karen and she felt her pal Dave would probably be able to fix it.

We do move in 'interesting' circles because Dave owns and runs a 'porn' shop (not a spelling mistake) and is also very handy. He obtained the right glue and staples and a piece of plastic to secure the back and there you are, as good as new. In future I have promised not to throw it out of the window in the middle of the night !

The lay figure lives on the window-sill anyway, so I thought he/she may as well gesture towards the mirror rather than merely stand there looking faintly embarrassed.

All being well I hope to go WoW-ing tomorrow but the weather isn't very promising. This forecast is for Mansfield and I think, having just spoken to Reg, that we may be going there to see the NEMPF Exhibition. in the Mansfield Museum and Art Gallery.

It doesn't look like 'go to Derbyshire' weather, so I will take a camera but not bother with my flask.

I recognise that I recently raided Matt but this cartoon about Members of The House of Lords taking payments for agreeing to influence amendments makes the point in his
usual withering way.

It needs absolutely no comment at all from me does it?

My responses to your previous comments.

JBW ..... Some good ideas there. Thanks.

Rob .... Ditto... And thank for the suggestions as to what to do with my hyacinth bulb !

Pleased to hear that you managed to see Bob, and Sandra and that her arm continues to heal.

I know I shall attract an attack of hornets but I sometimes think we omnivores have better 'healing characteristics' than our vegetarian colleagues.

Helen will be only too pleased to hear your blunt advice on some of her pictures. And I will certainly tell her that such advice will be valuable and constructive.

Thanks for the Sports Desk update.

Jill ....... The bulb picture you like best certainly has an Alien feel to it. I've tried unsucessfully to find on Youtube the scene in the film where the creature emerges from his chest. A moment to compare with Magwitch jumping out from behind the gravestone.

Ranunculi and Anenomes together should be nice and cheerful. Begone dull colours ! We want Spring. Y won't have Amaryllis in the house - far too phallic. When all the flowers are open they always remind me of those loudspeakers on the tops of cars at Election time.

In retrospect I wish we'd switched off the testiculating black man on the Christianity programme. I could have spent the time more usefully - like having a kip !

This evening we watched The Book Quiz on BBC iPlayer and Y was ace. She got many more than I did and often beat the panellists by succeeding where they didn't, or she was quicker.

Quotation time ....... Present company excepted, obviously !

"A healthy male adult bore consumes each year one and a half times his own weight in other people's patience"

John Updike

The link is as it is rather than to his Wiki page because people tend only to think of him as a novellist. He is a tidy poet too.

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"



jbw said...

For your weather forecast and hoping not to upset TimG have you looked at www.metcheck.com.
It shows the forecast for each 3 hour period through the day and you can input your own locality and also fells and crags if you want to go into the hills.

Helen C. said...

I'm catching up again - I too liked the hyacinth lit from below. Experimenting with lighting is something I think I must get into. One of the best pictures, in my opinion, last week was Mike's picture of a red flower which worked because of the way it was lit.
Rob - I do enter competitions and I do want to take good pictures so any tips you can offer will be welcome. I only get upset when people insult me personally, you can be as rude as you like about my work!

Jill said...

What a smashing (!) little Victorian mirror. So pleased to read that you managed to get it mended properly.

It has rained all day here, anything from monsoon to drizzle. And chilly with it.

I meant to watch The Book Quiz, can't think why I didn't.

I did a sort of teaching session this morning with a friend, helping three beginners. One was fine, learned very quickly, one was slow, but persistent and grateful and finally got it right, one (a rather autocratic viola-playing lady of about sixty - I think must have been a head-mistress in an earlier life) was a real pain, argued, wouldn't take advice (insisted on starting with something complicated) and had no patience. They have been sent away to practice, and are supposed to be returning next week.....