Tuesday, January 13, 2009

David and Helen visit morning - Rob this evening - 40F

Y decided on a trip to Nottingham this morning, so I drove her in and dropped her on Angel Row. I think she still had unfinished business with M&S. She came back on the bus and fortunately had remembered to take her MP4 player with her and so could drown out 2 obnoxious foul-mouthed youths sitting nearby.

Karen had done the big room first which was good because David and Helen called in en route to Ikea. They finally decided that the Galaxy should be replaced and they chose this Nissan Pathfinder which seems a splendid family vehicle and caravan and boat puller. If you think he hasn't a number plate, it is because I've 'gaussian blurred' it for security reasons.

If you open the link it looks just the job. Seven seater and 'go anywhere' specification - perfect for their requirements. I think I prefer their choice of black to that in the advert.

And, for me, the best thing about their visit was to see how much better David was. The greyness and the look of pain had gone but he must not start to over-do things because he is a little better.

The Tulips on the Chest need no explanation. A sign that Spring is just around the corner. For lunch we finished our Chilli and, as always, it was even nicer today.

This evening Rob is calling in so that we can finalise our joint lecture for Thursday and tomorrow I hope to go WoW-ing. It is much warmer 4oF and the Westerly wind has backed off to a mere 2 mph.

My responses to your Comments

I used just to put 'Comments' there, which led to the confusion that people's actual comments followed. The new sentence should clear up any ambiguity.

Helen C ...... Confusing sunrise with sunset is quite easy. With my irrregular sleep patterns especially in the Summer or the depths of winter. If I have an afternoon nap and the clock tells me it is 5 o'clock I need a double-take to decide morning or evening.

Thanks for the explanation of the 'marking system'. I hope it isn't too onerous for you. Look forward to seeing you when you are back in circulation.

Bob the fogeyman ....... The pond in the Arboretum to which Y refers is the one down in the bottom corner just on the opposite side of the road to the graveyard. They call it The Lake on this website and, if you care to open the link, please click here there's a picture of it towards the end of the pictures.

Thanks for sorting out the Huzzahs. Of course, I was thinking of Hussars. Easy mistake. For me anyway.

n.b. if you want to access the coments themselves go down to the word 'comments' in orange at the bottom of the page and click there.


Quotation time ......

"You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club."


David said...

Well done for the research on the Pathfinder. You have probably guessed that we have taken advatage of the huge fall in the second hand value of big 4X4's. Ours was probably about £5000 less this year (for a two year old one) than it would have been last year for one of a similar age!! Pleased to see you looking quite 'chipper' this morning, sorry to have missed Yvonne though.

Bob the Fogeyman said...

Still don’t recognise pond although I spent a lot of time in Arboretum when at college (1950/56). I would get off the morning bus on Mansfield Road, just below Forest Road traffic lights, and walk through to Tennyson Hall studio (now demolished).
Round aviary (on picture) is where Jack the Raven lived (alone).
Family First Projects Agency, for whom I worked in the 80s, refurbished Chinese Bell Tower and I did a pen-&-ink sketch for the house magazine.

Like Jack London quote.

Hope scones worked well. You’re right to complain although I like both savoury and sweet.
This week, granddaughter Jessica (13) did practical GCSE (or whatever-it’s-called-now) in Domestic Science (or whatever-it’s-called-now).
One hour to produce a cold dessert.
She did ’Bramley Apple & Raspberry, Fromage Frais Brulee, with Caramel Shards’ which tasted very good (I had one on each of 3 days from her 2 practices at home and the actual test) and sounded more ambitious than most others (mainly done by 15/16 year olds).

I’m not happy at Stag’s transfer-listing Nathan Arnold who came through youth system. He’s frequently drawn good revues (inc Middlesborough last year).

Yvonne said...

Panthers: in conversation with Margaret M.this morning (reference G.'s blog of 16 December), I found our that her grandson, Robert, was voted 'Man of the Match' yesterday. He was playing for GB under-2ls in Spain where his team won 6-0.