Saturday, January 17, 2009

Inactivity continues - 44F - 14mph Southerly wind - chilly

The first picture has to be the snowdrops - they are popping up all over the place. Although I haven't ventured to look, Y has a little 'woodland area' round the base of the Silver Birch and her snowdrops there always do well.

It is only about 25 yards away but the lawn is long and wet and I haven't fancied going. And I noticed at the rear of the ring in the front garden, one solitary aconite. There will be more. Perhaps if Jill is back or Debra comes on, they will say the snowdrops have been out in London for a fortnight. They are usually that far in advance.

When people comment on how well Y does with snowdrops because theirs don't prosper, she always recommends setting 'in the green' as the best way.

I was also lucky this morning to capture a reasonably sharp shot of one of my goldfinches perched on a twig awaiting his turn at the niger seed feeder.

The photographic problem is autofocus in low light with a long lens. It is necessary to have a wide aperture to allow a fast enough shutter speed to avoid blur. But then, of course, the depth-of-field is very shallow and it is only too easy to focus on the twig behind his head for instance,

Another lovely day for Y and I. We really are mastering this inactivity business with frequent stops for a lie-down. This afternoon we both felt we had been so idle that we really ought to have gone out somewhere this morning ! But we had missed the opportunity - drat ! I hope that David has been doing broadly the same but it is more difficult with the girls, who positively fizz with energy.

Debra has always been pretty good at it anyway.

My responses to your previous 'comments'

AnonymousJBW ...... Thank you for your encouraging remarks about Thursday evening.

Re another similar next year. If I feel up to it I would be delighted because, after my talk, I thought "Oh I should have mentioned Camera Obscura and The Golden Section, with pictures to illustrate and forms like The Triptych and so on infinitum ........" We shall have to see.

KevinB ..... Rob defines the issue re megapixels much better than I could. Reg and Brian (commercial) are very sound too. Basically, in lay terms, there are disadvantages in going for an artificially high mp count. The manufacturers quite rightly feel that the higher figure they can offer, the more people will buy that model. But said 'people' don't have a grasp of the issues.

One thing that hasn't been mentioned about compacts, is viewfinders. Seldom are they fitted these days but you will miss it a lot if it isn't there. Particularly in strong sun. It is almost worth shopping around for an older model which has one.

I think the Ricoh GX100 is one such. I suspect that Mike H has one, so have a word with him.

Rob ..... Thanks for kind comment about my brain's grey-cell count. It's rather like your useful advice to Kevin about megapixels. Best not to overload the 'sensor'.

Re Thursday night. We must be flattered that "Son of an Evening with Rob and Graham" is being sought.

Yvonne ..... What a sweet girl ! It's a good job we've known Rob for so long.

Reg ..... Very sound advice to Kevin about compacts and 13mp. Abit like the quote about the jewish taylor selling suit material

"Never mind the quality - feel the length"

I shall probably have the "something-or-other board" down on me for that ! Who cares ?

Your kind remarks about Thursday night are much appreciated. Particularly coming from our Chairman. For those of you who don't know, Reg is the Chairman of our Eastwood Photographic Society . And Roy who pops in from time to time, is our Secretary.

I'm sorry that most of the blog has been about matters photographic but this bit isn't. On the radio this afternoon, in Weekend Womens Hour (I know, I know ! ..Steven says I should get out more) there was this great piece about Emily Cummins who although extremely young has brilliantly invented a refrigerator which doesn't use electricity. She had deprived areas of South Africa in mind. It can be built with readily available materials and she has actually been to Namibia to demonstrate. Anyway please click here if you would like to listen to the interview. A fantastic young person. We shouldn't really worry too much about the future should we?

Quotation time ...... Relevant or what ?

"Nor will I then thy modest grace forget,
Chaste Snow-drop, venturous harbinger of Spring,"

William Wordsworth

A harbinger indeed. Always looks like a cross between a hamburger and a wringer.

The link behind his name is to Peter Cook reading 'Daffodils' quite well, but inevitably a spoof.

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"



Tilly said...

Hello. After lots of hints, I am 'opening' a Computer lesson thing, to help people who aren't at 'my ability' on computers! I'm teaching Grandma (Y) to do smilies and GG to do background music! This shall be fun! They will be no charge for this since I'm a caring and loving person.
From Hannah

David said...

I think your 200 word comment limit is completely correct and why would anyone want to comment more than 200 words on your 400 word blog???? I think 100 words would be more realistic. Anyone who needs to write more than 100 words per day should be doing their own thing!!

Yvonne said...
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Pete said...

Graham, thanks for posting one of the pictures I sent you of last weeks storm. I was very pleased with how they turned out as I'm still learning the controls of my new camera. Might be able to capture a few more today as the storms that abated during the week have returned yet again for this weekend with force ten predicted for the North Irish sea. Thankfully the services of the Ramsey lifeboat haven't been called on as yet but we will be willing and able if they are.
Take care, keep up the good work, reagrds to Y.......Pete (mannanan)

Yvonne said...

Sorry Graham you had to delete my duplicated comment! That what comes of doing National Trust Minutes, having a break in the middle and sending a comment, and then sending another when I'd breathed a sigh of relief and finished typing the Minutes!

Anyway, my comment was to thank Brian S. for the loan of the Nottm. books - I didn't come to Nottingham until I was 25 so missed out on the Palais and things like that. So I shall enjoy both books as I am very interested in Victorian England as well.