Monday, January 12, 2009

Wet and windy but warmer - 48F

Another foodie picture. My excuse is that today's Chilli was unusually good. I can only imagine that the 'eschallots' substituted for the onion added subtlety. They are in Lidl at the moment and are a joy to use.

The recipe I follow is from our old Toshiba recipe book which came with our first microwave oven in 1983. The microwave cost about the same then as a small used-car today (well, the sort we run anyway!). However, I now cook it in the normal oven.

I 'collaged' the 2 pictures together because I wanted to show the recipe and also my 2 favourite knives. Both are Victorian steel (certainly not stainless) and the use of the 'steel' at their side makes them very sharp indeed. Cooking with a blunt knife is not much fun.

Picture 2 is yesterday's sunset from Helen C. I know the sunrise was dramatic because Y told me about it and obviously the sunset was the same.

Nicely exposed Helen. Getting the colour right is not easy.

Our day has been quiet. I started off with a blood-test and later in the morning the E-ON man came to assess our insulation and things. Now we are both in our seventies, plus my higher-rate disability living allowance we are entitled to freebies. The loft insulation was up to standard anyway but we are to have the cavity walls insulated - for free. I shall have to find my shorts and I can just see Y 'swanning' around in a bikini.


Yvonne ....... Thank you for your comment. Miles is brilliant with his bird-recognition. His bird drawings also are amazing aren't they ?

I don't know why the pond in The Arboretum has been drained. Perhaps one of our field-officers could investigate.

JBW ..... Thank you for the 'huzzah' work. Wasn't there also a military meaning. For instance "He was a member of the Royal Huzzahs" or very similar.

I accept that it was way before Bulldog Drummond.

I'm not sure how to take your sentence :- "Mind you an association with Punch & Judy is perhaps appropriate for your blog".

Debra ..... Nice of you to put in a guest appearance ! We all hope it will be the first of many and it will be good to hear from the London branch. No doubt your Mum talked about the blog and IT matters while she was with you.

Things are going so well with her laptop and she tackles and succeeds with more and more each day.

KevinB ..... See above re Huzzah. Thank you for your contribution. Am I imagining about the word being used to describe a sort of soldier, in the same way as infantryman or trooper etc.?

David ..... You are quite right about the blog and I did miss writing it. If you just read the body of it without opening the 'comments' thats fine. It isn't homework you have to hand in in the morning !

And, as I usual respond to people's comments in the following day's blog, you keep abreast anyway.

Bob the fogeyman....... Nice to see you back at your desk. It hasn't seemed the same .......

Bolsover does look promising. We might run into Dennis Skinner on his bike or vice versa. I'll keep you informed.

Re mushrooms and water. I don't use much, but we prefer the flavour to straightforward fried.

JBW is a member of Eastwood Photographic Society.

Helen C ..... If you hadn't explained it to me I would have thought the 'marking season' something to do with 'swan-upping' or similar. And you said you were employed in the dizzy heights of 'team leader'.

Perhaps you could pen a sentence of explanation for the benefit of other readers ? I hesitate as editor because I might get it wrong.

You have me confused with the picture anyway. You say 'sunset' and then follow with 'I was still half asleep' which suggests 'sunrise' ?

Tilly (Hannah) ..... Thank you so much for your comment ! The 'blog' seems to have been the subject of lots of family conversations. You are quite right. In March Radiogandy will have its third birthday.

Your own blog can be safely left 'resting'. It is always there if you wanted to start writing it up again. But I think you are far too busy.

Rob ...... Pleased you were lucky with your steak. Like you, my expectations would have been low, at that price.

Thanks for the Sports Desk info. Our readers expect these updates and completely unbiased opinions.

Y and I were unfortunate enough to catch Kate Winslet receiving her golden globes. Oh dear oh dear ! It is rather tricky for an actress to try to act 'spontaneous' - I think it well nigh impossible.


Quotation time .......

"I never know how much of what I say is true"

Bette Midler

The link is to a little bit of YouTube.

Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow



Helen C. said...

You are right - it was sunrise. Obviously I was still half asleep when I wrote the comment.

I saw the high(?)lights of Kate Winslet's speech and agree that 'oh dear' is about all you can say. Such a shame because we went to see The Reader last week and her performance really was brilliant.

At the risk of boring your readership with the intricacies of the marking system - basically the Chief Examiner checks the work of the Principal Examiners who check the work of the Team Leaders who check the work of the Examiners! And of course, when the results come out, we all get castigated for passing too many students!

I'm off to London in the morning for my standardisation meetings so bye for now.

bob the fogeyman said...

I didn't know there was a pond in The Arboretum!
I do remember the talking Raven. All he said was “ ’Allo Jack!” but in a very human voice (ie, not in th eleast parrot like).

Wearing tight-arsed red trousers, they rode around on horses waving sabres but they now have tanks which must be a lot less embarrassing.
Originally Hungarian cavalry.

KW can’t act getting an award.
If it can’t be done sincerely and simply why not make a completely deliberate and obvious travesty of it like Bette Midler would.
I can only think Americans like watching such rubbish.
But that’s only my view of it.

I think you’re being a bit hard on Giggsy who had a great match (the other 2 ‘reserves’ played well too).
But how will anyone help stop Rooney going the way of poor Gazza?

Tilly said...

Hello. Today I'm the 3rd person to send a message. WOW! Just to let you know cooking is starting up again that I use to do and this time I'm not a student, but a helper! WOW AGAIN! Though now I have to get up early on Saturday mornings what I don't think is fair! Not wow. And I'm also doing an assessment in Design Technology. At the moment I'm doing cooking and will be making scones. But there are not allowed to be sweet, but they have to be savoury! Not wow again.

I'm going to complain...
From Hannah x x